Chapter Twelve - All is Lost

Tuesday, 2nd of November 1981

4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging


The shriek of Mrs Petunia Dursley mingled with the wails of the baby boy, wrapped in a bundle of blankets, left on a doorstep, and jolted awake from a peaceful slumber.

"Petunia! What's going on?"

Wordlessly, Petunia pointed to the infant on the doorstep. Her fingers were trembling.

"What the bloody-"

Petunia did not answer, she merely stood, shaking, in the doorframe.

"Well we can't just leave it there. Pick it up, maybe there'll be a note. Then we'll call the police."

Petunia Dursley picked up her nephew - she didn't know it was him yet, but she had her suspicions - and carried him at arm's length into the living room.

The baby was crying now, properly crying.

"SHUT UP!" Vernon yelled at him, but that only made it worse. Petunia pursed her lips and picked up the tot. "Shhh," she muttered, rocking baby Harry whilst holding him at arm's length. That seemed to work, he certainly calmed down. Suddenly, Petunia gasped.

"Vernon! There's a letter!"

Vernon pulled the note from the blankets and waved it open with one hand. He held it between them, so they could both read it, and Petunia placed the baby down on the chair beside her so she could read it properly.

Dear Mrs Dursley,

I'm very sorry to burden you with this responsibility, but it is with very great reason that I do so. I am very sorry to say that your sister, Lily Potter, and her husband James were murdered on the night of the 31st of October. I'm sorry you have to hear the news this way, but I don't think that you and your sister were exceptionally close, so I doubt you would have heard it by other means.

A wizard widely feared in the wizarding community, known by the name of Lord Voldemort, murdered them. He attempted to kill your nephew, Harry, but failed, vanishing in the process and leaving Harry with the scar as you have probably noticed on his forehead. However, I do believe that he will come back, and at that point, Harry will not be safe.

That is why I have come to you. The reason Harry is still alive is because his mother died to save him. Her blood protection lies in his veins. And as you share Lily Potter's blood, this is where he will be best protected. Until he turns seventeen, he will call your house home. I trust him in your care, please look after him as though he is your son.

You may not want him, you may try to get rid of him - I do hope this is not the case - but remember what you said to me all those years ago, Petunia, in your letter. You wanted to be involved in my world in some way - if there is anything I can do, were your exact words - and here is your chance. Look after Harry like a son - I will provide a small payment for your help each month - and he will help the wizarding world out. You will be doing us all the biggest favour - the thing you wanted to do all those years ago. You also should not shy away from telling him about his past.

Harry should go to the local primary school, but he will be going to Hogwarts when he is old enough, that is to say, when he turns eleven years old. You'll receive a letter then to tell you the details.

Another letter will be with you shortly to tell you about Lily and James' funeral, as you will undoubtedly wish to come. I am not aware of any other family that Lily has, but if there is anyone in particular that you think should be there, who is not of the wizarding community, I would very much appreciate if you could let them know.

Kind regards in this time of tragedy,

Albus Dumbledore

Petunia was white and shaking when she finished the letter.

"He can't -" she whispered.

"Bloody cheek!" Vernon exclaimed. "He'll have to go off to the orphanage, of course. You agree, don't you darling?"

"I- I- can't. We'll have to keep him, Vernon. He'll pay us - and we won't tell him about his - abnormality - but he's- he's my nephew, we have to keep him. The neighbours - they'll talk... I can't- I just can't believe it-"

Petunia dissolved into sobs. Vernon, mistakenly believing that the tears were over Harry, pulled her into a hug and patted her back awkwardly. "It's okay, Petunia darling, we'll stamp all that nonsense out of him, he'll be grateful, the neighbours will see how generous we are, we can use this to our advantage..."

But Petunia wasn't really crying over her nephew's arrival. She was crying over the death of her sister, her only blood-relative - with the exception of Dudley, of course - left. The woman who loved her so much, and she'd treated so badly in return.

