A Hero & A Waitress

Chapter 1

Here I am, writing another Love Story! I'm currently working on stirring emotions and love. Trying to make the scenes more...interesting. Any constructive criticism is welcome! I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing! No-one has written a Fanfic between Bella and the Warden, so I'd Thought I give it a shot!

This one, I'm going with a Human Noble and Bella. I thought she was beautiful and her red hair! (hate me, Haters!) I think Bioware has a sense of humor...Putting gorgeous females in the game and you can't romance them, only get a kiss from them...that's not enough! But Leliana and Morrigan are good, too.

No Sex in this story, I'm not that kind of guy. There are a few changes from the normal conversation. A little drama and such packed into this one. The Chapters ARE very short! Just letting you know!

Anyway, here's the first chapter!

Adean Cousland walked in the Tavern of Redcliffe. He was alone, while his Companions were out helping the militia.

He walked in to be greeted by a pretty red-head lady. Her hair was brilliant...he found himself staring at and snapped before she saw Him.

"Hi, There, I never seen you before, you must be new to Redcliffe, are you a traveler?" She asked.

"Yes, I am, Who are you?" Adean said.

"I'm Bella, Waitress of this worthless Tavern."

"How is it worthless?"

"The owner behind the bar? His name is Lloyd. He gropes me and pays me next to nothing."

"Why haven't you left?"

"There's nothing else I can do for a living."

"Well, I can't believe a beautiful lady like you is working in this hellhole. You could land a job anywhere."

She smiled at the compliment, "Me? Beautiful? No..." She said, shaking her head.

"Maybe I could convince Lloyd to give you a raise?"

"No, That would only make it worse. But that's so very sweet of you."

"I'll talk to him, if he messes with you, he's in for a lot of Trouble."

She smiled at him again, a smile that melted his soul. She turned to tend to the other Customers. Adean walked over to the bar, where fat bastard Lloyd was.

"Hey, What can I get ya?" He told The Warden.

"Answer a few questions." Adean said, with his arms crossed.

He groaned, "Fine, what?"

"Why are you up here, instead of down there, where you should be helping?"

"I'm not leaving this Tavern, Murdock and his men will drink up all the ale!"

Adean snorted, "You're worried about ale? Damn ale?!"

"It's my business!"

"Of Course, but it won't be a business if corpses come up here!"

"I lock up in the cellar and wait until they leave. I'm a Coward, so what?"

That made Adean boil, Lloyd had a lot of nerve talking to him this way.

"Does that mean you should treat your only waitress like a slave?!" Adean yelled at him, gaining the attention of the patrons and Bella, herself.

"Who, Bella? She's Nothing." The last two words pushed him over the point of no return.

He slammed his fists down upon the counter, cracking it, "You. are. A worthless son-of-a-bitch. You do not deserve to own this establishment!"

Lloyd backed slightly, but stood his ground, "I do, too! I should have you kicked out!"

Adean laughed, "By Who?"

"Us." A voice came from behind.

Adean turned to face two bodyguards. Barely a head over his height.

He looked back at Lloyd, "This? This is the best you can do?"

Lloyd crossed his arms as he arched back, "Yeah, and you're going out with a bang."

Adean laughed at him, then turned back to the guards.

"Which one of you want to go first?" Adean asked, readying his hand-to-hand.

The one on the right stepped up to only meet a flurry of jabs then a kick. Sending the man onto his back. Adean gazed his attention to the other. The man threw a punch, but Adean quickly caught him, then twisted his arm, causing him to fall to his knees in pain. Adean knocked the man out with a precise kick to the neck.

Adean went over to the man on the ground and sent a hard punch to the face, knocking the man out also.

"Get these guys out of here." Adean said. Two patrons came out of nowhere as they dragged the men out.

Bella watched, amazed at the man's skill.

He turned back to Lloyd as he drew his sword. He pointed it inches from the chubby's neck. The Owner held his hands up in fright.

"If You're going to keep handling this tavern, Treat Bella right, or else, I'm coming back to finish the job." Adean told the man.

He shook his head, "Yes." Rapidly.

"Ok, I will!" He said.

"Good." Adean said as he turned, but then remembered a thought.

"And If I hear that you do something to her, I'm slitting your throat."

Adean left the owner and walked back to Bella, who was still in awe.

"What you did...was amazing. I never thought you'd convince him!" She told him with a smile.

He shrugged, "You deserve better than this." He replied, returning her a smile of his own.

"No-one would have done what you have for me."

Adean chuckled.

Bella stepped up to him, He lost himself in her green eyes. She brought her hands to the sides of his face as she pulled him in for a Kiss. Her lips on his was indescribable. There were three patrons behind the in a corner, their jaws hit the floor.

"After tonight's battle, If we both survive, please come see me again." She said as she smiled.

"That, I will, Bella."

"I haven't even asked for your name, yet."

"Adean Cousland, at your service." He said as he bowed his head slightly.

She giggled slightly at the expression, getting a Grin from Adean.

"Alright, I've got to go help prepare for tonight's fight." He said as he turned, but turned again upon hearing his name.

"Please, Come back to me." She begged him.

"I will do everything in my power to do that, Bella."

She smiled as he walked out of the Tavern.

She has felt something deep inside her that made Bella attracted to him, she searched, and found out that it was...Love.

There's the start to the short Fanfic!

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