Authors Note: I've just got into the Dotty Universe and this idea suddenly popped into my head. Its playing more towards AU, so Dom and Mia's father is still alive (though issues will ensue if it becomes more then a one-shot). Letty is still a family friend but still very independent and bunks at with the Torettos every now and then. Enjoy!

There's not much about the history of the "Toretto's", some say the origin is Italian, some say Greek or Spanish. So I just made them an Italian based family.

Present Age: Dom 21, Letty 19, Mia 18, Vince 21


Dominic Toretto slowly made his way upstairs to his room of his four bedroom home. His father, Tonio Toretto had been called up north as a consultant for an up-coming racer. That meant one thing in the Toretto household, booze and racing. Dom was currently 21 years of age, he was 6 foot and built like a tank. His upper torso consisted of rippling muscles and 0% body fat, while his lower half was fit to hold his larger build. He had changed within past few years, his curly hair was shaved, face more stern and attitude more mature.

Going to prison could do that to a man. He had been sent to Lompoc Federal Correctional Complex for beating a guy in one inch of his life. The man had had almost killed his father, collided with his car to get ahead in a drag race. This caused Tonio's car to flip several times before landing in a metal heap on the border of the track. Tonio was lucky to climb out of the car before the gas tank exploded and suffered 2nd degree burns.

He was hospitalized for a few weeks and the Driver, Linder, was put on suspicion tell further notice. Though, that didn't stop Dom from seeking him out and beating the shit out of the mother fucker. From that point, it was a world wind of emotions and events. Dom was arrested, trialed and sentenced to 4 years in prison. But for 'good behavior' he was out by two and paroled for a year. He had just ended his parole about three months ago and was enjoying the 'real' taste of freedom.

His father had been disappointed with him when he had returned home and had schooled Dom several times within the year on his temper. Dominic knew that it was necessary, he was a little older, a little wiser and wasn't planning on ever going back to prison.

He was banned from the track, due to his transgression and had turned to street racing as his way to blow off steam and have some fun. It didn't take long to be named 'King of the Street'. The party was just another celebration for his team and their many winnings. They had made up to 20G's and added three new cars to their stock.

Dom opened the door to his room and sighed as his eyes landed on a very drunk and passed out Vince Trevor snoring on his bed. Vince and Dom and been friends since third grade, and took up living with the Toretto's around high school when his family life got too much to bear. He was like a brother to both Mia and him. The guy was around the same height as Dom, scruffy hair and beard with blue eyes. Dom was slightly bigger than him but when it came to 'dead weight' Dominic was no match.

The Italian gave annoyed sigh as he shut his bedroom door reluctantly and turned to the bedroom across the hall. He opened the door and peered inside to see Mia, his sister, laid exhausted on her bed, still in her clothes from the party earlier. She was Dom's younger sister by three years, a firecracker and very beautiful, just like their mother, Vittoria Toretto. She was tall and lean with long black hair and tan skin. She was a splitting image of Vittoria and a all out hottie, much to Dom's dismay. He had found out quickly after being released that he was destined to play the ever watchful guard dog. Vince and him had made her love life their business.

On the floor next to the bed lay one of Mia's 'girl' friends. Angie...or was it Alicia..Anna, whatever. She had probably stayed over because she was too drunk to walk home...maybe. There were numerous of times when Mia's friends would 'accidently' slip into his room to 'accidently' fall on his dick. He had that affect on a lot of the opposite sex, all expect one. Leticia Ortiz.

Dom closed the door to Mia's room before glancing at the room down the hall. He could easily crash in his dad's bedroom, but something made him hesitate. Letty was a year older then Mia, which put her as the mediator between both siblings. There was even a time when the crew thought she had a mild crush on Dom, of course back then, she was more of a nuisance then love interest.

She had started to hang out with the Toretto's because of Mia's attachment to her. Though Letty was a grade older then Mia, she grew found of the girl in school and they became best friends over night. At that time Letty was 14 and had made a name for herself of being the 'tough tom-boy'. For the longest time the only girlfriend she had was in fact Mia Toretto.

