Warning: yaoi (boy x boy), bondage, dirty talk, risk of nosebleeds, and other erotic play.

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"Mmmhh. C-corporal R-rivaille." I moaned as he started to nip my neck harshly. I was sure he was going to leave marks. The corporal and I managed to get some alone time together and at the moment we were making out in a rarely used storage closet. The corporal brought his lips to mine again. I moaned as he shoved his tongue in my mouth. Our mouths fiercely fought for dominance actively trying to the claim the other. Teeth feverishly nipping and making territory, hot breath heating our cheeks, moans and grunts filling the room. There was no space between our bodies as we grinding against each other trying to create some kind of friction. Hands reached and groped clothing, limbs, anything to claim the other.

I was in pure ecstasy.

Corporal Rivaille reached down and rubbed my crotch roughly as he bit down on my neck.

"Haahh." I moaned. I heard the sound of the corporal's pants unzip.

"Eren you know what to do." I nodded and crouched down until I was face to face with the corporal's crotch. My hands reached over a fished out the corporal's cock. It was already semi-hard as it sprung out in front of me. 'The scent is so strong and intoxicating.' I thought as his scent filled my nostrils.

"Mmmhh." I moaned as I licked the sides of the corporal's cock, wetting it so it could go in mouth.

"Fuck Eren you've sure gotten better at this." His face was twisted in pleasure. My mind was too preoccupied as I was sucking on the corporal's head. My eyes were closed as my senses took in more of this amazing feeling. Suddenly, the corporal grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat. My eyes widened as my throat tried to adjust to the size of his cock.

'So big. My jaw feels as if it's going to break.'

"Relax Eren. It's time you learned how to deep throat anyway." He said as he prevented my head from moving. I struggled to control my breathing as my mind started to go blank. My eyes rolled back in my head as he started to move my head against his cock. I looked up at him and he smirked at me.

"I love that look on you Eren. It looks like me fucking your throat has caused your mind to go blank."

'I can't breathe.' I moaned. My head was spinning. My tongue moved against his cock as he thrusted deeper into my mouth. I wanted more...no I needed more. I reached down to unzip my pants; the tight feeling brought me discomfort. I started to stroke my cock as I sucked the corporal's cock harder. He finally let go of my head. I began to deep throat him on my own while my other hand reached up to play with his balls. He groaned. I looked up at him with hazy eyes and could feel my myself get harder just looking at him. His face was flushed as he panted and looked down at me.

'My body is heating up like crazy just sucking the corporal's cock.' I thought. My asshole started to twitch and feel neglected. My legs were trembling as I felt the corporal's cock throb in my mouth. I desperately wanted his semen inside me, and I sucked harder as I felt him getting ready to come.

"Ahhh! I'm cumming!" 'Yes please cum deep in my mouth!' My eyes widened as the corporal dumped his load down my throat, and I came on my hand.

'Wow so much cum is gushing out from his cock! It's so think and warm.' I moaned as I struggled to swallow all of the corporal's cum. He pushed my head back against him.

'I can't swallow it all! It's too much.' I felt the corporal cum inside my mouth again as his semen dripped out of my mouth. I couldn't let it spill...it would be rude to let it spill in front of my master.

"Drink it up Eren!" My mind was foggy as I just let my mouth become a hole for him to continuously cum in. All I could think was how my stomach was full of the corporal's cum and how it tasted so good. I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled my head back trying to hold it all in my mouth. My body was weak as my face fell to the floor into a puddle of the corporal's cum. I didn't move as I heard the corporal zip up his pants. He pulled out his handkerchief and wiped my face. Eventually, we finished cleaning up the mess and I went back to my room to wash up a bit. As I finished changing into another uniform, I heard a knock at my door.

"Come in!"

The door opened and I saw it was the corporal.

"Hey." He said as he closed the door and sat on my bed.

"Don't you think the others will think something is going on since we're always never there at the same time?"

"Pfft. Like I care what the others think." I smiled at him.

"Well we can't just sit here. I have cleaning and training to do and I'm pretty sure that mountain of paperwork I saw earlier in your office isn't going to do itself."

The corporal flopped back onto the bed and whined. "But I don't want to do it." I walked over to him to try and pull him off but I ended up being trapped in a hug as he pulled me down with him.

"Ummm...C-corporal R-rivaille?"


"Would you mind letting me go please?"

"No." I thrashed around to try and get out of the hold but realized my attempts were futile. He smirked as I glared at him.

"Alright I'll do it on one condition." I knew this wouldn't be good.

"W-what is it?" He chuckled evilly and I regretted even asking.

