Here it is, my lovelies. The end.

"Cas, you wanna stop looking at me like that?" Dean asked the blue eyed man standing in front of him. Cas was fixing Dean's tie for him. They still had a couple of hours before the wedding, but Dean wanted to make sure he was ready so he could help out Sam or fix any problems that arose.

"Sorry. Seeing you all dressed up like this is giving me ideas."

Dean smirked and nodded. "Sex in a church?"

Cas frowned, slightly disgusted at his boyfriend. "No, you sacrilegious perv."

Dean started laughing at his boyfriend. "Then what were you thinking about, Cas?"

"I'm having second thoughts now."

Dean smacked his ass playfully as he pulled Cas against him. "Tell me."

"I just like the way you wear this tux is all."

Dean looked down at the black three piece suit with his grey tie and pocket square. He smiled slyly at Cas. "Cas, are you thinking about making me an honest man?"

Cas blushed and looked down at Dean's tie. "I have. I've been thinking about it for the past six months," Cas admitted. Ever since Sam and Jess announced their engagement, Cas had been entertaining the idea of becoming a Winchester.

Dean pressed his forehead to Cas'. "Have you come to a conclusion? If I one kneed it right here, right now, what would you say?"

Cas smirked, pulling away from Dean far enough to look into his eyes. He playfully shrugged. "I don't know."

Dean pulled away from Cas and got down on one knee, taking his left hand between his. "What about now?"

"I forgot the question…" Cas said, trying not to smile down at Dean like a big idiot.

Dean grinned at Cas. "Castiel Novak, would you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me?"

"Yes. A thousand times, yes," he said, hauling Dean up to his feet and kissing him soundly on his lips.

A clapping from the door pulled them away from one another. They turned and found Sam standing there, a clothing bag draped over his arm. He lowered his hands, holding them in front of him as he smiled brightly at his brother and, apparently, soon-to-be brother-in-law. "Congratulations."

The couple didn't have time to celebrate their engagement further than the initial kiss. After Sam congratulated them, a small shit storm of wedding drama started. One of the bridesmaids was hung over from the bachelorette party, a water leak flooded the banquet hall and Cas, Benny, and Bobby left to go fix that, Sam's cufflinks were misplaced so Dean gave him his, and another of the bridesmaids couldn't fit in her dress anymore. However, even with all the problems, the wedding went off without a hitch and as Sam and Jess said their vows to one another, Dean and Cas couldn't take their eyes off each other.


"Isn't it a little too soon to be taking a second honeymoon?" Dean asked as he tried to lull his nephew to sleep. Dean had been trying to get the fussy one year old to go to sleep for the past thirty minutes.

"If you didn't want to babysit then why did you agree to do this?" Cas asked him as he walked up the hall from tucking in Sam and Jess' six year old son.

"Because I didn't realize this happened. We've watched them before, Cas. This never happens."

"That's because we give them back before we start to hate them," Cas reminded him as he walked to the fridge and opened a beer.

"We are never doing this shit again."


"He's one."

"Sammy could hear you."

Dean groaned. He hated censoring himself. He was happy that Cas wasn't fond of children. It was probably something they should've talked about before they got engaged, but thankfully, they were on the same page: babies were evil.

Cas tilted his head from where he stood leaning against the kitchen counter. "What are you looking at?"

"I don't know. You look good holding a baby."


Cas chuckled. "Trust me. I don't want to run out and adopt a kid. I'm just stating a fact. You look good as a father."

"Well, take a long hard look. This is as close as we're getting."

"They always say it's different with your own kids."

"Cas, if I wanted babies, I would've married a girl."

Cas chuckled. They weren't technically married, not in the eyes of the law thanks to Kansas's marriage bans. But that didn't stop them from having a small ceremony of their own last year. Cas' wedding present to Dean was changing his name to Winchester and Dean's wedding present to Cas was a '57 baby blue Thunderbird. After getting behind the wheel, Cas sold the Prius.

"Would you divorce me if I went to bed?"

