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Takes place in Season 4, after the return of the Astrolabe and before episode Instinct so there's no H.G pretending to be normal and hooking up with some stupid beefstick just so see can make his daughter her own, however Leena is alive and well so that makes this a little Alternate Universe like.

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"Myka! Watch out!" Claudia screeched out as she, Pete, and H.G watched in shock just seconds before the resident tech geek's latest artifact neutralizing gadget exploded covering Myka and the antsy shelved artifacts with purple goo. The area around Myka snap, crackled, and fizzed in a shower of white light causing Pete, Claudia, and H.G to cover their eyes and take cover behind a warehouse shelf. Slowly Claudia peeked up to see if the sparks had ended and grinned sheepishly when she came eye to eye with a shocked looking Myka. "Well that could have gone better," The younger woman stated as she moved towards her latest gadget to investigate how and why it malfunctioned.

H.G, worry etching her face, quickly brushed past Pete and Claudia to stand before Myka, slowly she reached out and placed a hand on the other agents arm causing her to jump and turn her bewildered look on Helena.

Pete cringed at the look on his partner's face. "Uh Claud, I thought you said that thing was safe?"

"It's a prototype ok! I'm still working on it." The techno wiz stated as she tinkered with her little goo gun on wheels.

"Myka, darling are you alright?" Helena asked gently as she thoroughly looked her wife over for any injuries, her hands carefully brushing goo and sticky brown locks away from her lover's eyes.

Myka still had yet to open her mouth, her brain working on overtime to figure out what exactly was going on. "Y-yes, I'm fine." Her hands shook as she brought them up to wipe goo from her face and attempt to get her bearings back. The last thing she remembered was being in some antiques shop in Tucson, Arizona on artifact retrieval with Helena.

Helena carefully reached up and cupped her wife's face causing the taller woman to freeze and look into look at her nervously, the shorter woman lovingly brushed her thumb across Myka's cheek wiping a blob of goo away. "Love- you're giving me a bit of a scare, you don't look alright." Helena whispered as she pulled Myka's face closer to look deeply into the eyes she'd come to adore.

The taller agent's eyes widened in mild horror at Helena's close proximity and she pushed Helena away like she'd been burned causing the other woman to give her a shocked look. "W-what happened? Where am I?" Myka stuttered out as she put her hands up and backed away from Helena, a look of utter worry and confusion blanketing her face.

Claudia's head snapped up and she looked at Myka like she had three heads, slowly she spun on her heeled boots to face the two women. Her eyes quickly flashed to Pete, who gave her a very hard scowl, and then to Helena, who merely shot her a look of mild terror, before landing back on Myka. "Mykes, you're at the Warehouse. We were neutralizing some artifacts when my gooey R/C Rover went boom."

Myka pinched the bridge of her nose and strained her brain to try to sort out what the hell happened and how to she went from being in Arizona one minute to the Warehouse the next with no memory of the time between. "I know where I am but how did I get here," she growled in frustration as she ran her hands through her sticky hair in hopes of causing some memory to come back.

The English agent stepped forward in attempt to take her clearly distraught wife into her arms but was harshly shoved away by said woman causing her to stumble back a few feet. She shot Pete a look that screamed for help, her heart pounding in her chest and her fear escalating. Quickly Pete stepped forward and grabbed Myka by the shoulders jolting his partner out of her thoughts. "Mykes, what's the last thing you remember?" He asked gently, the grip on her shoulders softening and his comforting eyes boring into her own.

"Being in Tucson with Helena; tracking down John Wayne Gacy's clown costume. Then everything went black." She explained frantically, her gaze shifting back and forth in confusion her head scrambling for the bits and pieces to put together.

Behind the two agents Helena's eyes grew wide in realization and her breathing hitched, absolute terror flooded through her veins like Artic ice water. Her body trembled as she took a step back from the group, her own mind now running a thousand miles per hour. She raised a shaking hand up to clutch the locket that still hung around her neck. Shaking her head to get her bearings she pushed aside her worry and brushed past Pete to take Myka in her arms much to the taller woman's dismay. "Myka, my darling you had a bit too much excitement. I think it would be best to get you home to relax." She said almost forcefully as she took her wife's hand and attempted to pull her towards the exit.