Later, the sadness would turn to anger as she resented the fact that they boy left on her doorstep was better than her own son. But it would be a good few weeks - perhaps months - before that happened.

Vernon was already dressed for work, and Dudley was throwing a fit in the next room, so as time ticked past, the Dursley's got up and tried - and managed, to a certain extent - to get on with their perfectly normal, average, boring, lives.

Somewhere in Camden, London

It had been hours since Sirius left Manchester, and now he wasn't just cold, he was exhausted. The room he had found provided only restless sleep, and he'd got up early - at around half seven - to make the most of the day. It was around one o'clock now, judging from the sun in the sky. He was nearly there, hopefully. Sirius had checked in at Peter's mum's house, and she'd redirected him here. But unfortunately, the directions were by foot, and that was four hours ago. Sirius recalled his conversation.

"Hi, Mrs Pettigrew, have you seen Peter around?"

He kept his voice even, not giving anything away.

"Sirius! Long time, no see, dear! And so early in the morning as well! What brings you here?"

She was still in her dressing gown, it couldn't have been much after eight o'clock.

"I'm sorry it's so early," he began. Mrs Pettigrew waved off his apologies.

"I'm looking for Peter. I meant to catch up with him last night, but I was rather late, and he'd left by the time I got there. Thought he might have dropped by here."

"He did, as a matter of fact! Oh! I expect you've heard the sad news then." Tears sprung in her eyes. "James and Lily were always so kind to Peter."

Angrily brushing away tears, Sirius replied "Yes, I have. Bit of a shock. He was my best mate. And now Harry-" He broke off.

Mrs Pettigrew patted him sympathetically on the shoulder. "I know, dear. I know. And Peter was here late last night, in fact. He never said exactly where he was going to go. I presume this little muggle pub, the Hollyburn Tavern. I don't know how you get there, exactly, or indeed if he's still there, but it's in London, or at least near it, if you follow the signs for- ooh, let me see, I have it written down somewhere..."

Fifteen minutes later, Sirius was thanking Mrs Pettigrew and leaving the house with some toast and the name of the pub on a little piece of paper.

It was the little piece of paper that kept him from going insane. He'd scrunched it up and his sweaty palms had made the ink run, but he'd memorised it. One foot in front of the other, he thought, and that kept him going. He had wandered around Camden for a good four hours - he'd been going in circles. His mind was rather empty, but that was intentional. Sirius would rather be empty-minded than see the bodies of his best friend and his wife all over again. It was their happy faces that kept him moving. Well, along with the promise of revenge, that they didn't die in vain.

Sirius was so busy focusing, one foot after another, that he nearly missed it. Red, spiky writing, on green wood. He had reached it. The Hollyburn Tavern.

Sirius stepped inside the dark pub and went up to the counter. Leaning over, he spoke to the bartender. "You haven't happened to see a man in here? Small, rat-like, cowering, fair? Says his name is Peter?"

"Might 'ave," the man grinned. "Wha's it to you?"

Sirius's lips turned up. He pulled out a twenty pound note, the remainder of his muggle money. "This help?"

The man took the money, and smiled. He leaned in closer, and said confidentially, "Had a man in 'ere jus' five minutes ago. Been in 'ere since late las' night, or so they say. Din' say his name was Peter - wha' was it now? Wormtail, or somefin' like that. Bit unusual. Went tha' way." He jerked his head down the road, the opposite to the way Sirius had arrived.

Sirius nodded his head. "Much obliged."

Leaving the pub, he took off at a run. People moved out of his way, yelling, as they carried baskets to the market. Suddenly there he was. The man Sirius had been searching for for over a day. Turning to see the noise, he locked eyes with Sirius - and began to run.

The Hog's Head, London

Remus Lupin sat in the Hog's Head, nursing a hangover. There was a fair amount of people in the bar, for a Tuesday afternoon - Remus supposed it was the current holiday atmosphere that had drawn the crowds. An excuse to drink - especially here, where prices were low - even if it was only half past one in the afternoon.

