"I WIN!" Natsu said proudly on top of three bodies. He held his hands up, for victory! But his look of pride changed into confusion. "Why were you fighting?" he asked the beaten up bodies below him.

Sting look away from Natsu, a blush was spouting on his cheeks. Gray just pushed himself from the pile. Gajeel was growling, "Mind getting off me?"

Natsu lifted himself from the stacked bodies, the question was still on his mind. He didn't know the reason for fighting, just that they were fighting without him. All three of them were fighting without him, Natsu. He didn't like the fact of not being included into the fight, so of course he joined in and fought, beating all of his rivals. Each one was beaten by Natsu, none of them was beaten because of each other. "So why were you fighting?" he asked again.

Sting turned away, lifting his arms above his head and suppress a yawn. "We were just..."

"Why are you here?" asked Gray as he stood from his seat. He was staring at the newcomer, as if watching him to make the first move.

"I just wanted to see Natsu. Where is he?" asked Sting as he looked around. He was blushing like mad, but now wasn't the time for letting his stupid feelings get in the way. He had to see Natsu now and tell him.

"None of your business," said Gajeel. "Get out of here if you know what's good for ya." Jealousy was flashed in the Metal Head's eyes.

"Why should I listen to you?" Sting said in a cocky tone. He wasn't liking this, these guys, Natsu's fighting rivals, and also his at lov-

"You're not a Fairy Tail mage," said Gray. He was crossing his arms as if to say go away we don't want you.

"But I am a mage." Sting defended himself since it wasn't like anyone else was here to help him.

"Not a Fairy Tail." Gray replied back with a cold tone.

"So what if we have some bad blood between us? What does that got to do with Natsu?" Now Sting was gesturing every which way with his arms.

Gajeel stared him down, "Because this is mine business. Like how Natsu is MINE business!"

"Hell no, he's mine!" Gray said back as he landed a fist on Gajeel. To Sting it seem as if they had this fight before, never coming to a conclusion.

Gajeel attacked back, but his punch was aimed at Sting. And Sting, of course, wasn't going to let others hit him at not get nothing back, so he launched a hit at Gajeel.

This is what started the fight, but none of them won. The one they were fighting over won, Natsu won. Sting didn't know how to finished his sentence, hell he couldn't even think of what he was going to tell Natsu earlier, his whole mind went blank.

Gray stared at Natsu and kicked a rock. "This bastard wanted a rematch," he lied.

"Oh he did? But why with you two? Wouldn't he want it with me?" asked Natsu.

Gajeel was the first to respond, "Wanted to test his wimpy strength against us."

"Wimpy?! I was beating you up!" Sting defended.

"I beat you all up!" said Natsu but he still felt he was missing something here. The thought soon flee his mind as they starting fighting again, this time Natsu was joined in at the start, hell he was the one who started it.

Wow, this story was meant to be funny. I was just thinking what if these three fought for Natsu, but he somehow ended up winning the fight. I know this wasn't good, but I have to write it or it wouldn't leave my mind. Please review!