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Chapter 1

I'm bathing when I suddenly realize it. It's been two months. I need to talk to Melanie. I know this hasn't happened to anyone for the last few years. She will know what to do.
I dry myself of and I leave for the great hall. It's most likely that she'll be there. Last time I saw her she and Jared were sitting in a corner, laughing about something. I didn't want to go sit with them, even though when Melanie saw me she waved. It seemed too intimate. But then again, it always feels intimate when you're around them, everybody agrees on that. They are so close.

Melanie is not in the great hall though. I try to remember what her task is for today. I'll have to go check the schedule in the kitchen. Jamie's on the other end of the great hall though, I really hope he doesn't see me, I really need to talk to Mel now.

"Hey, Wanda, wait up!"
Of course, he saw me, that boy can really be too observant.
"Hey Jamie, how are you?"
"I'm great! Where are you going? It looks like your looking for someone."
"I am, I'm looking for Melanie, do you know where she is?"
"Of course I do! She went out with Jared this morning. What do you need her for?"
She's not here. If I know Melanie – and I do – she'll be out for the rest of the day. I really wanted to talk to her now.
"Uhm.. It's nothing Jamie, I'll just wait until she gets back."
"You could come with us, we're going to the game room. Sunny wanted to see Kyle play."
"No, Jamie, thank you, I'll go to the kitchen then."
"Are you okay Wanda? You seem a bit distracted."
"I'm fine, Jamie, don't you worry about me. Go play, tell Ian to win for me."

I feel hands on my shoulder and I tense a bit. This body still doesn't know those hands yet, even though I do. I know it is Ian. And right after that little tensing of my shoulders I relax and lean into him. It's amazing what love can do. I feel so natural with him. It's just this body that is still not adjusted. It's been six months since the night Jamie brought us back together. But even those six months have not made my new body accustomed to Ian. We've cuddled, we're holding hands all the time and we share a bed. I know every inch of him and he knows everything about mine. But still this body – my body – seems unwilling to accept his touch. Since I am not, it's no problem. But I wish my body would stop fidgeting sometimes.

"You're going to let Jamie wish me luck? Just come watch yourself." Ian says.
"I was going to bake some more bread. Maybe see if I can help out with dinner."
Ian sighs. "Really Wanda, we all get days off, you know that. Take a day off too."
"I really don't mind. I like to keep busy. Besides, today is not my scheduled day off. And I wouldn't know what to do with my time if I didn't help out."
"Who cares? We all take an extra day now and then. Melanie and Jared took one today. You're just as entitled to it. Come watch me, talk to Sunny and laugh at us. I want to see you have fun."
"Melanie and Jared being out is all the more reason for me not to skip today. There are already two persons missing. What if everyone decides to take an extra day of at the same day?"
Jamie interrupts me: "We do, on the days that Jeb makes us all play!"
"I know, but this isn't one of those days. Really, I enjoy cooking. I'm fine in the kitchen, you boys go."
Ian kisses me on the forehead "Alright, I'll see you at dinner."

He doesn't press me. He never would. He knows I'd say yes for him and he doesn't want that. He wants me to make choices because I want to make them, not because I'm trying to make other people happy. Immediately I want to change my mind because coming with them would make him happy. If I can make him happy, I want to do that. But then I see doc on the other end of the room. And he's heading to the kitchen. I didn't think of him yet, but of course, he can help me out as well. It might even be a better option than talking to Melanie.
I balance up on my toes, Ian leans in and I kiss him and wish him luck. I wave Jamie off and head to the kitchen.

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