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The 51st Annual Hunger Games (richards25's version)

Toby Denham (17), District 10 Male

The tube feels close around me, like it's trapping me inside. It feels like there isn't enough air inside it, like each breath is a struggle. I feel sweat beginning to form and the panic rise up within, but I fight the urge to scream, to push against the walls, to fight to be free, because I know it will be in vain. I am being taken up, regardless of what I feel.

The launch tube rises me up towards the light, forcing me closer and closer towards it. Against my will. I thought I would be relieved, to be free from this tunnel, but the crushing feeling intensifies. The light makes it worse. For the light is so bright and is everything I am dreading right now. I would rather be kept, enclosed in that tube, fighting for air, that be exposed to what is outside.

The Hunger Games.

And each inch I rise is another closer to the games, and my death. For in reality, I won't win. I will try, because I have promised. I promised those who I care about, but my rational side prepares me for the worse, no matter how hard I fight.

I finally reach the light, and it consumes me. The switch from darkness to light temporarily blinds my eyes. It takes me a few seconds to adjust my eyes, and I desperately try to take in the area around me.

This year's arena is a beautiful golden city. The buildings are tall and proud, and are lavishly decorated. The streets are golden, with lush trees and fountains everywhere.

Then the lights flick out and the whole arena is plunged into darkness. A tribute's young cry rises up next to me, but is soon drowned out by a low rumble that shakes the arena.

In the darkness, without your eyes, everything sounds so much clearer. So much louder and defined in the darkness. I realise the arena is collapsing.

I can hear the deep sound of the buildings falling, one after the other, after the other. The rumbling intensifies for a few seconds, then drops, giving the impression that is ending, but is soon joined by another rumble. And for what feels like a lifetime in the darkness, the sound continues. It echoes around the area and surrounds us.

Suddenly, just as quickly as it left, the light was restored. They result shocks me. All around me is rubble, as far as I can see, is piles and piles of rubble. The ash rises in the air away from us, but encroaches around our feet.

I feels like I am waking up from a dream, that the golden city was the dream land. The perfection was just from my mind, somewhere peaceful, away from harm. Now I am awaking to the real world. It's like I'm waking up to ash and dust. I wipe my brow, and click by my ears, to find the sound is so quiet. It's messed with my hearing. I look at the rest of the tributes.

Everyone is covered in ash, smeared across their faces, their pristine outfits dirtied. Its like we are from some apocalypse, and the Games haven't begun.

I look forward towards the cornucopia to find it missing, and instead there is a large pile of rubble.

The cornucopia is gone. We're on our own.

The cries of the others start to be picked up by my ears. The young girl next to me is crying, from Seven I think. The Careers are shouting in outrage, the boy from Four shaking in anger.

Although a new thought comes to me. Although we are at a disadvantage, so are the Careers. They no longer have their weapons or any food to survive. I am sure we are better suited to this than they are. What do they know about hunger?

"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. Let the 51st Annual Hunger Games Begin!" The voice over echoes across the arena.

The countdown starts, and everyone shifts around.

Right now, no one is sure what to do, with no cornucopia we don't know what to do. I plan to get away as quickly as I can, then see what I can do from there.

"Right, just pick a tribute to kill. Then do not let them get away." The male from Four shouts. "This one is mine."

To my horror, he points to the little girl from Seven, the youngest in the games. Her crying becomes more hysterical. He fixes himself towards her, and prepares to run. To worst thing is that she drops to her knees and just cries, already given up. I have to look away. I then notice the Careers start to pick who they will kill.

I notice the girl from District 1 point at my partner Angus. I smirk to myself, let see her try to catch her. Angus is sassy and quick.

"Lets see you try, bitch!" Angus cries, giving her the finger and proving my point. She has always been a trouble maker, but a fast one.

To my relief none of the Careers have picked me out as a target, being an average tribute is working in favour.

I look back to the timer, twenty seconds to go.

I decided I will just turn around and run, get away as fast as I can.

With ten seconds to go, everyone has braced themselves to do what is needed for survival. With one last glance I see everyone but the careers facing outwards, ready to run.






The gong sounds and I run.

The bloodbath saw the end of four tributes. Two careers failed to get their catch. Angus escaped, but the girl from Seven didn't. Toby spent the first two days wondering around, seeing if anything survived the destruction. Nothing did. The deaths were slow to being with, until the tributes started to create their own weapons. Toby managed to tie a sharp rock to a metal pole, making a spear.

The Careers managed to take down six more tributes with their makeshift weapons, bringing the total down to 14 before they split up. Three died in the fight, reducing the numbers to 11. An early feast was called, as survival was poor. Two more Careers died, along with three more. The Capitol enjoyed this desperate feast. Toby snagged a bag from the feast before Angus was killed by the girl from One. Toby avenged her. Six left.

When the numbers reduced to five the Gamemakers brought the tributes together. Toby, the boys from Three, Four and Seven as well as the girl from District 11. The allied boys from Districts 3 and 7 attacked the boy from Four, but were defeated, although he was injured. Meanwhile, Toby defeated the girl from District 11 as a result of her lack of weapons. The arena was down to two; only the boys from Ten and Four remained.

In the fight that followed, the injury that the boy from District 4 had obtained was enough to give Toby the edge and victory in the 51st Annual Hunger Games.

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