Story Title: Long Hot Summer

Summary: None of them knew what lay ahead of them. If they were looking for a change, they were going to get one.

Pairing: Jake/Bella...But don't expect it for the first half of the story.

Rating: M, for crude humor and sexual innuendos and possibly eventually a few lemons.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. It belongs to Stephenie Myer. I also got the title for this story from a Keith Urban song, it's not imperative that you listen to it, but it is a good song.

AN: I got inspired to write this story after reading a Hunger Games story last fall. The story is called Cruel Summer and it's by TwilightCakes, yes she does write for Twilight too, so go read her stuff..all of it. It's mandatory and I promise you will love it as much as I do. Also I would like to mention that I only got the idea from that story, this story is different, the only thing they have in common is that they both take place at a camp and they are named after songs. I just wanted to clear that up.

Bella Swan was not the outdoorsy, camping type, but for the past two years she had put her old ways behind her for two months out of every year. She never could say no to Harry and Sue so when they asked her to be a camp counselor at the camp that they had started she had been scared. Disaster scenario after scenario ran through her mind. This year was going to be different. Her three best friends were finally old enough to be counselors along with her. They would help her whenever she needed them.

Jacob, Embry and Quil had been going to Camp Blackhawk since they were twelve so they knew the camp like the back of their hands. Bella had never been a camper at the camp since the summer was the only time she got to spend time with her dad. Being the child from a broken home did have it's disadvantages.

Bella had been friends with the boys since they were still in diapers. She worked hard to keep her friendship with them intact even though she only saw them four times a year. She was going to hate leaving them at the end of the season, she could feel it.

"Have you got everything you need?" Renee asked from the door way from doorway to Bella's room.

Bella did a mental check of her two bags and light suitcase she was taking. She had enough sun screen to share with the entire camp for the entire season and she was bringing three bathing suits because she couldn't decide which one she wanted to bring. She had two pairs of tennis shoes and a pair of beat up hiking boots that had seen better days.

"I may need a new pair of boots for next year. The ones I have now will be lucky to get me through the entire season," she said discouragingly.

"Do you have money to buy more?"

"I'm sure that Harry and Sue will give me an advance on my paycheck if I need it."

"That money is for college. Take this, use it only for emergencies," Renee said slipping a credit card into Bella's hand.

Bella gave her a thankful smile before turning to give her a hug. Bella'd had her reservations about going since it was her last summer before college. She would only have a couple of weeks at her dad's before heading off to the University of Washington. This would be the last time that she saw her mom for a good five months.

"I'm gonna miss you Sweet Pea," Renee said quietly.

"I'll miss you too."

"Call me when you can at camp and then we'll work on getting you a better phone contract."

"Yes ma'am."

"You ready to go Bells?" Phil asked from the hall.

Bella pulled away from her mom giving her a weak smile. They were saying goodbye now because Renee would have trouble letting her go if she went to the airport. Jacob, Quil, and Embry would be picking her up from the airport and they would be heading to camp from there.


After being on the plane for four hours she was glad to be on stable ground. She was scanning the crowd when she was nearly bowled over. She pushed her hair out of her eyes with wide eyes and Quil's face was inches from hers.

"Jerk," she grumbled.

"Love you too Bells," he said with a chortle.

"Let her go," Jacob said, holding back the urge to laugh.

"Why don't you just lick her next time, or mark your territory? That would be better," Embry said before thwacking Quil upside the head.

"What Quil was trying to say is that he missed you," Jacob said as he picked up Bella's suitcase that Quil had knocked out of her hand.

They walked to the baggage claim with all of them talking at once. Bella's dad, Charlie said that they had their own language that no one else understood. They were telekinetically in sync. They somehow knew when one of them needed the other three. Each of the boys carried a bag through the airport while Bella called her mom and dad to let them know that her flight had landed safely.

They loaded everything into the back of the smallest car she had ever seen. It was brand new with the ninety day tags still on it. Bella watched with a bewildered expression.

"What?" Embry asked.

"Is this yours?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said slowly.

"Nice clown car," she said with a snicker.

Quil and Jacob hooted with laughter but Embry gave her a steely eyed glare.

"Just for that you're stuck riding in the bass mobile. I hope you brought ear plugs," he countered.

