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The plot is hers, but all mistakes are mine.

"Dom, you may want to check this out" Vince whispered to his best friend bending on an old Chevy. Dom stood, put his wrench in the tool box and wiped his grease stained hand on a rag. He looked out to the front of the garage, Letty and Mia were standing there, smiling and waving to some guys riding an Impala. From the lingering smiles, the soft giggles the girls make, Dom knew they were flirting, no questions about it. The impala roared as the girls waved their goodbyes.

The guys looked at him, eyes questioning him to make a move. He rolled his eyes as an answer. Seeing that, the guys went back to work.

"Hi guys" Mia greeted the boys, and ran to his brother and kissed his cheek. While Letty headed to the office to change.

"Are you hungry?" Dom asked, "We can go and grab a bite"

"Oh No, we already ate" Mia smiled at him, politely rejecting his ideas.

"Where?" Vince asked.

"Benito's" Letty replied walking out of the office as she zipped up her coverall.

"Those guys take you there?" Dom pointed outside, hinting to the guys in Impala.

"Yes, they're nice guys, Dom" Mia already sense some possessiveness in Dom's tone. Letty glanced at Mia. Both girls thinking the same thing.

"Yeah, right" Leon chimed in.

"You got something to say, Le?" Letty raised her chin to Leon's direction. He just shrugged his shoulders.

"Who are they?" Dom asked, trying to give the girls a chance to explained themselves.

"Well, Letty met them first" Mia looked at Letty, hinting her to explain it to Dom. Letty leaned to the car near her, the one Leon and Vince were working on. "I met them at Harry's last week, when I picked up some parts"

"They're racers?" Jesse rolled out from under the other car, the one Dom was working on. Leon stopped working, waiting for Letty's answer.

"Why? So Dom can kick their asses on race night and got himself an ego boost?" She scowled. "No, they're not racers. Does it matter?"

"Not really.." Leon said.

"Of course it doesn't.." Letty turned to face Dom, "He could even be the president's son and it still wouldn't matter, is it?! Because either way, you're all gonna act like wild animals showing off your fangs and claws protecting your territory and scare them 'till they piss their pants!"

Dom was thrown back at the words Letty lashed out.

"Hey, it's for your own good, girl!" Vince shouted.

"My own good?" Letty glared at Vince, "Do you even know what that means? You stripped me from my rights to make friends.. To make mistakes, hell, to act my age"

"Enough!" Dom heavy tone stopped Letty's words. Letty shifted her glared at Dom.

"There are bad guys out there! What we did, we did it because we want to protect you!"

"Two months out of Lompoc and you acted like you're God in this household? We survived two years without your sorry ass! I don't need protection! I can take care of myself, Dom!"

"What about Mia?"

"Me? I'm way smarter than any other girls you took home. And what? You think you're all role models for perfect boyfriend?!" Mia snorted, "Don't judge us"

"You're only sixteen. A minor. I have the responsibilities to take care of you Mia! You are my little sister!"

"What about me, Dom? Huh?" Letty raised her chin in challenging stance.

"Of course I care for you like my own little sister"

Her eyes narrowed as she approached him, making her more fierce than before, "Well, I don't need another big brother!" Letty hissed to Dom's face and left the garage, pissfully kicked a tool box on her way out, the contents scattered the floor. Mia followed her with a scowl on her face.

"Mia! You're grounded!" Dom managed to shout before Mia walk out. Mia's middle finger answered him.

"O-oh.." Jesse rolled back under the car.

Leon looked at Dom, giving him a bitter smile.

"What?" Dom asked him. Leon ignored him and continue working.


"Jess, tell me you got something, man.." Dom placed a bottle of beer on the table, next to Jesse's monitor.

The boy shrugged, "He's clean, Dom" he turned the monitor to face Dom, displaying detailed information on Alessandro Benito.

"By clean, you mean boring.." Dom drank his beer. Jesse twisted his open, nodding.

Dom continue to read the information, "UCLA senior year, No parking ticket, no speeding ticket, no crime records, his father own an Italian restaurant.. This guy is too perfect. There must be something, Jess.."

"I've told ya, dawg.. He's legit" he turn the monitor back to faced him.

Dom shook his head, "Can't be.."

"You know, maybe.." Jesse scrunched and raised his brows, struggling to find the words, "I mean, like 1 percent or 0,1 percent.. Maybe this guy is really the right one for Letty.. You know? .. Just maybe.. that is"

"No! He can't!" Dom snapped, Jesse winched.

"Sorry, Jesse.. It's just-" Dom gulped his beer to distract himself from the building anger. "Fuck!" He cursed. Jesse looked at him, confused.

Dom stood and patted Jesse's shoulder "Keep looking, man. There's gotta be something"


"Mia, where's Letty?" Dom asked his little sister. Mia was laying on her bed doing homework. It was long after dinner time and still no sign of Letty.

"What? Your GPS tracker broke down?" Obviously she was still mad at him.


"Your K-Nine squad can't sniff her scent around LA?"

Dom rolled his eyes, "I'm worried, okay?!"

"Just leave her alone, Dom"

"Mia. I'm serious! Where is she?"

"I'm serious too. Leave. Her. Alone"

"Something is going down, isn't it? Is she with that Alessandro guy?"