"Helena stop," Myka said loudly as she yanked her hand from the other agent's grasp and shoved the woman away. She looked between Helena and her partner in confusion before settling on Pete for answers. "What's going on, Pete?"

"I believe the clear answer is that you've been whammied, Mykes which means we need to find the artifact and fix this. That way you can stop shoving your wife around and get on with the happy marriage stuffs." He stated in assurance as he turned to H.G and Claudia for confirmation.

Claudia nodded before bending down and picking up her R/C car and tucking it under her right arm. "Yep, we'll head up to Artie's office and figure out what's got you all wacky then we'll make it all good as new."

Myka shook her head in horror and held her hands up as she slowly backed away from them. "Whoa, whoa! Wife? Marriage? What the hell are you talking about, Pete? I'm not married and if I was it certainly wouldn't be to a woman!" Her eyes bounced between Claudia and her partner then barely ghosting over an anxious and pained looking Helena.

Pete raised a brow and took a very hesitant step towards Myka. "Mykes, we're gonna figure this out so just calm down. It's the artifact it has you confused and not thinking clearly. We're gonna figure this out so you and your wife, H.G here, can get back to the happy life in the Warehouse." He spoke gently so not to over whelm his partner anymore than she currently was.

"What!" Myka practically screamed as she turned her horrified green eyes to Helena who stared down down at her boots, her eyes looking anywhere but the woman she loved. "I am not married to Helena. None of this is right, it has to be an artifact...possibly one that sends a person to alternative reality or maybe locks them in their worst nightmare." The curly haired agents reasoned to herself as she attempted to rack her brain to figure out what she could have come into contact with just before she appeared here in the Warehouse.

Helena's head whipped up and she locked horribly pained brown eyes on Myka, her chest tightened- her heart feeling as though it was literally ripped in half- tears began to burn her eyes and she fought back a pained sob. Did Myka really think that being married to her was a nightmare? Guilt began to wash over her old English body as the reality of the situation began to sink in.

"Ok and that is how we know you've definitely been whammied," Claudia stated with wide eyes.

"No guys I don't feel 'whammied'. I feel like me only with memory loss or maybe just in the wrong reality."

"Uh Mykes clearly you've been whammied or something has messed with your memory cause the last thing you say you remember happened over five years ago and you just said being married to H.G was like a nightmare." Pete explained delicately as he moved closer to Myka almost like she was a caged animal.

The curly haired agent shook her head vainly; absolute confusion whirled around in her muddy brain- every now and then a flash of a memory appeared in her vision causing even more confusion. "I'm not affected by a memory artifact, Pete it's something else!"

"She's right," came a calm hard voice from behind the agents causing them to whip around and look at H.G in their own confusion. "She's not under the influence of an artifact…anymore." Pete, Claudia, and Myka stared at Helena in clear confusion and the fringes of anger.

"Ok for future reference to everyone; never place a water related artifact near the box of original movie Gremlins they do turn into Spikes and attack." A dark spikey haired woman Myka had never met before stated as she rounded one of the Warehouse shelves with Steve in tow.

"Yeah, those things really are nasty." Steve added as he rubbed what appeared to be a cut on his left forearm. "And next time I want inventory with Claud, Cullen is legitimately crazy." He shot this fellow warehouse agents a look of utter horror as he pointed to the 'crazy' woman.

"Hey now!" Came the simultaneous response from Claudia and Cullen. "Nobody is crazy in our line of business, Jinxy." Claudia retorted with a glare towards her best friend before giving Cullen a sympathetic smile to which the spike haired woman returned with a wink of her own.

Myka continued to watch everything happen around her in complete confusion, she ran her hands through her hair in attempt to calm her anxiety and quell the headache that was stirring in her overly stressed head. "Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on? And who in the hell is that?" She demanded as she pointed at Cullen.

Steve pursed his lips and glanced at all the agents around him in shock. "Ok guys what did we miss?" He asked hesitantly.

"I think the best person to answer that is our dear fellow agent H.G Wells," Pete stated anger beginning to lace his words as he turned his protective eyes on the woman next to him.

Helena sucked in a breath and wrapped her arms around herself, anxiety coursed through her old English body and a stabbing pain erupted in her heart. "Myka has been under the influence of an artifact for the past five years…an artifact I knew about from the beginning and chose not to neutralize."