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Notch 9: 'L' word

The hot sprays of the shower was soothing. Letty was grateful for the moment of relaxation. She was tired, irritated and in need of a good romp. She needed Dom. But he was being difficult as usual and Letty was being forced to bring out the big guns. The Latina had tried to wait out his actions and wait for him come to her, but it was now close to three weeks and she realized that she needed to make the first move.

Dom moved into his apartment in Hollywood several days ago and the house hadn't been the same ever since. There was a deafening silence, no booming voice to yell at her to wake-up, no one to fight over the last remaining bits of breakfast. Everyone seemed to feel it, just no one said anything.

Letty turned off the shower faucet, reached for her towel on the rack and started drying off. Today she had to be diligent and relentless. She needed to knock some since into the man and also make him feel secure. She exited the bathroom quickly and headed to her room.

She dropped the towel and started putting on her undergarments. She chose a white v-neck shirt and tight blue jeans. She left her hair down to air dry. Letty grabbed her brown leather bound wallet and placed it in her back pocket. She slipped on brown sandals and snatched her keys before heading out the door.

It was pretty early in the morning, around 7:30am. Letty had received Dom's new address from Leon at the start of last week.

A Week Ago

She heard the loud engine of Dom's Mazda exiting the driveway, before revving off down the street. There was a hollowness between Dom and Letty nowadays, sure they were civil to each other during work and around the family, but Letty was getting tired and frustrated at him ignoring her. He seemed like her Dom, but without the lasting looks, playful flirting and wild sex sessions.

"Dom moving out was unexpected," commented Leon as he looked suspiciously at Letty.

The Latina pulled herself from the engine she was currently working on and wiped her sweaty brow.

"I agree."

"So you didn't know?" Asked Leon slightly surprised.

Letty tried to relax her body, but she could feel her frame become tense at the comment. The Latina shrugged before biting her lip and throwing down a greasy rag on the engine. She could tell that Leon wasn't buying her act.

"You guys break-up?" He asked showing concern.

"I really don't know," began Letty.

"What do you mean, you don't know?"

"Look man, I don't want to talk about it."

Leon eyebrows went up, he crossed his arms. "It's stressing you out, Let. I wanna help."

Letty paused before grabbing the greasy rag on the car engine. "You know his address?"


"Will you give it to me?"

"Of course! But why don't you have it?"

Letty shook her head and inspected the engine. She left it at that, but she could tell Leon wanted answers.

"If you need to talk, I'm here, Let."


Letty seemed to be getting the pity look from the whole crew lately. It hadn't started with Leon, and expanded to everyone else. Letty was getting fed-up with the attention. They all knew something was amiss between Dom and her, they just wanted to know what. But if Dom was keeping his mouth shut, then so was she.

Letty was in her car in minutes and driving through the empty streets of Los Angeles. She cruised into Hollywood, barely noticing the streetwalkers she passed on Hollywood Boulevard. Dom's place was located surprisingly near West Hollywood.

She figured he saved money from the races to get the place. His apartment building looked very expensive. It was a bit cluttered, like all of L.A., but very clean and well groomed. The place was definitely for the financially secure. Mia and she had been impressed when they first saw the place.

Two Days Earlier

"This is insane," complained Letty as she leaned her forehead on the driver side window of her Nissan.

"No, this is what happens when you don't tell me what's going in your life," answered Mia smartly.

"He's your brother! I didn't think you would want to know how many sex positi-"

"Stop, stop!" Yelled Mia holding up her hands, "I meant emotionally."

"Oh," said Letty pausing. "There hasn't been anything going on emotionally for me to tell."

"Now, that's a load of bull."

"Mia! I'm serious," began Letty, "Don't you think I would've told you if something was up? I mean, you know how I get about emotions, let alone relationships."

Mia rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "You're so oblivious to situations Letty. You don't even KNOW you need help tell it's too late."

"Wait, what? Then how is this my fault when I don't realize-"

"Because you bury your emotions in that stubborn, bad-ass persona, until you can't even recognize that you have a problem."

Letty sighed. "Is that why your brother is not talking to me?"

"I'm sure it's a part of it. I can't believe he actually said the 'L' word."

Letty couldn't help but flinch. Every day she couldn't help but dwell on what happened that morning in her head. It was starting to become the worse memory thus far in her life. The day that she may have lost the love of her life.

"There he is," whispered Mia.

The Latina's heart skipped a beat as her eyes focused on Dom's figure. He was walking across the street, clearly clueless that Letty and Mia were watching him. He wore a pair of jeans, with a white wife-beater and a light cotton shirt over it. Damn he looked good.

"Fuck he's hot," murmured Letty to herself.

Mia scrunched her nose in disgust. "Keep that sorta talk in the bedroom please," she whined.

"What bedroom? I haven't had sex in weeks."


"What? I'm too sex deprived to care."

Mia just shook her head as she watched her brother continue to cross the street. In his arms was a brown paper bag full of what looked like groceries.

