A Real Smile

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"Do you have the rings?" The wizard asked.

Ginny handed the wedding band embedded with rubies and emeralds to Hermione.

"Draco, you bullied me constantly for four years yet I never hated you. I would pity you because you bullied me for an outlandish reason, but I didn't know that it's true what they say –boys will pick on girls because they like them. I saw you as the arrogant bully for years until one day you saw me crying and you comforted me, and we became friends, and I fell in love with the bully that used to torment me to hide the fact that he loved me. You are an incredibly brave man, well, for a non-Gryffindor." She smirked and the crowd laughed.

"You threw away your future, defied your father and betrayed your beliefs to fight on our side. It took some time, but people eventually saw you as the man you are, and when the war ended the whole wizarding world saw it. You are a brave, intrepid, war hero. You stood by me during the war, and in times of trouble you came to me, speaking words of wisdom. I love you for that, and for always being there for me. I love your ambition and cunning, and your courage. I love how we can have a conversation for hours and not get bored, and you never cease to surprise me. I love your beautifully kind heart, hidden deep down; I love everything about you." She slipped the ring into his finger.

"I guess your vision came true." She muttered to him.

"Actually, I pictured it being held in the other garden." He smiled and she laughed. She glanced at her parents, both had been ecstatic when Draco proposed, and were now smiling fondly. As was Narcissa, Lucius couldn't make it as he was in Azkaban –for which everyone was glad.

"I will always love you, and I promise to be there for you to put a smile on your face." She said louder, letting go of his hand.

Blaise handed the ring to Draco.

"Hermione, when I first saw you, you were sitting on the Hogwarts express – reading of course." Everyone chuckled. "I regretted not going in there to talk to you, and then you were sorted into Gryffindor, so I knew you wouldn't want to be my friend, then I found out you were a muggleborn, and my father would never approve of me wanting a muggleborn for a friend. So I taunted you, but instead of upsetting you, you would argue back and I was surprised at how strong you were. I admired you greatly especially after you hit me in third year." A ripple of laughter went through the crowd.

"That day was when I realised I was in love with you, and I hated myself because you would never love me back and it was my fault. I saw you at the Yule Ball, you looked like an angel and I couldn't take my eyes off you. Even when you cried I couldn't help but look at you, I didn't even blink as I watched the beautiful weeping angel. I was angry at Weasley for making you cry but I was angrier at myself for the times that I made you cry. All I wanted to do was to apologise for everything I did to you and you did more than forgive me, you became my friend and I was so happy that you didn't hate me. Then you told me you loved me, I will never forget that day, I swore I would protect you and always be there for you just as you were for me. You held my hand throughout the war, even when you were away. When I felt like giving up I would look at my ring and I would be reminded that you were counting on me and I would never want to let you down. The thought of you kept me fighting, it kept me alive."

"I love that you are always there for me, even if you're miles away. I love your outstanding courage, your kindness, your ability to forgive, your wit; you always manage to keep up with my remarks. I love your amazing personality; I love everything about you –even that monster on your head, which looks alright today." He grinned and she glared at him as he slid the ring onto her finger. "I don't deserve you, but I promise to always love you and make try to make you as happy as you've made me."

"I now pronounce you bonded for life." The wizard raised his wand over the couple's heads and a shower of silver stars fell on them, spiralling around their entwined fingers. "You may now kiss the bride."


"Draco, come here quick!" Hermione called.

"What happened?" He rushed into the room, looking concerned.

"Scorp just smiled!"

"Really? Is that normal?"

"Actually no, babies generally start to show full smiles when they're about 12 weeks old."

"But Scorp's only 7 weeks old."

"Exactly, he got there early."

"Of course." He rolled his eyes. "He'll be just like his mother, an annoying overachiever."

"You're just jealous, and I'm not an annoying overachiever!"

"Yes you are." He said, kissing her. "But you're my annoying overachiever."

She smiled at him then glanced over his shoulder. "Draco, look!"

He turned around and saw his son staring up at him with grey eyes, he had adorable wisps of curly blond hair on his head, and a large smile plastered on his face. Draco heard a click and turned to see his wife holding a muggle Polaroid.

"I'm framing it and putting it next to yours." She informed him with a grin. "I think his is actually much better."

"Take that back, Granger." He mock glared.

"Why don't you make m-mmpff" He silenced her with a kiss; she could feel him smiling against her lips –the special one he reserved just for her.

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