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America was pretty sure he was looked like a nervous wreck. He fidgeted and moved and rubbed his neck and he just couldn't get through his head that they were going to have sex.

That the entire week of sexual touching and kisses and just bliss lead up to... this...

Well...he didn't expect it to be so...

Dare he say it, awkward?

Prussia sat quietly next to him, looking as normal and as relaxed as ever. But, America could see that he wasn't really like that. The man could easily hid any sort of emotion outside, but in his eyes you could see the nervous man he was underneath.

Sure, just yesterday America had him moaning and screaming as he got him off just because he wore that bunny suit. Okay, so maybe the lessons weren't great in the fact that he couldn't control his hormones, and maybe they could work on that tomorrow.

But today...


Prussia turned to him and America flushed darkly at the thickly accented voice. His voice was still hoarse from yesterday's screaming, and America had some large hickey's from his actions.

The entire week had been touching and getting really close to the sexual act.

This was going to be different though. This time Prussia was actually going to have sex with him.

Like... actual sex.

America stared at Prussia who sighed heavily.

"Are you ready?"

America shook his head lightly and twiddled his fingers.

"Uhm.. yeah... I am..."

Prussia beckoned him and America scooted towards Prussia, slipping into his lap and staring down at the albino's stomach.

Prussia rubbed his back and kissed his neck, rubbing his cheek against his and sighing into his hair.

America turned red and rocked his hips lightly, trying to get Prussia hard. A sharp intake of breathe and a murmur of his name made America smile lightly.

Prussia pushed him down on his bed, and tugged on his shirt, kissing his nose and then proceeding to press his lips against America's.

The taste of soda and candy mixed with Prussia's taste of beer and America moaned into his mouth.


He murmured and wrapped his legs around Prussia's waist holding him and kissing him softly back.

Prussia pulled back and stared down at America, who licked his kiss swollen lips and reached up to unbutton his shirt.

Prussia took this chance to pull off his shirt and begin to unbuckle his pants.

America stared at the toned chest of the man, remembering every single scar and mark, smiling at three moles underneath his left right pec.

He leaned his hand out and dragged his fingers across the light dust of hair across his chest, grinning as the albino shivered at the soft touch. Prussia leaned forward and kissed him again, cupping his hand on his chin and pulling him into a deeper kiss. His tongue traced his lip, pushing in between America's lips and tracing every part of his mouth.

America's hands were shaking as he unbuttoned his jeans, his head fuzzy and his thoughts flying out the window. He only felt Prussia's body of top of him and the hot breathe mixing with his. He fumbled some more, but couldn't figure out how to take off his pants as his hands shook so hard and he couldn't think straight.

Prussia looked down, noticing the boy was having trouble with his jeans. He chuckled and reached down, sliding the zipper down and noticing the American was already hard. He licked his lips and pushed his underwear back, slipping his erection free of the fabric.

The teuton leaned down and slipped it in his mouth, inwardly smiling at the surprise gasp and thrust into him from the teen. Prussia responded by giving a harsh suck and twisting his fingers in the blonde's hair, earning a high pitched whine.

Prussia's purple eyes locked with America blue as he sucked him, drool and pre-cum dripping down his lips and chin. America felt his face turn red, his body shivering and freaking out as the man made him feel hotter.

Prussia rubbed his thighs lightly, his thumbs brushing over his the dip in his hip and leg. Circling his fingers over his soft flesh, pinching here and there.

America shivered underneath the touches and administrations, his eyes clouding over in lust. Reaching up, he gripped the sheets and pulled, arching his back as the albino moved his hand a little lower to his ass.

Pulling his mouth away, Prussia sat up and moved the young man so he lay over his lap. Prussia's fingers traced the curve of his spine and shoulder blades making the tanner male whimper and squirm.

Prussia pulled out a small bottle and popped it open, squirting some on his fingertips and rubbing them together.

America's ear's were ringing as he was realizing completely what was going on. Underneath his stomach he could feel the man's dick poking him and the soft breathes as Prussia concentrated on warming the lubricant.

America grabbed a black and white pillow in front of him, digging his face into the soft fabric. He tensed as something rubbed his entrance, poking him and gently rubbing something on him.