10 Minutes Later

"U-uumm C-corporal R-rivaille?"

"Yes Eren?"

"Don't you think this is going a bit far? I mean look at me!" My face was red with embarrassment.

"Oh come on Eren you look great." He smirked as he looked at me from the comfort of his desk.

I felt mortified. The corporal decided to dress me up in a maid's outfit. Where he managed to get it from I'll never know. It was black with a white lace trimmed apron and a bandana. My hands struggled to pull down the very short, black skirt that was fringed with soft, white lace. Somehow I knew this was no regular maid's outfit and was made for other purposes that cleaning. However, the short skirt wasn't the most troublesome. No. It was the fact that the corporal instructed me to wear lacy panties and stockings that unnerved me the most. The corporal's devilish gaze along with friction from lace made my body feel even more sensitive as I grew hotter.

"Eren come closer, I want to get a better view of you." He said. I gulped and slowly walked to him. As I walked, the friction between my cock and the thin underwear grew causing me to grow even more aroused. My nipples grew harder with every stride and rubbed against the gentle fabric. My body tensed with anticipation as I stopped in front of the corporal's chair. I could feel his eyes running up and down my body as if he was a predator eying a savory piece of meat. The uneasiness I felt my the dress feel even more constrictive and my breaths grew shorter. My heart raced as I felt like I was on display for everyone to see. Then, the corporal lightly brushed his fingers over my stockings. I couldn't help but let out a soft moan.

"My, my, aren't we sensitive right now. Eren?"

"Y-yes m-master."

I just stood there as Corporal Rivaille raked his hands all over my body. He knew just where to touch; every spot that drove me wild, and he violated every one of them. I tried to hold back a groan as the corporal snaked his hands up the back of my thighs. The thinness of the stockings provided little protection from his caresses as his nails dug into the fabric. I gasped as his hands gripped my ass, molding and squeezing my cheeks in his warm hands. With every touch, it felt as if the dress clung tighter to me. My body was growing feverish with want, and the panties felt tight against my cock as I pressed myself against the corporal.

"Ahh...m-master." I moaned as the corporal stroked my groin. The friction caused more pre-cum to leak and I could feel my dress and panties sticking to my cock.

"Eren." He sighed as he looked at my with lusty eyes. We resumed our heated kiss as he pushed me back onto his desk, paperwork scattering everywhere.

"You do realize you're going to clean this up?" He whispered in my ear.

I chuckled. "Of course but first there are more pressing matters that I have to tend to." I said as grinded myself against his groin. He groaned and pushed me back against the desk. I gasped as the corporal swiftly pushed my legs up.

"Hold them." He commanded. My hands wrapped around my legs to keep them in place as the corporal pushed my panties to the side and stared at my asshole. The corporal began to lick my puckered hole before pushing his tongue inside. My soft moans filled the room as the corporal's tongue stroked my insides. My face grew redder as the corporal's lewd groans filled my ears as he gripped my ass, pushing his tongue in deeper. He gave my ass a quick smack after pulling his tongue out.

"On your knees Eren." He commanded. I slid myself off the desk and onto the floor.

Then, he pulled me into a deep kiss; however, this one was different. It was filled with passion and want rather than lust.

"Eren, I need you." He whispered to me.

"M-master I-" Then there was a knock on the door. Our eyes grew wide as we quickly broke apart. Although, the corporal ended up dropping me back onto the desk.

"Ow you could be a bit more careful." I said as I rubbed the back of my head.

"Sorry. Quick hide under my desk while I clean this up." He commanded as he rushed to pick up papers and organize them neatly.

There was a knock again. "Corporal Rivaille are you in there?" We both recognized the voice. It was Mikasa. 'Damn it why does she have to ruin everything!'

My legs quickly moved until I was safely curled under the desk and the corporal sat in his chair. I looked up and noticed his cock was still exposed.

"C-Corporal! Zip up your pants!" I whispered loudly.

"No it's my office and I'll do what I want. So I want you to suck me off." My eyes widened at his request.

"You can't be serious? You want me to give you a blowjob while Mikasa is in here." He looked down at me and I froze when I saw his expression. "Nevermind."

"Sorry come in." He responded. The door creaked open as I heard the sound of Mikasa's footsteps as she entered the room. The door closed.

"What can I do for Mikasa?" The corporal said as he pretended to do paperwork. I reached up and stroked him as he tried to keep his composure. My lips wrapped around the sides of his cock as I licked and sucked on it.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you, but have you seen Eren?"