Remus couldn't say he joined in the party. Last night, whilst the crowds had cheered, he'd sat at the bar with a - large - bottle of Ogden's Best Firewhiskey, and drunk to his friends' memories. He'd have liked to have seen Sirius - he'd not spoken to him in a while, and it was only right that they be together at this time - but he'd seen neither hide nor hair of him since Remus had worked out he'd been at Godric's Hollow just minutes before him. He supposed he'd see him at the funeral, whenever that may be. The wireless had said they'd be putting out an announcement soon. But he felt - no, he knew - it should have been him arranging it. After all, he was one of James and Lily's closest friends, and neither had any family left. Well, Lily had a sister, but Remus doubted she'd be arranging it. The two women hadn't spoken in years.

Maybe Sirius was organising it. Or Peter. But surely he would have been invited along? There was no reason to be avoiding him. He didn't cause James and Lily's deaths, after all …

Suddenly Remus sat up straight, his hangover forgotten.

Lily and James were protected by a Fidelus charm.

The only way Voldemort could have found them was if the charm was broken.

The only way the charm could be broken was if the secret keeper told.

Padfoot was their secret keeper.

But he was okay, physically, at least. He'd been at Godric's Hollow.

So he wasn't tortured.

He'd given it up voluntarily.

Sirius Black had betrayed James and Lily to Voldemort.

Somewhere in Camden, London

It was like a James Bond chase, Sirius thought. He had read the Muggle books to annoy his parents, then had realised they were halfway decent. It was really the only thing he'd ever read, for pleasure, anyway. It was like a scene in one of those books. Peter pushed through, scattering the crowds, and Sirius tore after him. He could outrun him. He could.

Unfortunately, he was exhausted.

Just as Sirius thought all was lost, Peter hit a dead end. Sirius caught him up. There was nowhere for him to go. Peter turned round, and Sirius pulled out his wand. Peter's hands were behind his back. Sirius could almost see the cogs turning in Peter's brain.

Peter's face was tense.

"I knew you'd come for me," he whispered.

Sirius opened his mouth to retort, but became aware of the large Muggle crowd around them. They formed a not-quite-complete circle around himself and Peter, and they waited, silent in anticipation. Sirius thought about the consequences of magic, but brushed them aside. Peter would be the only one who would get hurt, he was awful in a duel, and memories could be obliviated.

"Lily and James, Sirius! How could you?"

Well that was a surprise.

Sirius stretched his wand arm out, ready to attack.

But Peter got there first.


All around him, people screamed. Terrible screams.

A crater in the middle of the street, breaking down to the sewers.

Bodies everywhere.

A pack of rats, surprised in the sewers, running everywhere, causing chaos everywhere. There were bodies to be had, fresh bodies.

People screaming, trying to drag the bodies away from the rats.

A man moaning in pain.

Rats attacking in packs.

Suddenly, the rats all turned away from their prey, following a lone rat, the leader, back into the sewers, running alongside the streams of blood. The leader was slightly different to the rest. Sirius would have recognised him anywhere. A wand clattered to the ground, unheard to all but Sirius in the screaming.

There was something else on the ground.

What was it?

Blood dripped from it.

Sirius recoiled.

It was a finger.

And suddenly, Sirius understood.

The wand behind his back.

"Lily and James, Sirius! How could you?"

The distinctive leader of the rats turning the pack away, back into the sewers.

The finger on the ground.

He'd faked his own death.

And now, Sirius would be blamed for it all.

It was no use running. They'd get him eventually, what with the muggles' testimony, the fact he was known - by Dumbledore and Remus - to be the Potters' secret keeper, and the fact that no-one but James and Lily, who were gone, could say they'd changed to Peter. But there would be a trial. Best to tell the truth now, it would make him look better. But if he was proven guilty... it would be Azkaban.