Dean narrowed his eyes at him but eventually shook his head. "No, Mr. Johnny here looks like he's ready for the final countdown. Maybe if I sit in the rocking chair…" Dean said, moving over to the rocker to sit down, but as soon as the elevation changed, Johnny started crying again.

"Dammit, John!" Dean swore, which made Johnny cry harder.

Cas felt bad for going to bed before Dean, but Cas had been working nonstop at the vet office. One of the vets had moved to Louisiana and all the other vets were staying late to make up for his absence. He was both physically and emotionally drained. "Do you want me to – "

"No, no. Shut the door and go to bed, I've got this."

"Thank you, Dean."

Dean smiled at Cas. "Of course, babe. Sweet dreams."

Cas gave Dean a quick kiss before taking his beer into the bedroom. Dean looked down at the baby in his arms. "You wanna go all night? I can go all night. You think I wasn't a holy terror like you when I was a baby? Where do you think you got it from, Winchester?"

Johnny continued to wail in Dean's face.


The next morning, Cas woke up to a small hand pushing his shoulder. He frowned and opened his eyes to see Sammy smiling down at him. "Uncle Cas?"

He closed his eyes and sighed. "Mornin', Sammy," he greeted the kid before rising up and looking at the clock on the nightstand. It was seven in the morning. "Please tell me you had a bad dream and you aren't ready to be awake for the day."

"I'm hungry."

Cas mentally swore and wondered if he could pawn Sammy and Johnny on Dean's parents. "Is cereal good?" Cas asked as he got out of bed. He grabbed Sam up and threw him over his shoulder, carrying him into the kitchen. He found Dean and Johnny asleep on the couch. He smiled at the sight. Dean had his arm thrown over his eyes and his mouth hanging open. Johnny was sprawled out on Dean's chest. Both of them were snoring.

Cas set Sammy down and squatted down in front of him. "Go get in our bed and turn on cartoons," he whispered. "I'll bring the cereal to you."

Sammy nodded happily before running back into Cas and Dean's bedroom. Cas snuck into the kitchen and pulled down two bowls from the cabinet. Unfortunately, when Cas was shutting the cabinet, it slammed shut. Cas cringed and looked over at Dean and Johnny. Dean was awake. He rubbed his eyes and looked down at his chest.

"I won, you little twerp," he mumbled. Cas chuckled softly, causing Dean to look into the kitchen. "What are you doing?" he asked softly.

"Sammy's awake."

"Of course he is," Dean groaned.

Cas set the bowls down and walked over to Dean. He grabbed Johnny, rolling him over and scooping him up. "You do breakfast."

"I'll do breakfast…" Dean said, begrudgingly getting up as Cas took Johnny into the spare bedroom where the portable crib was set up. After depositing the passed out baby, Cas turned on the baby monitor and gently shut the door. He looked into the bedroom to find Sammy in the middle of the bed watching cartoons. He walked into the kitchen to find Dean making eggs.

"I meant pouring cereal into a bowl."

"I don't want cereal. I want eggs."

Cas walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. "What time did you guys get to sleep?"

"It was late. One? Two?"

Cas pressed kisses to Dean's shoulder. "If you want to go back to bed after breakfast – "

"And leave you with Sammy and the Spawn of Satan? No, that's just rude."

Cas chuckled. "Maybe tonight will be better. I didn't sleep very well without you in bed."

"Ditto. That couch sucks."

"Uncle Dean! Your phone is ringing!"

"I swear to God if he wakes up that baby…"

"Dean…" Cas chided, as he walked into the bedroom.

"Kids suck…" Dean groaned to himself.

Cas grabbed the phone off of the nightstand. "You know your brother is still sleeping, huh?"

"Oh, sorry."

"It's okay. Just try to keep it down," Cas asked him.

"Yes, sir."

Cas reached over and ruffled his long hair. Sammy wanted to wear it long because his daddy wore it long. He was the spitting image of his father. Cas looked down at the phone and saw that Dean had a text from Mary: How did last night go?

