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The 51st Annual Hunger Games (I-am-Cashmere-the-victor's version)

Toby Denham (17), District 10 Male


The first thing I notice when I enter the arena is how dark it is. It's as dark and silent as night. And where's the cornucopia? All I can see is darkness. I don't hear anything at all either. What is going on?

Then my question is immediately answered. We tributes are instantly blinded by a multi-colored light. When I can see again, I see several large disco balls hanging from the ceiling. Streamers are draped across the ceiling, and balloons hang randomly in nooks and crannies. The cornucopia is bright pink and purple with random patches of blue and green and yellow here and there. I think we are in a theatre for the arena. A couple of hidden speakers play loud "music", or what I think sounds more like a bunch of cats getting tortured while a couple of two year olds throw temper tantrums and bang on something metallic.


I look around. I'm standing next to the sixteen-year-old girl from District 3 and the tiny boy from Eleven. The nearest Career, the savage girl from District 4 who got an impressive ten in training, is three tributes away. It'll be a wonder if the girls from Districts 7 and 8 who are standing near her will make it out of the bloodbath. My district partner, Ira, stands near the boy from Three and girl from Twelve. I hope she'll survive. Ira is fourteen, and reminds me of my little sister Gwen. I hope I can return to her. I love Gwen with all my heart.

I look toward the cornucopia. The thing nearest to me is an empty canteen bottle, and a coil of wire. The coil of wire could be used to with sticks and rope to make a trap, though I doubt you would find sticks in a theatre. I look at the cornucopia. There is a pink backpack and a short sword that is near me. Perhaps I could get that.

Thirty-one…thirty… Twenty-nine…

I look around, trying to find my allies Becka (a pretty, tall, seventeen-year-old girl from District 9) and Yew (a nice, quick, slender, fourteen-year-old boy from Seven). Becka is standing next to the girl from One and boy from Eight. Yew stands near me, next to Becka's district partner, Rendal. Yew catches my eye and winks at me. I smile back. The boy from Four, who I think is called Carp, glares at me. I can't help but glare back.

I glance at the clock. Oh no, only twelve seconds left! I quickly look around one last time. Becka catches my eye and manages to smile sadly at me, motioning towards the girl from One. I feel a surge of sympathy for her. She will probably not be one of those lucky ones who escape the bloodbath. Poor Becka.


As soon as the buzzer sounds, all of Hades breaks loose. I sprint to the cornucopia, scooping up the canteen and the coil of wire as I go. I grab the backpack and the short sword. I nearly trip over the girls from Districts 3 and 5 who are both wrestling over a backpack. I hear the whiz of a knife flying my way and duck. The knife flies past me and accidentally nails the boy from Two (who is fighting a large boy from either Five or Eight) between the shoulder blades.

"Shimmer! What was that for?" the boy calls out. Then his opponent clubs him in the head. The boy kicks the boy from District 2 in the head and flees.

"Toby! Toby!" I hear someone call out. I turn and see Becka, running toward me with a neon orange backpack and some rope. She grins at me.

"Hey Toby. Let's flee now." She states simply.

I frown.

"Where's Yew?" I ask.

Becka frowns.

"Over there," She sighs. I look at where she points. A slender and pale body lies face-down on the wooden floor in a puddle of blood. An axe is stuck in his back. I wince.

"He….he died?" I ask. It couldn't be true, but Becka nods.

"That stupid girl from Four did that."

"Talk about that later," I say. "Come on!"

And then we flee the scene, nearly stumbling over the dead body of the district eight girl. Poor kid. And then we are off the stage.

"We're free…for now," I breathe.

And then the cannons sound.

BOOM!...BOOM!...BOOM!... On and on until eleven have fired. Eleven cannons.

I think I might, just might, have a chance in these Games.

Toby's Games lasted nine days, with nothing happening to him and Becka on the first three days. Then on the fourth day, they accidentally stumbled onto the Career camp. Toby's arm was injured and Becka was killed by the girl from District 2. Toby spent the rest of the day in pain.

Then on the morning of the fifth day, Toby's parents, who were remarkably well off for those in District Ten, donated enough money to allow Toby's mentor Fernando to send him some painkillers and antiseptic wash. Toby then washed out the wound with antiseptic wash and bandaged his arm with some bandages in his backpack.

On the sixth day, the Career turned on each other, with the boy from One surviving by running away early in the fight. Carp also survived the fight between the rest of the careers with only two bruises on his shin and a light cut by a sickle on his arm.

On the seventh day, the boy from Three met his end at the hands of Carp.

On the eighth day, the boy from District 1 killed the boy from Six before facing Carp in a long and bloody (and entertaining and action-packed in the eyes of the Capitol) battle in which Carp was defeated (and killed) in the end.

The boy from One, the girl from Five and Toby were then forced onto the main stage where the cornucopia was in the centre of a bunch of party animal mutts. Toby then shoved the girl from District 5 off the edge of the stage where she was killed by the party animal mutts, and then Toby and the and the boy from One (who was too injured to be much of a threat) fought for over eight minutes before Toby was crowned victor of the 51st Annual Hunger Games.

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