"I have some if she doesn't," Jacob retorted.

Embry and Quil got into Embry's Fiat and Bella followed Jacob up to the top level where he had parked. Music so loud that it rattled the windows pounded out of the speakers that replaced the back seat. Jacob quickly adjusted the volume so that the people around them would stop staring.

The drive down the Peninsula highway to Olympia took less than an hour but in that time Jacob and Bella had time to talk. Their dad's had been best friends since they played popcorn football and little league baseball. She had a deep rooted friendship with each of them but she felt closer to Jacob because of their dad's.

"This year is going to be great. All four us are going to be counselors; we'll own the camp. You know Harry and Sue will let us do whatever we want," he said sounding sure of himself.

"At least you'll have the boys to hang out with after lights out. Leah said she wasn't sure if she was coming this year," Bella said with a sigh.

"It's nobodies fault but your own for not making more friends. It'll be fine," he reassured her.

"You're right, I'm worrying over nothing," she said psyching herself out.

He turned to look at her once he had stopped a stop light. The sun shone on her hair making it glow like copper. She looked at him from out of the corner of her eye, giving him a small smile. He grinned back before running a hand through his short hair.

"The light is green," she said quietly.

Embry honked impatiently behind them before Jacob pressed down on the eccellorator. The moment between them was over before it could begin. They resumed talking and soon they left the highway for the mountain terrain of Olympia. Bella relaxed against the seat with a content smile. She had fallen in love with the scenery the first time she saw it. Camping trips of years past came back to her with a wave of nostalgia.

"Can you smell the burning leaves too?" Jacob asked to break the silence.

"Yeah. It's the smell of our youth," she said still smiling.

"It's still my favorite smell."

"Mine is still chocolate," she said matter of factly.

Jacob scoffed with a shake of his head. Sometimes he forgot that Bella was so simple and he knew her so well. He knew her better than anyone and he was the one she told her secrets, fears, and dreams to.

They rounded a bend and the camp could be seen a short distance away. People were already unloading their cars and going up and down the stairs that led to the cabins in droves and as they got closer Bella recognized some of the counselors from last year. A few new faces stood out in the crowd but so far she hadn't spotted Leah or her boyfriend Sam.

"Relax," Jacob reminded her.

"I know that I'm worrying too much. Feel free to slap some sense into me if you need to."

"That's Leah's job," he said pointing out the windshield.

Bella followed his finger and sighed in relief when she saw Leah, Sam, and Leah's younger brother Seth coming down the stairs. Leah kissed Sam's cheek before making her way through the crowd and pausing to let Embry pull in next to Jacob. Bella got out of the car and Leah saddled up next to her to drape an arm over Bella's shoulders.

"Welcome back to the craziness," Leah greeted her.

"I thought that you were taking that internship with the department of forestry."

"Mom and dad need me here. There's always next year," she said with a shrug.

"Well, I'm glad that you're here and I'm sure I'm not the only one," she said catching Sam's eye.

He nodded with a warm smile before turning his attention back to Paul Miller, another counselor from last year. Jacob pulled Bella's bags and suit case from Embry's car and sat them a few feet from where she stood silently. Leah saw him pause like he was going to say something before Quil handed him another bag. Leah was going to have to talk to Bella and soon. She knew that Jacob had feelings for Bella even if Bella didn't. Sometimes it took and outsiders perspective to see the light.


Bella and Jacob stood side by side looking over the list of cabin assignments. Harry and Sue ran a tight ship and didn't play favorites. If you had a problem with someone you shared a cabin with you needed to work it out in mediation with Sue; no one was allowed to switch cabins unless it was a last resort.

"I'm stuck with a newbie," Embry said with an agitated sigh.

"If anybody can make it work, it's you," Bella said confidently as she clapped a hand on his shoulder.

"I've got a new guy too," Jacob confirmed.

"Yes, I'm with Paul!" Quil said gratefully.

"Why are you so excited? Isn't he the one who put itching powder in your swim trunks two years ago?" Embry asked in confusion.

""We get along better now," Quil said with a shrug.

"I'm with Leah again," Bella said with a satisfied sigh.

"We see who Harry and Sue's favorite is," Quil said with an eye roll.