A high pitched whine left his mouth and his legs shook from the sudden pleasure that rippled through is body. His sensitive spot there was sending sparks through his vision.

Prussia smiled lightly, as he was pretty sure he was going to like it better as soon as he did-



His fingers slid inside him, rubbing around lightly and trying to find a certain spot inside the american. But (Prussia blushed at this) the male was just... really too tight.

"Alfred... you need to relax. I literally cannot fit my finger in here."

America's eyes were misty and he shook his head lightly.


Something then grabbed his little curl, and America let out a startled cry.

"Relax, Alfred.."

America mewled as Prussia gently moved his finger in and out of him trying to stretch his tight skin more. America curled into the pillow and bit down on it, holding back moans and screams. The rubbing on his curl and the thrusting inside him was getting to be too much.

Prussia stopped rubbing the curl (much to America's dismay) and pulled out his finger, coating it with more sweet smelling liquid.

"I'm going to put two in, okay?"

America shook his head and looked down, wiping his face lightly. His face was glowing red and he felt his member leaking already.

As Prussia pushed both of his fingers inside him, America gasped loudly as he felt something tear.


Prussia winced as a little trickle of blood dripped onto the black sheets, and he looked up at the teen who whimpered.


"Keep going..."

America's voice was thick with hurt and he felt tears trickled down his cheeks. He was in pain but it wasn't really as bad as he thought it'd be.

Prussia sighed, and then moved his face to his, kissing the male's cheeks and mouth, trying to make him feel better. America responded only with a timid kiss and a little noise in the back of his throat.

"Keep going..."

"We can stop if you want..."

"No, i'm... fine..."

America snuggled his face into Prussia's chest, and the albino obliged, pushing his fingers deeper into his tight hole, earning a shiver. He didn't feel anything, only his muscles contracting as he slid his digits out.

America felt his heart rate quicken and his pulse skin grow hotter as the prussian stretched him out. He was getting used to the movements and it actually didn't feel so bad. It actually felt somewhat pleasant. The motion of moving inside him and feeling filled was really nic-


America screamed and clutched Prussia as he brushed something deep inside him. America's eyes filled with tears and his body shivered fiercely against the man's chest.


Prussia smiled and kissed the american's lips, slowly making relax again.

"Found your prostate."

America was shaking and breathing fiercely at the fact that Prussia's finger touched that spot. There was so much heat pooling in his groin and the stars in his vision were not helping the fact that he was literally blind in pleasure.



"Does it feel better when you're inside me?"

Prussia pulled out his digits and kicked off his jeans,moving the teen into his lap. He groaned as his cock brushed the soft flesh of his lover. America stiffened slightly, but opened his legs farther to let him place himself.

"I know it does. But i guess you should find out for yourself."

Prussia's gaze was warm and America felt that weird pause in his chest that he felt yesterday. He didn't want to say it was feelings for the albino, but...

America slowly lowered himself onto Prussia length, feeling the man dig his nails into his hips as he felt the head slip into him.


America felt tears in his eyes at being stretched to the max, the feeling of the teuton's dick pressing inside him and still not fully in him.

Prussia had to take in deep breathes as the american slid more of him inside, mostly because he felt that if he didn't breathe and calm down he'd probably fuck the kid senseless.

Breathe. Breathe. Fucking breathe.

"God damn it Alfred, you're just fucking tight... ung..."

America's legs shook as he heard his voice in his ear. Rough and raspy and just full of lust and need. Suddenly, he felt the man's hips on his buttocks and he realized he was completely inside him.

The sudden feeling of being filled to the brim with Prussia's throbbing shaft made the America happy in some sort of sick way. Mostly because they weren't in any way in a relationship, and mainly because he could feel blood dripping down his thigh.

Digging his nails into the albino's back, he made small noises in the back of his throat.

Prussia turned him around slowly, earning a yelp from the male as he felt his member move inside him. He faced away from Prussia, but the man's face was right near his, kisses peppering his neck and cheek and finally resting on his mouth.

Suddenly, Prussia's tongue was inside America's mouth and he couldn't help but let out a soft moan as the soft organ pushed against his. All of his senses burst as everything around him was Prussia.

Prussia was inside him, and kissing him and touching him and just...