"No I'm sorry I can't say that I have. He might be off cleaning somewhere." I could tell the corporal's voice was strained as he tried not to groan. 'This isn't enough.' I thought as I became turned on sucking his cock. My hands reached down to stroke my cock as I bobbed my head, bringing more of his cock into my mouth. It wasn't enough. I wanted the corporal in me right now! My hands carefully wandered over to the corporal's file cabinet and pulled out a dildo he keeps in there when we play in his office. I quickly wet the dildo with my mouth and positioned it at my entrance. I held back my mewls of pleasure as I slowly pushed it in. Their conversation became deaf to my ears as my mind focused on increasing my pleasure. As my hand grew tired, I adjusted my body so I could ride the dildo while I continued to suck the corporal. Pleasure surged through my body every time the dildo filled me to the hilt. I could feel myself and the corporal getting closer. My body tensed as we both came; I struggled to swallow his load so I would not make a mess. As I calmed down, I started to hear their conversation again.

"Oh ok then, but corporal I do have one more thing to say."


"I want you to stay away from Eren." My ears shot up and my body became still from what she was saying.

"I don't exactly know what you're talking-"

There was a large slam as her fist hit the desk. My body started to tense. "Don't play dumb with me! I know exactly what you two are doing and I want you to stay away from him!" It was quiet for a moment as I waited for the corporal to say something.

"Hmpf. What makes you think Eren would want to stop?"

"Because I've known Eren longer than you have and I know he would never do this on his own."

"You really underestimate him. He wants this and actually begs for it most of the time." The corporal chuckled.

"That's a lie!" Her hands slammed on the desk.

"I wonder Mikasa are you upset by the fact that I'm doing these things to Eren. Or are you more upset that he wants me instead of you." She was quiet.

"I know you don't love him the way I do."

"You don't know that."

Her voice became harsh. "If you do anything to harm Eren I don't care if you are the Lance Corporal, I WILL end you." She moved away from the desk and promptly slammed the door. I crawled out from under the desk.

"That was close." I sighed. Suddenly, the corporal lifted me up and slammed me back onto the desk.

"C-corporal what're y-" He silenced me as he smashed his lips against mine. My hands gripped onto his jacket as we made out.

"Damn it Eren. Why do you always do this to me?" He said in between kisses.

"W-what do you mean?" I yelped as he ripped my panties off. He flipped me over and positioned himself at my entrance. Moans came out of our mouths as he pushed himself into me. His slow, strong thrusts made me even hornier as I pushed my tongue deeper into his mouth. His moans grew louder as he picked up the pace. His desk creaked under us as he moved faster.

"Gahh!" The sound of flesh slapping together, moaning and grunting, and wood creaking filled the room.

"That's it. Moan for me Eren. Moan you little bitch." His words turned me on even more as my hole tightened around him. Then, he stopped and pulled out. I whimpered from the lack of contact.

"Don't worry Eren. I'll give you more." He flipped me over. My legs rubbed together and my ass was raised as my body begged for his cock.

"You look anxious? Do you want something Eren?" I nodded.

"Tell me what you want?" He whispered in my ear as he grabbed my hips.

"Master please fuck me more!"

I cried out in pleasure as he slammed into me again. The thought of entering me slowing didn't register in his mind as he pounded into me quickly. I moaned with every thrust as I left fingernail marks on his desk. As his movements became more sporadic, I could tell he was close.

We were frozen in that position, as we tried to catch our breaths. The corporal pulled out, and I gasped as he pulled me into a kiss. My arms wrapped around his neck as I pulled him closer. It was so unlike him to be so passionate. To be so gentle. To be so caring. I was shocked by what he said next.

"Eren...I love you." My eyes widened as I processed what he said, still in disbelief.


"I. Love. You."

"I-I love you too." He noticed the surprised look on my face.

"Is something wrong?" He looked concerned.

"N-no. I just thought you would never say that." I said as my cheeks grew red. He smiled softly and I smiled back and leaned in for another kiss.

We both got dressed (I put on normal clothes this time) and he decided to stay because he had more paperwork to do. As I left, I smiled thinking about what the corporal said to me.

'He actually loves me. I never thought he would say that.' As I thought about this walking down the hall, I realized part of my 3D gear was missing.

'Oh maybe I left it in the corporal's office.' I turned around and as I got closer, I heard two voices in the hallway then nothing. I turned the corner and saw Erd and the corporal...kissing. My body froze. My mind went blank. And my only reaction was to run. I didn't know where I was going, nor did I care. I just wanted to get away, away from everything. I tried to ignore the tears streaming down my face as I blew past everything in my path.

Why did this happen? I thought he cared. I thought he loved me.

Nothing mattered now as I ran out into the pouring rain and into the forest. My heart was broken and I was alone.

To be continued...

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