Dom remembered her being a thin odd looking girl, with piercing dark-brown eyes, her hair was usually in a pony tail and she wore large size clothes. He also remembered how extremely annoyed Vince and him were, when she weaseled her way into the garage. Not only was she a tough tom-boy, but her main interest were cars and FAST ones. She lived a few blocks away and would normally come around the house to hang with Mia.

Not much was known about her family life until the next year. One day she had came in wearing a very large black t-shirt and her regular baggy jeans. To both boys dismay, Tonio had allowed her to work part time in the garage a few months after she turned 15. Dom remembered Letty scurrying in and quickly putting on her coveralls. She had gave a brief greeting and went to work. Thirty minutes in, Dom noticed that her hair wasn't in its usual messy bun and had joked about it getting snagged near the engine she was working on. He had walked over to her and moved her hair out of her face to find her left eye swollen black and having a split lip.

Dom and Vince had immediately saw red, it took Mia and Letty to calm them down. But ever since then, Letty has had a permanent room at the house. Her offender, which was her mother's current boyfriend at the time, had fled before the cops had time to arrest him and hadn't been seen since. Letty tended to stay at the Toretto's house, but would occasionally go to her mother's house to see how she was doing.

After the incident, Dom and Vince had been more keen on Letty and her actions, that is, until he was sent to prison. Once he got out, the little annoying 'sister' was long gone and had grew up into a stubborn, tough, knockout with knowledge of cars. Dom had to admit, she was his kind of woman.

Dominic rubbed the back of his head nervously as he stopped at the entrance to her room. He knew that he had no business standing at her door. But he blamed the relaxed state of his psyche, the beer he consumed and his over confident personality. Dominic Toretto wanted Letty Ortiz, he wanted her badly. He knocked on her door loud enough for her to hear. After a few seconds he could hear light cursing before the door cracked open.

A glaring sleepy faced Letty appeared through the cracked door. "Christ Dom, what the hell man?"

Dom couldn't help but give a smirk, her hair was a complete tangled mess, but she still looked hot. "Sorry. All rooms are taken...can I crash?"

The small Latina huffed as she rubbed her eyes, she opened the door wider for him to slip in. Dom smiled triumphantly to himself as he slipped into the dark room. The only light entering the bedroom was from the moon outside. Dom noticed her room was a few degrees below the houses humid temperature, it felt cooler and less humid. Maybe this was a good idea...

"Don't fucking think that I'm changing just because you're in the room," he heard her say before she brushed past him. Dom was about to respond back when he caught a glimpse of what she was wearing, or lack thereof. He watched wide-eyed as she crawled back into the bed before shoving the comforter roughly to the end. Her hair cascaded down her tanned back as she went to lie on her stomach. Even through the dark tresses, Dom could see that she wasn't wearing a top, all she wore was boy-short underwear.

Dom couldn't help but flex his hands a bit as he tried to get a grip of his emotions. He cleared his throat before taking off his white wife-beater and getting into bed next to the hot Latina. The ceiling fan seemed to calm his nerves, he took a deep breath before facing Letty's half-naked body.

She was laying on her stomach with her arms propped up to cradle her head. Through the space he could see a bit of a soft mound that was her breast pressing into the mattress. Dom sucked in a breath as he willed his eyes to close.

An hour later Dom woke up with a start. He was slightly sweating and his heart was pounding hard in his chest. This was normal thing to Dom, ever since prison he would have trouble sleeping and would find himself waking up in the middle of the night. It was out of habit and usually didn't occur when he had been drinking. Dom closed his eyes as his body started to relax slowly.

"Nightmare Papi?" asked a clear voice to the right.

Dom turned drowsily towards Letty, "It's not a big deal," he shrugged.

He could see her frown in the moons light. She reached up and placed her hand on his cheek, "Always the tough guy..."she murmured.

Dom casted his eyes down, "Not always."

