hey people , first of all thanks for even checking out this story , i am sorry that the summary sucks but hey , i am only 12 , so please dont be too harsh. i dont believe in love at first sight , sure there can be attraction but love? no , so don't expect the story to get a mushy and fluffy very soon .the first few chapters are pretty much like the book and the real story starts at chap 6. I suggest you read it from the start to actually understand the character but its up to you.


"Primrose Everdeen "

I was feeling miserable, weak, unable to protect her. It was like I had forgotten how to breathe, to speak. I just stood there motionless, unable to assimilate what had just happened. No, there has to be a mistake, there is no way that this can be happening, didn't I do everything possible to protect her. This was her first year, only one slip. Her slip was one in thousands. The odds were entirely in her favor. But it didn't matter, her name was called out

I see her walking towards the stage, the color was drained from her face, and her plush pink cheeks were now pale. I see the little duck tail hanging out from the back of her blouse which was once mine, how we had a laugh about it this very morning. It was this little detail that brought me back to reality.

"Prim!" a choked voice comes out of my throat. I run toward her as she is about to mount the steps. I push her back as hard as I can.

"I volunteer! I volunteer as a tribute" I gasp

There is confusion going on and I hear murmurs and whispers around me. District hasn't had a volunteer as long as I can remember. Don't get me wrong , people do volunteer for the hunger games , but that is in districts where winning the hunger games is a big honor , in wealthy districts where they actually train the children and later compel them to volunteer . Not in the districts like district 12 where tribute is a synonym for the word corpse. Over here, volunteers are all but extinct. The only person who still seems happy is District 12's very own escort, Effie Trinket. She must have been happy to finally have some action around here after being stuck with the poorest district in all of Panem

"I believe we have a volunteer, as a matter of fact district 12's very first volunteer "she chirps in her unusually bubbly voice. "C'mon up here "

As I walk towards the stage, I can hear Prim's cries "No Katniss , No! You can't go! Please Katniss" as she wraps her skinny arms around me

"Prim, let go "I say harshly, by this point I can see tears forming in my eyes. I have never been harsh to prim, never, not even once. I remember her face this morning, as fresh as a raindrop, as lovely as the flower she was named for. I had promised not to let anything happen to that face.

"Let go Prim!" I say more harshly this time

I try my best to maintain a emotionless face and it is not easy as I see Prim bawling and thrashing in gale's arms. I try my best not to cry as this will only show weakness , as this will only mark me as an easy target , not only to my own district but to everyone in Panem , even my fellow tributes . I brace myself up as I climb those steep stairs, one at a time.

"What's your name dear? " Effie Trinket asks like she is talking to a little puppy

"Katniss Everdeen " I say in a stiff voice

"Ooh, I bet that was your sister. Wouldn't want her to steal all the glory don't we "she seems more excited now that she found Prim was my sister

"Let's give a big round of applause to our newest tribute and our very first volunteer!

Katniss Everdeen "

No one claps; there is utter silence throughout district 12. The only sound that I can hear is of the birds distantly chirping near the mountain forest, the same place where I was with Gale just this morning. How I wish I was there even now , far away from this mess , too far for the capitol to control , but then who would have volunteered for prim , my heart aches as I imagine prim competing in the hunger games against those well trained careers .

But Effie Trinket pays no attention to this as she quickly moves towards the glass bowl to pick the boy tributes name .i don't even have time to wish for Gale's safety as the reaches to podium and reads out the name

"Peeta Mellark "

Oh no, Not him , I recognize this name . First, I had to volunteer in Prim's place and now I am competing against the boy who had saved us from starving when my father had been killed. Slowly, I start drifting away into the memory, when I was lying against the tree. No! I tell myself this is certainly not the time for you to remember the past. surely, out of 23 other tributes , someone would kill him before I have to .

But after all the odds haven't been very reliable of lately .

After a short, bitter meeting with Prim and the others at the justice building. We board the tribute train, which is by far the most luxurious thing I had seen in my entire life. I quickly get ready and go to the dining room to have supper just remembering to put on the mokingjay pin given to me as a district token. Throughout the meal Effie keeps telling us to save space as there is more to come but I pay no attention to her since I have never had this good food and I probably want to put on a few pounds before the games.

We go to another compartment to watch the recap of other reapings . We manage to watch the reapings held in district 1and 2 live since they hold the reapings in the districts nearest to the capitol the last so that all the tributes reach the capitol at the same time. A few of them stand out in my mind

The tributes from district one do not seem a threat but I know not to underestimate them as they probably careers like everyone else from district 1,2 and 4. The girl is like a little princess doll possibly of my age while the boy is quite lean and not that well-built but then again I should not underestimate them.

District 2 looks quite prepared. a small brunette shorter than me is called . At first I feel bad for her. She looks like she is just 13 or 14 but I soon see the callous glint in her eyes I know that she is prepared. Then there is the boy tribute who lunges forward to volunteer. He looks rather similar to peeta really only more athletic, muscular and striking. He has a cold and unemotional glint in his eyes which is telling everyone to stay away.

There is also a fox-faced girl from district 5 with glossy, sleek red locks and a sly expression from district 5 she honestly doesn't look that much of a threat but that sly expression is still imprinted in my mind

Most hauntingly, from district 11 is a 12 year old girl with dark brown skin and eyes and an innocent childlike face but after all she still was a child. The male tribute seemed quite strong and huge he had the same dark brown skin and eyes only he was much older maybe 17 or something like that.

The night passed much more quickly than I had expected probably because of the soft, feather like beds or because I was too tired to even stay awake.

I finish my breakfast, literary stuffing down the delicious delicacies kept it front of me. We wait for Haymitch , our mentor and the only district 12 victor alive to give us the "precious life saving advice " most mentors give their district tributes . as soon as he came in I realized that I despised Haymitch . No wonder district 12 never stood a chance, it was not entirely because of the lack of training of other facilities, some of them were strong enough to come in the top 8 at least . but he's the reason why we don't get sponsors, they must have expected someone more classier to deal with like Enobarnia with her golden teeth form district 2 or Finnick Odair with his charm and great looks from district 4 not Haymitch an middle-aged man who who drunk most of the time or always smelled like liquor .

"You're our mentor, you're supposed to give us advice " I say trying to get his attention from his liquor bottle to us

"Here's some advice, Stay Alive "he says and bursts out laughing

I look at Peeta , unexpectedly he takes the glass from his hand and flings it on the floor . After a bit of action haymitch looking genuinely surprised says

"well, What's This ? Did I actually get a pair of fighters this year "

From that moment onwards he takes the job of training us quite seriously.

We arrive at the capitol, the ruling city of panem a lot earlier than I expected. the cameras didn't lie about its grandeur , remember I was telling that the tribute train was the grandest thing I had seen in my life ?, it looked nothing compared to the capitol , comparing it with the capitol was like comparing coal to a sparkling diamond . So this is it I thought , no point of turning back , I had arrived at capitol , sure the journey was more lavish than anything I had ever experienced but I couldn't shake the feeling off that I was a pig for slaughter . From this day forwards there was only one purpose for my living – dying for the entertainment of the capitol , but I wouldn't let them do that I thought in my mind I would put a fight in front of them I won't be an easy kill and I would try my best to win for district 12 , for my mother , my Gale and most importantly for Prim