A Hero & A Waitress

Chapter 10

Hey guys! This is the Last Chapter! I know, It's sad, ain't it?

Bella had a dampened cloth in her hand as she polished the tabletop that was recently used by patrons of The Gnawed Tavern. She couldn't have been happier. She was doing a job she was familiar with, and her Husband made it reality. She was the owner, and Adean was her bodyguard. He manned the Countertop as the Bartender, and Bella, the Waitress.

The Gnawed Tavern had some modifications, Adean had a few Shields with the Grey Warden symbol on them along the wall. A few notices saying free drinks for any Warden. Bella agreed to do the policy for Adean.

As Adean said, Alistair has appointed someone to recruit for the Grey Wardens, and has an old place called Vigil's Keep as a base in Amaranthine. He has heard that the recruiting was going well, and The Grey Wardens in Ferelden will have their numbers back in no time.

Adean put a brandy into the cabinet for storage, he turned to see his dear friend and King, Alistir walking in.

"Hey, Adean! Seems like you settled here all nice and neat." Alistair told him, smiling.

Adean smiled back, "Seems like it, Doesn't it?"

"Yep!" Alistair replied, reaching the bar and leaning on it.

"Would you like Some Ferelden Wine?" Adean asked.

"Sure, If you don't mind," He replied.

Adean nodded, he turned to find the Ferelden wine, and got both of them one. He went back to Alistair, handing his wine.

"Thanks, My Friend," Alistair said with a grin, popping the bottle open.

"Anytime, Alistair," Adean replied, doing the same.

"How's Bella doing?" The King asked, sipping the wine.

"She's doing Great. She's happy as she can be, and I plan to keep it that way." Adean said as he smiled.

Alistair nodded, "That's good," Then looking to see her cleaning a table, "Damn, How did you get a girl like her?"

Adean chuckled, "I walked in and found her."

"Just like that?"


Alistair shook his head, "Now that I'm king, it's going to be a lot harder to find a good woman and not a power-hungry monster."

"Yeah, That's true," Adean replied, then he thought about something and laughed a bit.

"What's funny?"

"What about one of your servants?" Adean asked, grinning, taking a sip.

Alistair laughed, getting the joke, "So That, Huh? Finding some low lady and bringing her up?"

"Yes," Adean replied, still grinning.

He shook his head again, then sipping his wine.

Adean looked to see his wife walking over to the men, she smiled at him, and he did the same back. He loved her smile and her lively eyes.

"The Tables are clean." Bella told him.

He nodded, "That's my Girl."

She was still smiling, and she looked over to Alistair to nod to him. He did so back.

"Still cleaning tables, I see." Alistair said to her.

She shrugged, "The only thing I know how to do." She said as she smiled.

Alistair nodded, grinning, "Wipe 'em any cleaner and I'll have to ask Adean if I can borrow you."

Adean and Bella laughed,

"I might let you," Adean told him.

Alistair put his empty Wine bottle on the counter, "Alright, I've got to head back to The Palace before they send out a search party."

Adean chuckled, "They'll probably send me."

"Then...I better get going," Alistair told him, getting a laugh from Bella and Adean.

"See you later, Alistair. Don't trip over anybody." Bella told him when he was halfway to the door.

"I probably will!" He said, opening the door, waving at them.

The couple waved back before he exited.

Adean shook his head, "He's crazy."

"That, He is." Bella agreed.

Adean and Bella wrapped their arms around each other. They were at home and about to go to bed.

He lost himself in the jewels of her eyes, the pair of emeralds he wakes up, seeing every morning.

She smiled. Again, Adean was mesmerized by her. He smiled back.

"I, Am one lucky man," Adean told her.

"And I, am one lucky girl." Bella replied.

"I think I'm luckier." Adean said.

"Perhaps," She replied, smiling.

"I don't think I'll find a girl like you anywhere else," Adean said to her.

"I'm one of a kind."

"Yes, You are, and I'm glad I found a lady rare as you," He told her.

She smiled lovingly as she pulled him into a kiss.

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