Bella stuck out her tongue tauntingly before picking up her bags and suitcase and heading up the hill. She was in a different cabin than she had been in last year and she had less than half an hour to get settled in before orientation started. She was not looking forward to talking about herself in front of strangers with all of their attention focused on her. The screen door slammed shut behind her and she turned to see Leah struggling with an arm load of blankets.

"Mom said it's going to get cold at night this week. She doesn't want us getting sick."

Bella took a couple of blankets from her and threw them on her bed before heading back outside. A couple of the counselors had congregated in front of her cabin. Almost all of the female counselors from last year were back. The only two girls who hadn't shown up yet were newbies and they were paired with the other two girls. Bella stood with the girls as they gushed about the boys.

"Did you see Jake? He's sprouted up like a foot, and he's filled out," Jessica observed.

"He's a not a kid anymore. He's what, sixteen, seventeen?" Angela asked.

"He's sixteen. But you're in luck, Embry will turn seventeen while we're here," Bella stated.

"You are so lucky to be friends with them," Jessica said with an exaggerated sigh.

"Hey, the two you are friends with them too. Who stuck up for you last year when everybody laughed at you because you had food stuck in your braces?" Bella asked Jessica.

"Embers," Jessica said with a short laugh.

"And who has always had your back when Jared calls your 'Four Eyes'?" Bella questioned Angela.

"Jake," she said with a smile.

"That hasn't changed."

They heard voices coming up the path which meant the new girls had finally arrived. The girls came out of the clearing and Bella, Jessica and Angela took them in. The smaller of the two had short dark hair that stuck out in different directions. She was wearing a short sleeved button down shirt over a tank top with a pair of faded cut offs with her tennis shoes. The blond looked so out of place it was almost comical. Her tube dress clung to her in the heat and the heels of her shoes sunk into the ground with every step she took.

A few seconds later two guys came out of the clearing carrying a heavy trunk. They set the trunk down between them a few feet away from the girls.

"Um, boys aren't allowed up here," Angela explained quietly.

"Yes they are, just not when Sue is due to come up any second," Jessica corrected her.

"They were just carrying her things. We can take it from here guys, thank you," the dark haired one said before kissing the blond guy on the cheek quickly.

The guys left and the brunette turned her attention back to the group. She smiled warmly while the blond stared at her nails.

"I'm sorry, we haven't introduced ourselves. I'm Alice Brandon and this is Rosalie Hale," the girl said politely.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Jessica and Rosalie and I will be sharing a cabin. It's the one on the end. This is Angela, and she'll be your cabin mate and finally this is Bella; her cabin mate is Leah, her parents own the camp," Jessica explained.

Leah came out of the cabin and all eyes turned to her. She sized up the new counselors as she walked down the stairs. She was silent as she came to stand in between Bella and Angela. The air horn rang over the P.A. to let them know that it was time to head down to the mess hall for orientation.

"I can help you carry your trunk inside if you want," Jessica offered to Rosalie.

"She recently broke her wrist, she wouldn't be able to lift it," Alice explained as she picked up one end.

"The rest of us are gonna head down. Don't take too long," Leah warned.

"We'll only be a minute," Alice promised.

The girls met up with the boys as they made their down the path. Jacob and Embry fell into step with Bella while Quil lagged behind to talk to Jared and Paul. At the mess hall Bella could tell that the girls were outnumbered as usual. She saw that Mike Newton was back and inwardly groaned. She saw the two guys who had carried Rosalie's things up for her standing with someone else who had their back to her.

Mike came up to her and draped an arm over her shoulders in greeting. She sighed before politely pushing his arm away.

"We are not going to have repeat episode from last year," she warned.

"I promise not to follow you around like a puppy dog this year," he promised with an innocent look.

Bella had to hold back the urge to laugh when he called himself the nickname that Leah had branded him with last summer. Hopefully Jared wouldn't make any of the references that he was so famous for this year.

"Who's your cabin mate this year?"

"I'm sharing with Leah again," she said with a grateful sigh.

"Lucky you; I'm stuck with a newbie. His name is Jasper Whitlock and he's not much of a talker."

"There's nothing wrong with that. Which one is he?"

"The blond; I swear, the dude creeps me out."

"Give him a chance. He doesn't know many people yet."