"I mean it, Dom.." She use her threatening tone.

"Dammit, Mi!" He growled.

"What d'you want, Dom? Huh? She's happy with him, he's a genuine nice guy.. From nice family"

"She's happy?"

"Yeah" Mia soften her voice and took a deep breath before continuing. "Look, Dom. When you're taken away from us, we took a big blow, and Letty.. She was worse. I shouldn't tell you this, she'd kill me. But she cried herself to sleep, because of you, for weeks.."

"She did?"

Mia nodded, "So, you see.. It's nice to see that she's happy, even if it's not you that makes her happy"

Dom just stood there, absorbing what Mia said, letting it sink in. Seconds passed, finally he said "I need to see her, Mi"


"Okay, so.. The Impala or this convertible?" Alessandsro asked Letty who sat beside him in the backseat of a Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible, wrapped in his arm. They parked on what the home town kids called 'lover's lane'.

"Hmm.. That's tough" she tapped her chin, "but.. I'd say.. Impala"

"What? It's like ancient grandpa's vehicle"

"No, it's not. She's beautiful the way she is. Maybe some paint job wouldn't hurt. But It's the Impala- It's a beauty"

"To me, her beauty is nothing compared to yours.." Alessandro eyes were soft on hers as he inches his face closer to hers.

"Aww.. You're just saying that.." Letty blushed.

"Well, it's the truth" he whispered, their nose touched each others. Letty closed her eyes, waiting for him.

As his lips touched hers, he pulled her closer. Hands cupped her face as her hands roamed his chest. Alessandro pushed Letty gently to lay on the backseat, then slowly he trailed kisses on her collarbone, drawing her thin shirt to the side. She ran her fingers through his thick and fluffy black hair, demanding more pleasure.

"You sonofabitch!" A loud growl interrupted the lovers.

"What the fuck?" Letty was able to sat up after Alessandro was dragged out of the car. She saw that Dom was fighting with Alessandro.

"Dom! What the fuck are you doing? STOP!"

"Let, who is this jerk? Dude, could you stop for a moment?" Alessandro shouted as he tried to avoid Dom's punches.

"Dom!" Letty yelled one more time, but he was so full of rage to hear her.

"Dammit!" Letty prepared herself, she ran towards Dom and pushed him hard, knocking him to the ground.

"Go-Go-GO!" She told Alessandro to go away as she tried to pinned Dom with all her might.

"What about you?"

"I'm fine! I knew him"

"Call me okay?" He said as he drove away.

Letty let go of her hold and get off Dom to stand on her feet. "Letty, what the hell?"

"Me? You ruined my date!"

"He tried to rape you!"

"Are you insane?" She tried her best to fix her clothes "You know what? I've had it with you, Dom! I'm going to my Mom's"

She walked away, heading to the dark road that leads back home.

"Wait, where are you going? Letty?.. Leett!"

Dom shouted as he saw her figure getting smaller with every step she make.

"Fuck you, Dom!" She shouted back.

Dom got in his car and started the engine to catch up with her.


"Come on, Let.. Get in the car. You can't walk all the way home" Dom tried to persuade her to ride home with him, but she was being stubborn.

"Wanna bet?" She scowled at him, for over half an hour now.

"Look, I'm sorry. How many times d'you want me to say it? I thought he was raping you.."

"Raping me? I was practically moaning with pleasure over there!"

"Don't say that.. You can't say that" Dom said. A part of him hurt hearing her said that, for the most part..pissed. While his lower parts, awkwardly turned on.

"What? Moaning? With pleasure?"

"Yes, stop, just stop.."

"Stop? Like ... Stop.. oh stop Alessandro.. You gonna make me cum..owwhh.. Stop it baby-oh-uh-ah-aahh.." She faked more moan to tease him.

"God. Enough! Now I could never get those images out of my head"

"You're such a pervert!"

"Which means I'm a normal guy"

"Hah!" She snorted. Then started to fake the moan again "Oh, God Dom.. Oh-oh-oh.. Baby.. Right there, oh God.. Uuughhmm.. Yes..yes yes.. Oh Dom.. Dominic.. Aaahh.."

Dom stopped the car and killed the engine. He stepped out of the car and quickly grabbed Letty by her waist, he slammed her to the side of his car, pinning her with his muscular body, and kissed her. His lips crushed hers. Caught by surprise, Letty tried to fight him, but his strong hands caught hers and pinned them to the side. When he was done assaulting her lips, they were both breathless, Letty's lips were red and swollen, while his was form to a smirk.

"You could make a guy crazy moaning like that, you know"

"And I thought I was supposed to be your little sister.. Because this, could be consider incest,.. you know" She tilted her head, challenging him.

"I was an idiot. I take back what I said, you're not my little sister" They looked into each others eyes, "But you're definitely mine" He said before descending his lips back to her for another taste.

"No one's name should escape your lips in a moan, other then mine" he whispered when they broke the kiss. She raised her eyebrow, not convinced.

"I love you, Let. I wanna make it right with you, if you just give me a chance to prove it." He pulled his best puppy dog eyes, "Can you give this fool a chance?"

Her dark chocolate eyes pierced his, looking deep inside him, searching for whatever bullshit she could find. There's none. "Shut up and kiss me again, you fool!" She grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer.


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