Letty's hand moved from his cheek down to his neck, she gripped hard and pulled him toward her. Dominic obliged showing a slight resistance as he came closer to her face. "Want to talk about it?" she

Dom lightly shook his head, prison was never something he wanted to talk about. His gaze was still down and he found himself looking at a pair of full tan breasts. He unconsciously licked his lips and turned away. "I should go," he said beginning to turn away.

"Why?" came her response," It's not like you haven't seen a pair of tits before?"

Dom chuckled turning back to her, her hand was still on the back of his neck and slowly pushing him closer in her space.

"I haven't seen your tits..."

Letty gave a playful glare."Well, then you should be honored."

Dom glared back. "Why is that?"

The Latina gave an sly grin. "Well, first of all their real and 100% skank free. Like I said you should be honored. This will probably be the last time you get to see a good example."

Dom couldn't help but laugh. He took the statement as a challenge and he knew a flirt when he saw one. Dom placed his hand on her curvy hip before roughly pulling her towards him. "What makes you think this will be the last time?"

"Oh Dominic Toretto, I'm not that kind of girl. You can hit it and quit it, but I'm the Queen of the Streets and it's just another notch on my belt. So once were done, it's not likely to happen again," she replied.

Dom looked at her slightly astonished by her statement. Sometimes he couldn't believe how 'butch' Letty really was, it was sexy, but Dom wasn't going to sit back and listen to her trash talk him. He slipped his other arm under her torso and pulled her closer. Her breasts were lightly touching his chest.

Before Letty could respond with another comment, Dom attacked her mouth with his. The taste of her was intoxicating and he slipped his tongue in her mouth, intertwining his with hers. She let out a soft groan before he was pulled down half way on top of her. His hand moved from her hip to caress the underside of her breasts and it moved lower to her stomach. He separated from her mouth before moving on to her neck, as he licked and bit to her shoulder. His hand rested on her warm center and he caressed it lightly through the fabric. He kissed her lips again and withdrew with a sloppy 'pop' before smiling down at her. "Your nice and wet."

Letty glared. "Fuck you," she bit out.

Dom found himself chuckling again. " Be careful what you wish for," he responded.

The Italian rubbed her clit through the fabric for a few seconds before bypassing the cloth and dipping his index and middle fingers inside her warmth. He heard a light feminine moan come from her throat, but her eyes were closed and face in complete bliss. Dom didn't think Letty realized she made the sound. He smiled proudly to himself as he continued pumping in and out of her opening, while sucking and lapping her breasts. His thumb would brush along her clit every now and then causing her back to arch and moans become louder.

He pulled his fingers out of her wetness, know that her orgasm had been delayed due to his withdrawal.

"Dammit man!" she huffed arching her hips.

"Don't worry I replace them with something bigger," he assured her.

Letty eyed him curiously with a innocent smile. "We'll see if it's the biggest I've ever had..."

Dom froze as he looked at her with surprise. He knew Letty was no virgin and truthfully he felt some possessive protectiveness towards her when it came to men. He had bitterly looked the other way when it came to her love life and was sure she hid most of her partners from Vince and him, but when his pride was on the line, then it got personal.

It took Dom under 15 seconds to yank off her underwear, position himself and plunge in. Much to his satisfaction he had drew out delicious noises from her the whole early morning. He continue pumping in and out, sometimes rotating her hips and changing his angle of penetration. They ended up going a few rounds, with orgasm after orgasm. It was pure bliss.

Dom woke up slightly flinching when the sun hit his eyes. It was still early morning and he was lying in a well slept bed, sheets were crumpled around him and the comforter was on the floor. To his disappointment, Letty was nowhere to be found. He sighed as he gazed at the ceiling. The sex had been something that he never could imagine. She had felt perfect, her body molded with his like it was destined, like she was made for him.

Dom caught his thoughts as he tried to process the strange feelings that seemed to emerge in his chest as he thought about the nights activities. It wasn't just the sex, it was her. He thought his curiosity would be tamed by their multiple intercourse's, but it seemed to do the opposite. Dominic still wanted her, but not just her body, he wanted EVERYTHING. Her mind, her body, but mostly her heart and the thought scared him.

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