Title: One day I am going to wake up, roll over on my side, and kiss the love of my life good morning

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Chapter 5:

Nick walks around to the backyard with his gun out and ready to shot if he needs to. When he gets there he finds the Mauvais Dentes and Monroe, the Mauvais Dentes is threatening Monroe which Nick didn't like at all. He sent a glare at the Mauvais Dentes "Let him go." The Mauvais Dentes releases Monroe and he quickly moves to Nick's side and whispers "Thanks man." Nick turns his attention back to the Mauvais Dentes "What are you doing here? Why has the Family sent you?" The Mauvais Dentes, who was in full Woge, changed back and replies "I'm here to see if this relationship is going to be any sort of a threat to Wesen or, more importantly, the Families."

Nick and Monroe exchange looks but before either of them could say anything the Mauvais Dentes continues "I was meant to threaten you both into breaking up but after observing you I found that you are not going to be a threat to the Wesen Community but the Families would be more happier if you were on their side Grimm." At the look that the Mauvais Dentes was giving them it was obvious that he was about to attack them. Monroe moves in front of Nick to protect him, he Woges and knocks the Mauvais Dentes out before he could do them any real damage. Nick quickly puts cuffs on the Mauvais Dentes and drags him to his car. Monroe follows them and helps Nick put the Mauvais Dentes in the backseat of his car. Nick turns to Monroe and kisses him "I'll be back soon." Monroe nods.

Nick walks around to the driver's side and heads off to the precinct. Monroe walks back inside and falls down on to the couch.

After arriving at the precinct Nick, Hank and Captain Renard question the Mauvais Dentes. He eventually admits to the murders of the two young victims. He is then let out as long as he returns to Vienna and never comes back. The Mauvais Dentes goes back to Vienna to report back to the Families to tell them everything that he had learnt in Portland.

The Families end up not being too happy with the fact that the Grimm had just let the Mauvais Dentes go so they decide to kill the Mauvais Dentes after he has told them everything. They send more and more Wesen to find out information but eventually Nick just ends up getting sick of it and sends messages back to the Families. The Families give up but reluctantly.

Nick and Hank write up the report and then are finally allowed to return home.


Nick finally gets home. When he walks in he finds Monroe on the couch watching TV. At the sound of the door opening Monroe turns around to see that it was Nick, he quickly gets up off the couch and hugs Nick. Nick is a bit shocked by the sudden show of affection but accepted the hug all the same. Monroe pulls back after a while to look at his boyfriend "Nick he grabbed me and dragged me out to the backyard. He started threatening to kill me if I didn't break up with you or prove that we are not going to be a threat." Nick sighs and pulls him over to the couch "Well the Mauvais Dentes won't be bothering us anymore. He has gone back to Vienna to report to the Families. He is never coming back here again."

Monroe smiles and snuggles into Nick. Nick turns on the TV to find that there is a Lord of the Rings marathon on. They just sit there cuddling for a few hours until Nick eventually speaks up again, "You realise that this is going to happen more often, don't you? Not many people will like this." Monroe looks down at his lover "Yes Nick, I knew that before we started."


3 years later:

Eventually the Council and the Families got used to Nick and Monroe's relationship even though they still didn't really like that a Blutbad and a Grimm were dating.

Monroe decided, after being with Nick for so long, that he wants to be more than just boyfriends. So he gets everything organised with the help of Rosalee, Wu and Hank. All three of them knew how much this meant to Monroe and also wanted it be perfect.

When Nick got home from work that night he walks in to find candles all around the house. When he walks into the kitchen he finds Monroe waiting for him at the dinner table. Nick smiles "What's all this about?" Monroe just gestures to the chair in front of him. Nick sits down. They both enjoy a nice dinner. But Monroe starts to get very nervous, he doesn't know who he is going to do it. Nick of course notices "Monroe what's wrong?" Monroe eventually gets up the guts to say what he has been wanting to say for a long time "Nick I don't know this might sound weird to you but I love you so much and I want to spend every waking moment with you. So will you marry me?" Nick looks at him for a few moments "Yes Monroe, I will." Monroe grins widely and kisses his fiancé.


The next few months were hectic but finally everything was organised. When Monroe's parents came to see who their son was marrying their reactions were exactly how Monroe expected it to be. They both Woged and try to attack Nick, Monroe of course stepped in front of Nick and Woged. His parents walked out of Monroe's house and went to the hotel that they were staying at. It took a couple of days but eventually they accepted the idea but everyone knew that it was going to take a long time to get used to. Eventually though they were happy for their son.

When the big day finally arrived everything was perfect, Nick and Monroe were both a bit nervous but excited. It wasn't a very big wedding, they didn't really want the Families or the Council to ruin their day. After the words "I do" was said by both of them everyone congratulated them and by the looks on everyone's faces they all had a feeling who would most likely be the next couple to be married. Nick smirked at Hank who glared at his friend "Fuck off Nick."


After the first time that Nick got pregnant he eventually got used to the idea and soon there were little terrors running around the Blutbad/Grimm household. Both Nick and Monroe knew that their kids were never going to have a normal life and really Portland wouldn't be Portland if everything was normal and sane.

The End.

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