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Leo and Drew padded through the woods in a very awkward silence with the occasional comment from Leo who was trying unsuccessfully to keep the conversation going , on his fifth attempt Drew finally lost her patience. She didn't want this was a daughter of Aphrodite her job was to break hearts and Valdez's seriously needed breaking.

"Look Leo I don't know or care why you are suddenly acting like a love sick puppy. What ever happened at the supermarket was a fluke I don't want anything to do with you. Got it!" Drew tried to smirk at the look on Leo's face but for some reason the tugging on her heart made her feel guilty. But that guilt turned to worry as Leo started to shake and breath heavily through his nose what the hades was happening to him? All the malice and cruelty washed out of her in a second she could practically see the heat coming off him and the fact that his hair was starting to smoke.

Reaching out she put a tentative hand on his shoulder but he jerked back and glared at her still shaking. "Listen drew" he said with a hint of anger "I don't want anything to do with you either I don't have a choice I'm trying to make your life here happier than at camp if you dont want to accept it that's your problem not mine." With that he stalked of into the woods still trembling. Biting my lips I spun round and marched back to the campfire.

Leo's POV

As soon as I knew she was out of sight I phased into my wolf form letting out a huff I started to run the southern perimeter venting my anger with a snarl on my face.


(Seth- italics)

Be careful Leo or your face will stay that way when the wind changes. Seth's teasing voice said

Hey Seth…

So that fight back their was awkward.

You heard!

Yep but it was just me Brady wanted someone to check you weren't getting it on with his cousin. And from what I saw you were far from it.

I snorted Gee thanks Seth, I thought sarcastically

She'll come 'round bud . Seth said trying to comfort his pack mate, when you tell her about the Shapeshifting stuff

I have to tell her! Came Leo's panicked voice

Umm yeah…. But I'm sure she will understand.

Yeah right Seth she'll find a shot gun from somewhere, Leo said

Probably Charlie, Seth thought cheerfully. RACE YOU! He suddenly yelled his gangly wolf legs taking off into the woods.

Putting all thoughts out of his mind Leo chased after Seth.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Camp Halfblood

Nico's POV

I watched from the shadows as demigods filed into the pavilion waiting for the Chiron's announcement the aging centaur stepped into the centre of the room

"We have a report from Lady Artemis' hunters about a large monster army starting to form we do not know the leader but I need all demigods to attend training and prepare for the upcoming battle in eight months' time." He said eyes hard as he dismissed the camp.

Great another war Nico thought bitterly as he made his way to his cabin he shared with Hazel when she stayed at camp HalfBlood. Walking to my bed and plopping on his bed he thought about Valdez and how weird he sounded (Yes Nico had been eaves dropping on the phone call, maybe he'll pay a visit to La Push see how Leo's doing. With that thought he slipped into sleep.

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