A jerk upward and America's eyes snapped open. He pulled away from Prussia, a string saliva connecting their make out session.


Prussia dug his face into his neck and grabbed America's legs, pushing them up and letting him thrust easier inside his still tight entrance. America squirmed in his lap, trying to make the experience a little more comfortable for him.

"HA-ah! Gilbert it hurts!"

Prussia raised his head and pressed his mouth to the corner of his lip and whispered quietly-

"Just... Let me find it again..."

America braced himself on Prussia's thighs, hating how his hips ached as the man thrust and rammed into him over and over. Sure, the friction was nice and all, but there wasn't much of a reaction from him.

Soft fingers wrapped around his length and Prussia slowly began to pull on his dick, earning a whine from the american.

Never mind. The friction was amazing, especially as the man grabbed and tugged at his aching member.


America let out a breathy sigh as the man pushed him down on the bed and moved his legs so they wrapped around his pale waist. He looked up at him with lust filled eyes and Prussia had to pause his movements to stare at the boys soft smile and sweaty features.

A swell of affection made the prussian's chest hurt a little.

This was just lessons. This was just teaching the kid to have sex with someone besides him.

Prussia felt his lip quiver and he leaned down, taking america's lips in his own.

Whatever... he had him at least for now.

America locked his arms around his neck, and moaned loudly as the man thrust harshly into him.

Prussia hid his face in the man's neck, breathing in the scent of sweat and some sort of musky cologne. He loved it though, and soon enough a fast pace of his hips was making America scream underneath him.

He wasn't very used to the fact of sex, so he didn't exactly understand that screaming scared the neighbors. But Prussia didn't care. He actually liked him screaming his name.


America lifted his hips, trying to meet his hip movements, but Prussia being Prussia, jerked awkwardly so he didn't know what way he was going to thrust.

America's eyes were rolling into his head and he was clawing at Prussia's back. His body shivered and spasmed, telling Prussia that he was close.

The albino pinned him down and fiercely swiveled his hips, when a loud cry and a scream made him wince at the attack on his eardrums.

"Guh! Right... there!"

Oh, so he found it again.

Prussia aimed his thrusts towards the soft bundle of nerves, groaning as the teen tightened around him, his head swimming in bliss.

America's body was burning, his toes curling and his lip bleeding from his teeth as he tried to shut himself up. But the amazing feeling of his prostate being slammed into was just too much.

"Gilbert i'm going to.. i'm..."

Prussia pulled his face to his and tugged on his hair. America curled his hands to his chest and Prussia pressed his lips to his temple.

"It's fine. We've been at this for an hour, you know..."

America's eyes widened as Prussia fiercely tugged his curl and that was enough to make him scream bloody murder and clutch the man as tightly as he could.

Prussia gasped as he clamped down on him (painfully he might add) making him cum, his head immedietly swimming and colors exploded in his vision.

Wow, his orgasm had not been that amazing before.

He slowly pulled out of America, staring at his tan legs as a pinkish-white liquid dripped down his leg.


Prussia turned to the teen who shivered and shook in his arms, tears rolling down his cheeks and a bright smile on his face. Prussia laid him down and wiped away the water and kissed his face repeatedly.

America mewled and curled up to him, clutching and holding him. His body was alight with something Prussia had never seen before, radiating something nice and warm and fuzzy that made him blush.

"Alfred..?" He asked again, and this time the man responded.

"Gilbert that was amazing. I've never felt like that before." America whispered quietly, as if he spoke louder it would ruin something that Prussia didn't know was there.

"You look... happy..." Prussia chuckled and kissed his hair, smiling into the blond locks.

America snuggled into his chest and purred.

"It was amazing. I really really loved it."

Prussia smiled and kissed his lips, wrapping his entire body around the teen. A possessive feeling washed over him and suddenly he was clutching him like he'd dissapear.


America stilled at the word, wondering what he meant by that. But suddenly, he yawned and his vision began to grow dark.

"Gilbert.. I'm... tired..."

"Go to sleep then, dork..."

America smiled and before his eyes closed, he whispered something that made Prussia's heart break.

"Gilbert, I love you."

It wasn't suppose to be feelsy. I'm sorry.

Not sorry.