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The 69th Annual Hunger Games (mangesboy01's version)

Luster Blaze (18), District 1 Female

Standing over the boy from Two's sleeping body, I think. A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power. It's rather ironic how things have turned out. I yearn to chuckle, but I can't. I don't want to wake sleeping beauty. Thinking back to that day, I never thought her plan would work. But it did. And I for once, I was wrong.

My mother was never an erudite woman, but this plan she concocted was brilliant. All those days of training seemed so frivolous now. Yes, I was deadly, but so were all the other careers. I had to work a different angle. I had to be more than deadly, I had to stand out. I had to use something other than my fighting skills. I had to be witty.

My mother's plan was simple: Be the damsel in distress. Be flirty…ditzy. O' how I hated being ditzy. Besides being flirty and ditzy, I had to make them crave me upon site. I had to make sure the girls envied me and the guys lustered after me. It was an easy task for such a beauty like myself. Too easy.

I groan as the memories flood in. The way I acted at the interview will haunt me forever. My dress was so tight fitting I could barely sit. As much as I hated the way I was portrayed – a sex symbol – I put on a show. A good one if I might add. I giggled, laughed, and flirted with any person of the opposite species. Even that grotesque boy from Four – shame considering those guys are usually handsome. In all, I was prepared to do anything to stick to my mother's plan.

The act was too easy. And the people too dumb. They were fools – even my fellow Careers. All I had to do was flip my cascading, golden curls and pucker my luscious, full lips and they were hooked. It was simple.

I was so amused at how quickly they all thought I was just some girl dying for attention. Attention wasn't what I was dying for. It was power. I wanted to be in control, I wanted to run these Games. And I was determined to do so. These Games would be bigger than the year that fourteen year old – Finnick Odair – claimed victory.

My acting was first put to the test when I accidently slipped into the arms of my district partner. In his arms I just giggled. I watched as his eyes fluttered down my neck and onto my chest. Did he like the view? Another giggle squeezed from my glossed lips as he wrapped his well-defined arms around me. I blamed my sudden fall on the heels, but it was a lie. And a beautiful one at that. Let's just say after that, he was wrapped around my fingers.

Sheen – my dim-witted district partner - proved to be beneficial, especially after I planted that extra pack of food in the boy from Four's bag. It was funny how fast the situation escalated. And all I did was tell Sheen about Gill's little act of treason. It was just a harmless lie.

I watched as Sheen's face turn bright red from wrath. And to think, all it took for him to snap was Gill screaming at me, and me sobbing uncontrollably. I won't lie, I was baffled when Sheen dug his sword into Gill's chest. To be honest, it was hard to hide my devious smile, but I did.

Gill was the first member of our Career pack to die. His district partner – Coral – died shortly after from an ambush attack by the girl from District 8. I was surprised by Eight's guts. She was bold, I'll give her that. I mean one minute we're running through the thin pines – enjoying the view - then all of a sudden some deranged girl is charging at us wielding a spear. Before I can blink my dazzling eyes she's throwing the spear in our direction. Sadly, all I could do was stare as the spear impaled into Coral's body, killing her instantly. We didn't waste any time when it came to revenge. We charged after the girl from Eight. And let's just say Coral's canon wasn't lonely for long.

Sheen and Janz – the girl from District 2 – met their deaths to a sudden rock slide. I told them we shouldn't climb the mountain – but being the ditz, blond bimbo – no one listened. I was infuriated.

Since my clever lie that killed Gill, I wasn't doing much, and I definitely wasn't controlling the game like I wanted. I was tired of this charade. I wanted the power, I wanted to kill, I wanted to get the attention I so deserved.

After Sheen and Janz died on day eleven, there wasn't much competition left. Only seven of us actually. I was a bit sad that I didn't get to kill Sheen myself. I hated the way his emerald eyes stripped me. It was sickening to watch him undress me with his eyes. How I wish I could have gouged those lovely eyes out, but sadly, the rocks beat me to it. Such a shame.

Now that its day fourteen and we're down to five: me and my fellow ally Bash – the boy from District 2 - the girl from Four, the boy from District 9, and the girl from Eleven.

I was surprised that our alliance – Bash's and mine – had lasted this long. I was even more surprised that he hasn't tried to "bash" my head in. Alright, so I wasn't that surprised. I've had the boy wrapped around my finger since training. All it took was purring in his ear, and a bit of rubbing in some hot places.

A smile approaches my lips as I run my smooth fingers through Bash's thick, brown curls. He was strong, handsome, everything I would look for in a husband. But now wasn't the time for husband shopping. Now was the time to move one step closer to victory. Now was the time to blindside my loyal ally and steal the show.

I slip the glimmering knife from my belt. It was so gorgeous. A dazzling shade of silver, so glossy, so clean. I'd saved it for him. Only the best for him should I say. I giggle at how stupid I sound. If I keep this act up, I'll actually start believing I'm a blond moron.

Before I get the knife in place, I kiss his cheek gently. It wouldn't be fair to be all play and no action, would it? I wrap my hand firmly to my cracked lips, muffling my sudden chuckle. Luster, now is not the time for games.

I hover over Bash's body, getting closer. It's a good thing he sleeps on his back. I want have to flip him or wake him in order to rip out his heart. I say this metaphorically. I'm not really going to rip out his heart. But then again…the sponsors might like that.

I pull the deadly blade over the sleeping boy. Angling it to perfection. He's going to feel this in the morning. Another chuckle escapes my lips. And that's when it happens. Bash's eyes shoot open.

"Luster, what are you doing!"

"Goodnight, beautiful." I plunge the dagger into his firm, muscular chest. Upon entry I soon feel warm blood surging up my wrist. Why is his blood so hot? I dig the blade in deeper until his moans simmer and the canon erupts. I've done it. I've killed the largest threat in the game. I've finally gain the power I wanted. Now the game was mine. I would kill the other four tributes…and gain my treasure.

Looking into Bash's black, empty eyes, I think. A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power.

After Bash's death, the Games lasted five more days, totaling to twelve days. On day ten, the girl from District 5 died from starvation, leaving only three other tributes in the arena. The finale resulted in the pine wood arena being flooded. Through the rushing water the boy from District 9 drowned, which left the girl from Eleven to face the vicious blonde. The battle between the two girls didn't last long as the girl from District 11 was only equipped with a sickle; a sickle she had never used before until now. In the end, Luster claimed the victory without even breaking a nail.

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