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Chapter 30.

It's the strangest world. I never would have thought that this would go well. That it could go well. Humans and Souls living together, having peace. Of course, human emotions flare, not everything goes as peaceful as when it would be only Souls. But we have found a way to live together. To work together.
Six months ago was when we took back the first village for the humans. We expanded since then. With the numbers we have, we have been taking over small villages around us. When we had the right numbers, we could move onto larger villages. It's going fast. The humans want it to go fast. When they were in the caves, when they were in the bunker, living very, very close to each other wasn't that much of a problem. It was needed, surviving. But now, on the outside, the humans want their privacy back, they want their own homes.
For the first two months, I helped in taking back villages. We all went to help, we moved around a lot. And then Ian insisted that there were others who could do it as well. He said I've been helping humans long enough. We should go and settle down. I still wanted to help, but I liked the idea as well, so we decided to stay in this city. Kyle and Jodi live just a few houses a part from us, Ian and I are glad to have the company of them. Jamie is living in a house here as well, we all keep an eye out for him, even though it's not really needed anymore. Jared and Mel technically live with him, but they are still going to other places, taking back the world for the humans.

Even before I physically feel him touching me, I feel Ian's presence behind me. I'm standing on the balcony, looking at the view, Ian throws his arms around me and I lean into him. Both of his hands rest on my belly.
"My two loves." He whispers into my ear, making me smile.
When Ian wanted us to settle down, we talked.

Sitting on the couch with Ian, in our home, it feels so good. I dread the idea of having to leave again. As if he knows what I'm thinking about, Ian starts to talk.
"I think we should stay here."
I sit up straight and look at him.
"I think this is where we should stay, we should settle down. You have done enough to help now. Sharon and Doc chose a place to stay. Kyle and Jodi decided to stay in this city. I think we should stay here as well, I'd like to stay close to Kyle, Jodi and Helen. I'd like our kids to grow up together."
Our kids? What does he mean?
Ian knows I'm confused, he senses my questions.
"This, this is the world I want to see my children grow up in Wanda. I've got the best Soul there is. We are living together in peace. I want our children to experience that. This is where and how I want to build on a family. A family with you."
I don't answer him, but I don't need to. Ian knows how I feel. Even more so, I show him how I feel.

And so here we are, in a few months we will welcome our baby into this Strangest World.

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