Cas scoffed as he walked into the kitchen. "Your mom wants to know how last night went."

"Tell her that I'm pretty positive Johnny is possessed."

"So, not so good?"

Dean scoffed and made a face that said that was an understatement. Cas sent the message for Dean, telling Mary that her grandchild was possessed. Instead of texting back, she called. Cas answered. "Good morning, Mary."

"Last night didn't go so well?"

"Well, if you ever thought about getting grandkids out of Dean, you can pretty much bank on that never happening now."

Mary laughed. "I'll take them if you want," Mary offered.

Cas smiled at Dean. "Your mom is offering to take the kids."

"Oh my God, please. Tell her yes. I'll even bring them to her!"

Cas chuckled at Mary's hearty laugh. "I take it you heard that."

"Tell him that I'll come and get them after breakfast."

"I'll let him know."

Mary and Cas get off the phone. "So?"

"She's coming after breakfast."

"I'm telling you, she is better than any mom out there. No offense."

"At this point, I'm going to have to agree with you."

"Uncle Cas! Your phone is ringing!"

"I swear on everything that is good and holy…" Dean started.

"Dean," Cas chided again. Cas walked into the bedroom and frowned at Sammy. "What did I just say?"

"Sorry," Sammy said again, looking guilty.

"If you have something to say, please come into the kitchen."

"Yes, sir."

Cas ruffled his hair one more time before answering his phone. He didn't even look to see who it was from. "Hello?"

"Cas! Oh thank God. I'm so glad you answered. I really need you to cover my shift today!"

"Raphael, I haven't – "

"I know you haven't had a day off in two weeks, but my car is dead. I cranked it and it blew up."

"If I go into work for you, you have to take your car to Winchesters."

"Totally, man! I wouldn't take it to anyone else!"

Cas sighed. He'd really looked forward to having the day off, even with the kids here. He rubbed his forehead. "Okay. I'll come in for you."

"Thanks, Cas! You're the best."

"I know," he said before he hung up.

Sammy frowned up at him. "Are you leaving?"

Cas nodded. "I am. I have to work. Grams is going to come pick you and your brother up, though. You and Johnny are going to stay with her."

Sammy frowned. "But I don't want to. Grampa always makes me sit and watch him work on his car."

Cas sighed and grabbed the remote, turning off the TV. "Come on. Let's go see if breakfast is ready."

Cas gave Sammy a piggy back ride into the kitchen where Dean was scooping eggs onto three plates. "Good morning, buddy."

Sammy waved sadly, pouting, not saying anything. "Sammy doesn't want to go to your mom's and I have to go to work."

"What?! You were off today!"

"Raphael's car blew up on him, apparently. I told I'd work for him if he brought his car to you."

"I'm not working on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Dumbass' car! You haven't had a day off in two weeks."

Sammy giggled, covering his hand. "Dean…"

Dean gripped the spatula and brandished it at nothing. "I haven't had enough sleep for this."

"How about this? Mary comes and picks up the boys, you take a nap, I go to work, I'll go pick up Sammy when I get off work and she can keep Johnny, and the three of us can have dinner and watch some awesome action movies afterwards? I think that will make everyone happy."

"It will only make me somewhat happy, but I'm sure it'll make the Goldilocks you have on your back happy."

Sammy smiled at his uncle. "Can we have pizza?"

"Hell yeah!"


Dean slammed his fist on the counter mentally swearing to himself for swearing in front of the kid. The FCC would hate Dean. "Don't say that word, Sammy."


When Cas got off work that evening, he turned on his phone to find a text message from Dean: Got Sammy. Come straight home.

Cas didn't have to read that twice. When Cas got home, he found Sammy and Dean making homemade pizzas. He should've known Dean wasn't going to order takeout. Sammy was sitting at the counter watching Dean work, licking his lips at the large pizzas his uncle was making. Cas smiled at the sight. For a moment, Cas wouldn't mind coming home to this every afternoon, but then he remembered Johnny from last night and he would much rather a kid he could give back when he was done playing.

