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"You're not my dad! I don't need your permission to have a date!"

Mia's yelling can be heard through the house, and the following door slam too. Vince, Leon and Jesse exchanged looks with each other in the living room downstairs. The argument started about an hour ago, when Vince over heard Mia and Letty's conversation about Mia going on a date this Friday, with a boy from school. Vince told Dom, and Dom confronted Mia and that is one of many way of how you start a shouting and door slamming frenzy between the siblings.

Another door slam followed the first one. Dom's bedroom wall vibrated from the owner's brutal force.

"Aaarrgghh!" Dom groaned frustratingly. Letty who sat on his bed and have been listening to the quarrel, smiled, the Toretto show down seemed to entertain her.

"What the fuck are you smiling about?!" He snapped at her. She shrugged her shoulders, unaffected with his rudeness.

"Nothing" she smiled again, wider this time.

"Spit it out, Let"

"It's just.. You try to be like your dad, and well, you're doing a lousy job at it."

He narrowed his eyes but stayed silent.

"I know you don't want to hear this, but Mia's right. You're not your dad. You don't have the patience he had, the gentleness.. I don't blame you for trying. But life shaped you differently."

He started to relax and willing to listen to her, so she continued.

"I'm not siding with her, but I know how she feel. You guys practically put her on a leash. You spy on her, snoop her phone, you don't let her go anywhere without supervision, a girl can only take so much, you know. Come on, Dom. Stop trying to be her dad, because what she needs now, is a brother, a big brother who can trust her to make her own decision, and be there for her when the decision is a bad one"

"She's sixteen. What does she know about making decision?!"

"You're right. She doesn't. That's why she needs to practice it now"

He sighed and sat next to her.

"I don't trust the guy"

"What if I tell you having the label 'Ex-Con's baby sister' is a enough threat for a guy to even say 'Hi' to her?"


"She's not really on 'the approachable girl' list in school, you know"

"Who would do that to her? Labeling her like that. That is sick! She a sweet girl!"

Letty took a deep breath and prepared herself, "You did" she said.

"You- .. No"


"No! No, you don't, Let! Don't even go there! I.. " He got up, and paced the room panicking as if the guilt he felt would trapped him on the spot.

"Dom.. Can't you see?" She tried to reason with him.

"Shut up!" He glared at her.

"You have to see it from her point of view, Dom! She barely have friends! She- "

"Get out!" He pointed the door.


"Get the fuck out!"

"Fine! Whatever.." She huffed, pissed with his stubbornness, but as she opened the door, she turned to look at him once more.. His eyes were filled with rage, while she tried to calm her own anger.

"Dom, you're all she got"

She left his bedroom.




Dom looked at the fading My Little Pony stickers on his sister's door. It seemed like yesterday he helped her stick them to the door. That was six years ago, a lot have change with the siblings, their doors were witness and victims of many anger fueled slamming.

He gently knocked on her door. No answer. The door stayed jammed to it's position.

"Mia" he called her. Still no answer. She was still upset.

"Mi.." He called again.

"Go away!"

Well, at least he knew she was alive.

"Mi, open the door. We need to talk"

"Why? There's nothing to talk about!"


"You obviously have appointed yourself as God in this household, what good is talking do?"

Dom sighed, he was tired of the fights, the guilt and most of all, he was tired of trying to be dad for Mia.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so hard on you"

He lowered himself and sat on the floor in front of her room, his back leaning to her door.

"It's just.. I don't want you to get hurt.. When I was in Lom- .. When I was away.. I saw faces of criminals, rapists, murderers. I'm surrounded by them.. Not all of them have mean looks or tattoos all over them or big body like you saw in movies. They just like any other guy, common people you saw at the mall, on the streets.. They have normal job, teachers, office workers, shop keeper.. I heard stories of what they did to their victims, how they seduced her or drugged her, all the gross and cruel thing they did to their victims... "

He paused when he realized his voice started to cracked. He haven't said a word about Lompoc since the day he got back here, this is his home, his sanctuary, his sacred place, he wouldn't want his traumatic experience tainted this place. But now he must go back there, digging the memories, so that his little sister could understand reasons behind his protectiveness.

"And all I can think about is that these are the face that could've hurt my family.. They could've hurt you .. A- and.. And.. I'm scared, Mi"

He bit his lower lip trying to hold the emotion flooding him. He could feel his eyes already flooding with tears.

"Gosh, you must think I'm such a sap... But I'm scared of losing you, Mi.. I don't want to loose you.. I can't live with myself if anything bad ever happened to you.. With Mom gone.. And dad's too.. You're all I got, mi ángel"

Dom exhaled a heavy breath, he noticed his hand were shaking.

"I hope you understand.. I'm sorry" he said again, before he stood up and walked back to his room.


Mia's door opened. He turned.

She stepped in the hall way, Dom can see her clearly, tears were running down her face. Her small lips trembled and her breathe uneven between sobs.

"I- I'm .. I'm sorry too" she managed to say. Dom rushed to her and hugged her tight to let his little angel cry in his arms.




"So, the guy must at least attend one family dinner, before asking me out?" Mia asked the guys lined up in front of her.

"He can ask you out before it, but you must bring him to family dinner first, before actually going out, so we can get to know him-" Dom explained.

"You mean interrogate him" Letty chimed in.

"Yeah, whatever. Family dinner, then going out" He smirked. Leon and Vince nodded their approval, while Jesse seem confused.

"Fine" Mia wrote the rules on her book, "Next. No stalking, no phone snooping"

Vince raised his eyebrow questioning Dom in the silent gesture.

"Fine" Dom said without a fight, earning a smile from Mia and disappointed groans from the boys.

"What about background check?" Jesse asked, he finally able to follow the conversation.

"No" Mia said firmly.

"Objection" Leon raised his hand. Mia pouted. "We need background check to make sure that he's not a creep or at least check if he got a credit card to pay for your dinner"

"Fine!" Mia gave up, and put it in her book. The boys grinned and high-five-ing each other.

"Curfew" Mia moved to the next rule.

"Nine" Dom said.

"What? No. Twelve"

"Twelve? Why would you need that much time?" Vince argued.

"Cinderella got a midnight curfew and it didn't work." Jesse rubbed his chin with his thumb and forefinger, his face dead serious. Mia and the guys looked at him, confused.

"If he picked me up at seven, movie is two hours, and dinner an hour, the trip back and forth would take over an hour. So, twelve" Mia stated her reasons.

"Ten Thirty" Dom finally said. "If he want to spend more time with you, he better picked you up early and you eat fast"

"Fine" Mia pouted, while the guys were cheering and high-five-ing again among themselves.

"You guys are crazy" Letty shook her head amused with their antiques.

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