"You need to get him off guard," began Mia, "That way, you'll have the upper hand."

Letty's eyes stayed on his retreating form until it disappeared into the building. "The morning," she said.


"Yeah, your brother won't see it coming. I'm pretty sure the shock of me standing outside his door will be enough."

Mia turned to her friend, a sympathetic look on her face. She was upset when Letty finally told what had happened between Dom, but was happy to help. The younger girl was a true romantic and would help any way she could.

"My brother is such a baby," she muttered to herself.

"Yea, he is."

The young girl gave a Letty a sly smile. "You are too sometimes."

All she got was a steady glare and dead silence at the comment. Mia combed her fingers through her hair. "Why don't you just jump him? Since you're SO sex crazed."

"I'm not sex crazed," defended Letty, "I just haven't got any in a while."

"Then jump him."


"Why not?"

"I thought we weren't talking about stuff like this when it came to me and your brother."

Mia just shrugged. "I changed my mind. Just have sex with him and he'll forget the whole thing. Make-up sex is the best."

"Because you're such an expert?" Asked Letty raising an eyebrow.

"Oh please," answered Mia, "Men try to do it on us all the time when shit goes down. So try it on him."

"That's ridiculous, Mi."

"Don't diss it until you try it."

"I think the situation is a little more complicated than just having sex," said Letty looking grim.

Mia looked a little skeptical but kept her mouth shut.


Letty wished that this was as simple as Mia made it out to be, but it wasn't. It was a whole ball of complication and something Letty needed to resolve. She climbed up the stairs to the fancy apartment building. The inside was starch white, with natural light coming from large windows along some of the walls. The place had a very modern feel to it and instead of it looking too sterile, the light brought openness to the space.

She already passed by several doors along the quiet hallway. She walked by a door that read twenty-one and could smell a faint aroma of cooking berries. Letty moved on a few feet until she stopped in front of a door reading twenty-three.

Taking a deep calming breath, Letty straightened herself up and firmly knocked on the door. She could hear subtle movement coming from the inside. As she looked down, Letty could see a faint shadow coming from under the door's small crack. It swung open.

Letty thought she was ready, but she really wasn't. The door swung opened to reveal Dominic in loose cotton pants that hung low on his hips, he was topless and holding a blue toothbrush in his hand. Being without sex could do crazy things to a person and Letty was no exception. Her eyes appraised the well muscled body before her and she unconsciously bit her lip.

The Latina's thoughts immediately went to Mia's solution. If sex would resolve this, then she would give that idea an enthusiastic shot. Her eyes dragged back up to Dom's face and caught him giving her the same appraising look. Dom licked his lips before locking his eyes with her brown ones.

At that moment Letty let her plan of talking fly out the window and launched herself at him. Dom seemed to be on the same channel as her, because he dropped his toothbrush and caught her body as it slammed into his. Once they made contact, their mouths instantly linked together and tongues battled fiercely.

Letty's legs wrapped tightly around Dom's hips. The force of her jumping on him made them collide backwards into the wall adjacent to the open door. Dom turned around and braced her against the wall. He grinded his hips slowly into her pelvis as he nipped and sucked on her lips.

Dom woke up that morning feeling lonely and mentally exhausted. He's dreams had been filled with just her, his Letty. All he could think of was her touch, her smell and it was driving him mad. The man had stayed away from her since that fateful morning. He had left to help with O'Connor and been avoiding her for a good week to clear his head. Rejection was not normal for him.

After the week passed, Dom was going to confront Letty about that morning and also try to salvage their relationship. But she seemed slightly guarded and acted like things were normal, so in return he acted the same way. It was stupid on his part. Dom should have just cornered her and talked about things, but instead he ended up trying to move on.

Dominic had been looking at apartments for a while, even before things with Letty. He never really took moving out seriously until now. This seemed like the opportune moment to make the move. It wasn't like he was getting any younger and the whole Letty ordeal had him for the first time very depressed. What he really needed to do was clear his head.

Dom tried very hard to clear his emotions. He still hung out with the boys, Vince, Leon and Jesse. The Italian even went to a few parties, but found himself shying away from girl's touches. He was officially ruined, the only girl he wanted in his bed was Letty.

Just like so many other days, Dom woke up to an empty bed and many regrets. He went to the bathroom, washed his face and brushed his teeth. Dom was just about to put his toothbrush on the rim of the sink, when he heard a knock at the door.

It was his lucky day. There she was, his girl Letty Ortiz, standing defiantly in his doorway. Dominic was surprised to see her, but also very relieved. In a blur of emotions and movement, he found himself pressed against her hot body.

"Fuck, Let, I've missed you," he murmured into her mouth.

Dom didn't complain when she hurtled herself at him, he was half expecting it. That look she gave him said it all and they'd been away from each other for so long.

"You have a funny way of showing it, jerk-face," came her reply.

