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Warnings: hinted shoujo-ai/ hinted light femslash (neither actually occur, it's just what people think), some language, Fem!Ichigo.


"Harry" Native language spoken (English in the UK, Japanese in Japan)

"Harry" Native language thought/emphasis on a word in narrative or speech

"Harry" Foreign language (Japanese in the UK, English in Japan)

"Harry" Foreign language thought

"Harry" Shiro/Zangetsu in Ichigo's mind


Prologue: New Relations, of a Sort

One day, when Harry was around the age of five, the Dursleys received a piece of male from Japan. Apparently the adopted Evans sister had died and they were invited to her funeral. Petunia dithered, but ultimately decided that they should attend, if only to keep up appearances in case anyone else heard. Of course they brought Dudley with them, to "widen his horizons." Harry stayed with Mrs. Figg.

When the Dursleys returned, they brought two other children with them. These were the son and daughter of Harry's aunt-not-by-blood, he learned.

Petunia had been closer to this not-sister than she had to Harry's own mother. There had been frequent conversations about this woman in previous years, speculating on her children, husband, and job. These new cousins were therefore better cared for than Harry himself. That the eldest, the son, was of age and ready to begin working full time may also have aided in their better treatment.

While the siblings lived at Privet Drive, Harry's workload decreased with the extra assistance the young girl, Orihime, gave him in the garden. In order to ensure that nothing seemed amiss, Harry was given more food and opportunities to play during this time. He would play with the shy girl, even though she was more than a few years older than him.

All too soon, the siblings departed for Japan, once the eldest had secured himself a job.


The two siblings did not return for the next few summers, but soon another letter came. Again it bore the sad tidings of the death of the eldest, Sora. The young girl wished to remain in Japan with family friends instead of moving to Britain, but the Dursleys and Harry were still invited to the funeral.

This time, Harry was permitted to attend with the Dursleys, since the young girl who had managed to touch the hearts of the Dursleys specifically asked for him. So they left.


The airports were busy, loud, and slow. The time spent in the plane felt longer than the ten hours (1) that it was, especially with Dudley constantly complaining. Soon though, they reached the terminal, were permitted to disembark, claim their luggage (which Harry was forced to carry the most of), and hail a taxi to deliver them to the hotel.

Check in was relatively easy, as no shouting was required on the part of Vernon, and they hurried to their rooms to change. Dudley of course required his own room, with Harry on the floor.

Quickly, the Dursleys found their suits or dress and moved to the bathrooms to change, leaving Harry to find the darkest, best fitting clothes he packed. While searching in his bag, which held more than it appeared, Harry discovered a white dress shirt, black slacks, and dress shoes that all looked as if they would fit him. He didn't remember packing these clothes, but shrugged if off, thinking that Petunia might have snuck them in so he didn't embarrass the Dursleys at the funeral.

Dressing quickly, he waited by the door in Petunia and Vernon's room for the Dursleys. Suddenly Vernon barreled in.

"Where did you get those clothes, Boy?!" Vernon shouted.

Harry, immediately surmising that Petunia had not give the clothes to him, did the only thing he could do that would still permit him to attend the funeral. He lied.

"Sora bought these for me when he and Orihime lived with us. He though I would grow into them and insisted that a man needed at least one good pair of clothes."

Vernon observed Harry though squinted eyes, trying to determine if Harry was lying or not. Given that Vernon still hadn't discovered that most of Dudley's tantrums were faked, Harry wasn't too worried. Also, Sora had taken a liking to Harry, much to Vernon's displeasure.

Deciding that Harry was probably telling the truth, Vernon turned back to the bathroom to hurry Petunia along.

Dudley soon arrived, looking for all the world like a stuffed pig in a costume. It wasn't complementary.

Finally Petunia finished, courtesy of Vernon "rushing" her ("Honestly dear, I must look my best. Who knows who will be there!").

The group tromped to the elevators and was soon directed to a cab, which the front desk had called for them at Petunia's request. They settled for a short ride to the nearest train station, since it wouldn't do for Petunia to ruin her hair, and boarded the next train to Karakura, where Orihime had lived with her brother.

As the train began to move, Harry starred blankly at the scenery flashing past the window as he sat alone at one end of the train car. Vernon had ensured that Harry, despite his dress, was to be associated with the Dursleys by not means whatsoever. Insurance in the event something "freakish" happened.

The gentle sway of the train coupled with the monotonous, "katan-katan, katan-katan…" of the wheels on the track lulled Harry to sleep with visions of his auburn haired cousin.

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