"You're home earlier than I expected," Dean said as Cas stopped outside of the kitchen. He didn't want to hand out hugs or kisses since he was dirty and Dean hated dog hair.

"Yeah, the boss felt sorry for me and sent me home. Gave me tomorrow off, too. I'm going to go shower right fast."

"Can we play some XBOX when you get out?" Sammy asked excitedly.

"Sure thing, kiddo."

Dean smirked at Sammy as he fistpumped. Cas was quick about his shower. He was ready to spend the evening with his husband and nephew. He would be even happier when his nephew went to bed and he had his husband all to himself. However, he didn't have to wait for that. When he walked out of the bathroom, he found Dean standing beside the bed folding clothes.

"I set him up on the XBOX. He's playing some zombie game."

Cas smirked as he walked up to Dean. It had been a few days since they'd had some quality time together. Cas had been too tired to do anything but shower and crash. Dean understood and let his husband rest, but they were both off tomorrow and Dean wasn't taking no for an answer tonight.

Dean pulled Cas against him. "Mmm, you smell really good," Dean told him as he pressed his face against Cas' neck, kissing on his collarbone.

Cas sighed into Dean's hair. "I've missed you," Cas whispered.

"I've missed you, too," Dean told him before kissing him slowly.

"Uncle Dean! I'm stuck!"

Dean sighed as he pulled away from Cas. "I'm coming."

"Go help him. I'll finish the clothes."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. You should probably get out of here before we start something we can't finish."

"Mom is taking Sammy again tomorrow. Zoo trip or some shit. You and me aren't leaving that bed," he said, pointing at the bed.

Cas chuckled. "I wouldn't dream of it."


After pizza and giving Sammy a much needed education on Batman, it was finally time for bed. Dean took a shower while Cas read Sam a story. As Dean walked out of the bathroom, Cas walked into the bedroom. "Bedtime," Cas said with a sigh of relief.

Dean tossed his towel into the hamper by the door. "About time," he stated as he walked over to the bed, pulling the covers back and getting in.

Cas smirked to himself. He loved it when Dean went to bed naked. It wasn't always sexual. Cas just liked being able to feel Dean without any clothes getting in the way. Cas stripped down as well, tossing his pajama pants onto the end of the bed in case he needed to get out of bed. Dean quickly pulled Cas against him once they were under the covers.

He started kissing on Cas' shoulders and the back of his neck. Cas enjoyed Dean's caressing and kisses, but he could feel Dean getting hard against his backside. Cas rolled over and frowned at Dean. "What if he has a nightmare and walks in on us?"

"Well, he'll already be scarred for life from the nightmare, what's a little more trauma?"


Dean sighed. "Cas, he's sound asleep."

"We have all day tomorrow," Cas tried to reason.

"I can't wait until tomorrow."

However, the knock on the door told Dean he was going to have to wait. Cas pulled away from Dean quickly, getting up and grabbing his pajama pants before opening the door far enough to slip out into the hall. "Hey, Sammy. What's wrong?"

"I heard a weird noise in my room and I'm scared."

"Do you want me to come check it out, buddy?" Dean asked, opening the door wider, clad in a pair of pajama pants that he was not happy to be wearing.

"Can I just sleep with you guys?" he asked, wringing his hands and pouting up at Dean. His nephew could get anything out of him with that pout. That's why he was even here in the first place.

Dean sighed. "Yeah, of course you can, but we're going to sleep, okay?"

Sammy nodded. "Yes, sir."

Cas picked up Sammy and brought him into their room, tossing him on the bed. He giggled happily as he scurried under the covers as Cas and Dean got back in bed. Dean leaned over and kissed Cas goodnight. Sammy curled up against Dean once the lights were out. Whatever noise it was that kept Sammy from sleeping was a thing of the past. He was out like a light before they realized it. Cas curled up behind Sammy, wrapping his arms around his nephew and husband. He would sleep a lot better tonight, that's for sure.


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