Title: Endure
author: Cindy Ryan
spoilers: Into Darkness
pairing: Spock/Uhura

Lieutenant Nyota Uhura opened her eyes reluctantly as her alarm went off. She ordered the lights which had come on automatically at full power to dim. It'd been fourteen days since Kahn's attack. After a series of debriefs the crew of the Enterprise returned to aid the drydock crew in repairs. Today was tuesday and a ordered day off. By coincidence it also happened to be Uhura's birthday.

Snuggling back under the covers Nyota turned to face the man sharing her bed. Lightly Uhura traced Spock's right cheek. The half-Vulcan slept undisturbed by her touch. Uhura knew the science officer was exhausted even though the Spock would never admit it. He'd been through hell they all had but Spock especially had suffered so much the last few years. Losing his mother, his home and most recently watching his best friend die.

Even now, days later, it still scared Uhura the raw intensity she'd witnessed on that garbage barge. Spock had been so caught up in grief and anger that he was oblivious to everything around him. Uhura knew saying Kirk's name was the only thing that got Spock's attention. They'd come so close to losing their friend, their captain that day.

Uhura hadn't had the chance to thank Dr McCoy. It was his idea that had saved Jim. That idea had in turn saved the man she loved. Uhura knew that if they hadn't been able to save Jim that Spock would've done his duty. Would have honored his captain's memory and continued on with a career in Starfleet.

Spock stirred in his sleep causing Nyota to draw back. Time with Spock like this was precious. When it was just the two of them. Days off together were even rarer. Uhura nestled against the pillow and pulled the blanket tighter around a few minutes Spock's eyes opened and his gaze met Nyota's.

'Good morning.," Spock greeted.

Uhura entwined her right hand with Spock's being careful of the bruises.

''Morning."Nyota responded.

"What time is it?"Spock inquired.

"Early and our day off."Uhura pointed out.

"I also remember today has another meaning."Spock stated.

Despite herself Uhura smiled."I didn't think anyone would remember."

Spock glanced down at their joined hands briefly before meeting Uhura's gaze.

"My mother once told me that life goes on despite the hardships. That life endures the bad and embraces the good which should be celebrated."Spock said quietly.

"That's lovely."Uhura replied. "I just don't feel right celebrating."

Spock nodded. "It is your day and you should do as you wish."

"Thank you."Nyota acknowledged as she rested her head back on the pillow.

"However,"Spock began. "There will be a young Russian Ensign who will be very disappointed if you miss the surprise party."

"Surprise party?"Uhura repeated. "Spock!"

"It was not my idea and at first Chekov did not wish to continue with his plan."Spock explained. "I indicated that it might be good for the crew to have a distraction."

With a shake of her head Uhura smiled. "You do, huh?"

Spock raised an eyebrow but remained silent. He freed his right hand and moved it to caress Uhura's left cheek. Uhura leaned into the half-vulcan's touch.

"Alright."Nyota relented. "One party won't hurt."

"Happy Birthday."Spock whispered as Uhura felt her eyes drift closed.

Spock removed his hand and settled back against the pillow. Uhura felt him pull her close to his chest before sleep claimed her once more.