Hello! This idea just randomly popped into my head after the Season 3 premiere, so hopefully it doesn't suck. :P

Ben Mason sat, reading a Harry Potter book, in the chair across from the crib containing baby Alexis, who was sleeping peacefully.

Tom and Anne were busy with work and patients, Hal was with Maggie and Matt was in school, so he was asked to babysit.

Suddenly, Alexis' eyes opened and she let out a soft yawn. Ben glanced up from his book as the baby girl stared to wiggle around.

He'd known there was something different about her from the first time he saw her. She was far to advanced for a week old baby. It was obvious that whatever the overlords had done to Tom Mason had affected Alexis, but her family loved her no matter what.

Alexis started to kick her legs around and make soft grunting noises, causing Ben to set his book aside. He got up from his spot and walked over to the crib.

Alexis wiggled around harder and reached her little arms up towards him. Ben hesitantly reached down and lifted the little girl out of the crib.

She whined and struggled as he held her out in front of him. Carefully, he brought her closer slowly, afraid he would break her. Once he held her the correct way like Anne had showed him, he sighed in relief. Alexis stopped struggling, much to Ben's relief, now that she was tucked safely in her brothers arms.

Ben felt a smile come to his face. It was an odd feeling, holding a baby. The only baby he had ever held before was Matt, and that was a long time ago. Looking down at the now smiling baby girl, he felt a fierce feeling of protectiveness flow through him. He had the same feeling when he was six and Matt was born, but there was a difference now that he had a little sister. He decided then and there that he was now officially the over protective big brother that would happily kick the ass of any future boys that dare showed interest in Alexis.


Ben snapped out of his thoughts, his eyes widening.

"What theā€¦.?!" He was totally flabbergasted as he looked down at his sister in shock.

"Benny!" She giggled this time. She hit her tiny fists against his arm. "Benny Benny Benny!"

Definitely advanced.

Ben grinned down at her, a rush of pride flowing through him. He carefully laid her down on the bed and tickled her feet lightly. She giggled and kicked her legs around wildly, nailing Ben right in the jaw.

"Hey now, I thought we were friends." He chuckled. "You've got some strong legs little girl."

Alexis squealed as he then started to tickle her stomach. Then to Ben's horror, she rolled over onto her stomach and slid right off of the bed.


Ben was surprised and relieved, though, when she landed safely on her bottom.

"Don't scare me like that, Lexi." Ben scolded, waving his finger at her. Alexis tilted her head sideways at him calling her Lexi. "Hey, if you get to call me Benny, I get to call you Lexi."

"Benny! Benny!" She giggled, clapping her hands. Ben sighed, he couldn't stay mad at her. He sat down on the floor next to her and reached out for her.

Alexis squealed and crawled out of his reach. Ben raised an eyebrow and scooted closer to her, but she just crawled further away.

"You little booger." Ben chuckled. He got onto his hands and knees and Alexis' eyes widened.

Anne Glass was totally exhausted as she walked back to her room, but her eyes lit up and a huge smile came to her face when she opened the door and found a laughing Ben chasing a giggling Alexis around on his hands and knees.

"I'm gonna getcha Lexi!"

Okay, so there it is. Sorry it was so short and sucked, but I tried my best. I hope they have bonding scenes between Alexis and Ben, Hal and Matt in the upcoming episodes. :)