Dom pulled down the right sleeve to her shirt. He knew he was stretching it and that the Latina wouldn't appreciate him messing up her clothes, but for now it looked like she didn't care. His mouth moved down to the curve of her neck, collarbone and the soft hills of her breasts. Dom nuzzled her chest softly and nipped at the soft skin.

"You're the one that ran off first remember," he said.

Dom heard the woman under him let out a long sigh and his face was suddenly cupped in her hands. She tilted his head up so they were making eye contact.

"I know, Dom," she began, "And I'm sorry."

Dom couldn't help but clinch his jaw a bit. It was over yes, but he still was hurt at the action. "Why did you do it?"

Letty turned her head to the side and her hands came behind his neck. "Dammit, Dom, I don't know. It was stupid automatic response," she answered.

Dom seemed to ponder over the answer but said nothing. Letty gave out another loud sigh, she knew that answer wasn't going to cut it. "Fuck," she began again, "Look, I'm an insecure little girl when it comes to this sorta thing and I know I act all bad-wolfish, but sometimes things are too much to handle."

"And what I said was too much," Asked Dom tensing up.

"No! I mean yes, I mean...ugh, that moment was too much. I didn't know how to react, so instincts just took over," she answered. "But I never didn't want you. I mean, you should have seen me in the bathroom once I register what you said. I was grinning so hard I looked like the fucking Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland."

Dom chuckled at the comment, which caused Letty's tense body to relax against him. He leaned into her closer and placed his forehead on hers. "So you're okay with the 'L' word?"

Letty let out a snort. "Geez, you talk about it like it's some sorta curse word."

"Well the way you reacted, I thought it was."

Letty frowned and pulled her head away. "What about you? Why the fuck have you been avoiding me?"

"I only avoided you for the first week-"

"ONLY the first week? That's mature."

"Hey! I needed space," countered Dom raising his voice a bit. "I was hurt, Let."

They both became quiet. Letty squeezed her legs tighter around his waist. "What about the other weeks?" She asked quietly.

Dom shrugged. "You seemed not to be affected by it, so I acted like I wasn't either."

Letty could help but laugh, she shook her head. "We're kinda dumb, yah know that right?"

Dom cracked a smile. "Yea."

They both leaned into each other and instead of a wild fevered kiss, they pressed their mouth together softly. Letty opened her mouth automatically and allowed Dom's tongue to slip in. They kissed and sucked at each other. Letty moved her hips in a slow rhythm as Dom leaned more into her opened legs. Dom broke their heated kiss and moved his lips from her chin, down to her neck.


"Yea, baby?"

He sucked along the skin of her collarbone, which caused Letty to shudder. His hips moved in synch with her rocking.

"Fuck, could you stop for a minute?" She asked weakly.

She didn't get an answer, but Letty had a feeling that he was grinning from ear to ear. "Why?" He asked after a long pause.

"Because I have something to tell you." She answered quietly.

Dom quickened his pace. He could feel her legs tighten around his waist. Letty let her head fall back to the wall, as she panted lightly, the pressure in her abdomen was building.

"Wait one second," whispered Dom, still rocking his hips toward her center.

Letty shook her head slowly as the pressure kept building up. Dom rocked steadily into her

hips, increasing the spark that was spreading through her body. She felt his lips suck the pulse point

on her neck. It was her undoing. Letty arched her back as the rush overtook her. The orgasm coursed through her body, and she shook uncontrollably from the sensation.

"Fuck," she whispered.

"That comes later," replied Dom with a hint of amusement in his voice. He adjusted Letty's weight in his arms as he moved her from the wall. Dom buried his face in her cleavage.

"Dom, I have to tell you something."

He seemed to not care and kept smothering his face in her chest. "Mmhm," he said with a muffle voice.

"Dom, I need-"

"I need you too."

"No, I meant-"

"Let, you need to stop talking and just let me fuck you."

The woman growled before roughly grabbing his head and tilting it up so she could see his face. "You fucking moron! I swear if you interrupt me again, I'll give you a busted lip. I've been trying to tell you, that I love you too!"

Dom was frozen in place at her confession. After a few moments of silence, Letty thought she may have to punch the man to snap him out of his stupor. She was about to comment, until a goofy grin appeared across his face.

"You love me, Let?" He asked, his grin growing.

Letty just rolled her eyes and turned her head to the side. She couldn't help but match his grin. "Yea, jerk-face, I love you."



Dom belted out a laugh. "Now I really want to fuck you."

Letty just shook her head. Dom walked over to the still open door and kicked it shut before heading into another room. It was a bit larger than his old room, with a king-size bed in the middle. He dropped her on the bed, before moving his body over her.

"I love you too, Let," he paused, "Now we just need to talk about you moving in."


Dom chuckled. "After a few rounds babe. Then we can talk about it."

"And what if I say 'no'?" Asked Letty with a playful smirk.

"At this point, I don't really care. I'm riding the high right now, babe."

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