Mike didn't have a chance to respond because Sue and Harry stepped onto the stage and Harry blew into the mic sending feedback screeching from the speakers. Everyone quieted down and Sue suggested that everyone find a seat.

"For those of you who are new, welcome to Camp Blackhawk. I'm Harry and this is my wife Sue and we are happy to have you here. We want to take a little while to have everyone introduce themselves and explain to everyone else what exactly you'll be doing this summer. We'll start with the front row and work our way back," Harry said as he nodded to Leah.

"Thanks, Dad for throwing me under the bus first. I'm Leah and I'll be teaching any of the kids who need it how to swim and I'll also be a lifeguard. I'll be the one heading up the many camping trips that we will take this summer," Leah said before sitting back down.

Sam, Jared, and Paul were next and they would be manning the clean up crew that the kids would be a part of every weekend. Sam would also fill in whenever he was needed. Jessica and Angela would both be teaching arts and crafts for the younger kids. Embry stood up next then turned to face everyone.

"I'm Embry and I'll be the head lifeguard this year," he said before sitting down.

"I have a question," Jessica said from the next row.

"Yes, Jess?" Sue asked.

"Embry, are you a certified lifeguard?"

"Yep," he said proudly.

"So you can like administer CPR and mouth to mouth and stuff like that?"

"Yes," he said slowly.

"I bet somebody fakes drowning this year," Jessica said mischievously.

The room erupted in laughter and it took Sue a good thirty seconds to get everyone under control again.

"Jake, you're up," Harry said.

"I'm Jake and I'll be keeping the kids busy and make sure that they crawl into their bunks at night wishing that they had never come here. Oh, and I'm also heading up the sports activities with Emmett."

There were a few chuckles and then Bella stood to face everyone else.

"How am I supposed to follow that?" she asked Sue and Harry over her shoulder.

"You know that he likes to show off, just ignore him," Sue said with a shake of her head.

"I'm Bella and I'll be teaching the kids basic cooking skills."

"I have a question," Alice said from the back row.

"Go ahead," Harry said.

"Do you also offer cooking lessons for us counselors?"

"I can."

"Great, than you and I can talk later."

Bella sat down then jabbed Jake in the side, he draped an arm over her shoulders, pulling her to him. She rested her head on his shoulder as Quil stood behind her.

"I'm Quil and I'll be teaching the kids basic survival skills and I'll be helping Leah with the camping trips."

The red head that Bella had seen talking to Alice and Rosalie's boyfriends stood next and he gave them a nervous smile before clearing his throat.

"Is it alright if I speak for Jasper as well? He's shy," he explained to Harry and Sue.

"Sure," Harry said with a nod.

"I'm Edward and he's Jasper, and we'll both be teaching music."

Edward sat down then it was Alice's turn. Bella looked over her shoulder feeling someone watching her as Alice explained that she would be helping Sue in the infirmary. Bella's eyes searched the row behind her starting at the opposite end. Her eyes met Edwards who was sitting directly behind Jacob. She gave him a polite smile before turning around. She could still feel his eyes on her and with it a wave of uneasiness washed over her. Rosalie rounded out the group explaining that she would be working in the coral.

Harry reminded everyone that he would be posting their jobs for the week for the preparation of the camp in the morning before dismissing them. Quil and Embry headed off to the cabins together but Jacob hung back getting the feeling that something was wrong with Bella. They walked back up the hill together silently before he finally confronted her at the fork that led to the guys cabins.

"Is something wrong?"

"It's probably nothing," she said, trying but succeeding in pushing her doubts away.

"What is it?"

"The guy who was sitting behind you was staring at me. Something didn't feel right," she said with a shake of her head.

"Edward? He's my cabin mate. He didn't say much to me so I don't know much about him. He was more interested in unpacking and getting settled in than making small talk," Jacob said with a shrug.

"Like I said, it's probably nothing."

"I'll see you in the morning," he said pulling her to him.

She hugged him tightly and he kissed her forehead before letting go. He waited for her to continue up the hill to make sure she made it up okay before heading up the path to his cabin. He tried to shake the feeling of worry but he couldn't. Bella wasn't the type to worry over something small. He would keep an eye on Edward and if he noticed anything out of the normal he would act accordingly.