Updated version 11/8/15

"I WIN!" Natsu hollered from on top of the pile of bodies. Mind you, Natsu is not a murder and these bodies are in-fact still living. Well for the most part.

He held his arms up in the air for victory, but quickly his look of pride changed into confusion. "What were we fighting about?" Unlike the others, he had no idea.

Sting looked away from Natsu, a slight blush forming on the blonde's cheeks. Gray pushed himself from the pile, cursing how he even got into this mess in the first place. And Gajeel, who was on the bottom, growled at the two still laying on top of him, "Mind movin' your asses?"

The pinkette lifted himself from the stack and only stood there with the question still on his mind. He stared at Sting, being the most awkward out of the trio, waiting for some kind of answer. Finally, Sting gave up, turning away and suppressing a yawn, "We were just..."

It all started as soon as Sting walked through the double doors. Everyone glanced at him, with curiosity in their eyes, but he tried to ignore them and ended up at the bar with Mira. "Where's Natsu-san?" He said, looking around for the Pinky.

Mirajane stared at the boy before answering, "He likes sleeping in, so you can walk here for him and I'll get you a drink. Or, I can give you his address."

He bit his bottom lip and shook his head, "No, it's alright. I better be leaving anyways." He turned around, hoping that the others didn't notice his disappointed face.

Gray stood in his way. "Why are you here?"

"Just trying to talk to Natsu."

"He's not here. No reason to stay any longer."

You're the one who stop me.

Sting tried walking past him, but then Gajeel decided to join in. "Shouldn't you have a guild to be running?"

"So I can't have time for myself"

"Just leave," the metal-user warned.

Sting stayed there. All he wanted to do was talk to Natsu, yet it looks like Natsu's rivals wanted to put up a fight. "And why should I listen to you?"

Gray simply said, "Because this is our guild."

"No wonder you don't get any visitors."

"Room to talk," Gajeel gritted his teeth. "What about the guild who threw out their own member while naked?"

"Coming from the guild who destroyed more than half the country while trying to fix a problem. You caused more problems than you fixed."

"You're talking about Pinky."

"And you're talking about the old Guild Master."

This escalated quickly into a battle between the three. But, in the end, none of them won. The one who they were secretly fighting over, and the last to join, was the one in a winning position.

Sting didn't know if he could finish his sentence. Hell, his whole mind went blank.

Gray was fast. He stared at Natsu, "This bastard wanted a rematch. Plain and simple. And you had to ruin it."

"Oh, he did? But why with you two? I'm always in game for a match."

"You were no where to be found," Gajeel simply stated.

Sting turned his back away, avoiding Natsu' glaze. "But next time, it will be different."

"Next time, I'll still win!" Natsu declared with a childish grin, but he still felt like he was missing something here. The thought soon fled his mind as they started arguing again over something stupid. And this time, Natsu was the first to start it.

I tried rewriting this, but it came out too one-sided. Even now it felt like Gray and Gajeel were too similar.