Sirius felt like he would burst. It was all too much. But he couldn't well cry. Not here. Peter's trick flashed through his mind, and the idea of it, him, Peter Pettigrew, faking his own death, Wormtail, who could barely disarm someone, was absurd.

So Sirius began to laugh.

The Hog's Head, Hogsmede

Remus felt sick, and not just from the alcohol. His best friend had betrayed his other best friend, along with his wife and baby son to a sadistic, evil, wizard. It seemed so unbelievable, Sirius Black, a traitor?

Who else knew? Remus asked himself. Who else knew Sirius was the Potters' secret keeper? Dumbledore. He could testify. Testify? Was that what he wanted? For Sirius to be tried, in a court? And sent to Azkaban?

He deserves it, said a voice in his head. He betrayed them.

But he's your best friend. And now James has gone, you need him, said another voice. Remus brushed them aside. Peter knew. He should warn him. What was to stop Sirius going after Peter? He could be after himself as well, but it was likely he'd tackle Peter first.

The bartender walked past, taking away his empty glass and turning up the wireless with a flick of his wand. He had nothing better to do, so Remus listened in.

It was some pop song, by that new band - the Hairy Hippogriffs. Remus didn't really like them. Suddenly, the song cut off.

"Breaking News," the newsreader said. Remus listened along with what seemed like the entire pub.

"A wizard has just killed a fellow wizard and many muggles in a brutal attack in Camden. No other magical folk were hurt, but the muggle death toll currently stands at ten. It's thought that it is likely to rise. The man, thought to be a death eater, is still at the scene, although many members of the Ministry have arrived and he is in their custody. Eyewitnesses saw the suspected death eater chase the man though the streets of Camden before reaching a dead end at Thompson Street. The wizard accused the death eater of betrayal-"

Remus gripped the table very hard, he thought he knew what was coming, but he desperately didn't want to hear it.

"-and tried to attack, however the death eater reacted quicker and blew a massive crater in the street, killing many people. The largest piece of the dead wizard found - so far - is a finger."

There was a collective shudder in the pub.

"The man's identity is not confirmed but ministry hit wizards are saying it was Peter Pettigrew. The name of the death eater is Sirius Black, and both wizards were close friends, and also close friends of the Potters, who were killed so tragically just two days ago in the attack where You-Know-Who disappeared at last. It was all thanks to their baby son, Harry, who has been taken to a ´safe place`, sources say. But right now we can speak exclusively to Cornelius Fudge, junior-"

Remus never heard the rest. He'd picked up his bag, thrown some coins to the barman and had apparated on the spot, heading off to Thompson Street.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

He'd never expected it to come to this.

He didn't know he was capable of that.

But the underlying fact remained - Sirius Black had killed at least eleven muggles, eleven completely innocent people, just for the sake of revenge on one man. Well, he'd achieved his purpose. Peter Pettigrew was dead - all they could find was his finger. And if Sirius was in some far-off way innocent, he wasn't letting on. Not that he'd been allowed to. Barty Crouch wasn't even giving him a trial. Dumbledore was sad - everyone should get a chance to at least plead their case - but not in any way surprised. Bartemius Crouch had a very militaristic way of doing thing, and fair trials where they was very little doubt was not part of them.

But what really bothered Albus Dumbledore was the fact that Sirius Black had become a murderer. He'd let Sirius go off, placed Peter Pettigrew into his mind, and now look. Eleven innocent people killed, and a good man reduced to murder. Dumbledore blamed himself. If he'd never wiped Sirius's memory, then he'd never have got into that situation. Peter could have been arrested, and faced a punishment for what he had done, and Sirius could have lived a free life.

Sirius would be in Azkaban for life.

Of course, Albus Dumbledore did not know Peter Pettigrew was still alive.

He didn't know he'd help Lord Voldemort rise again.

But he still blamed himself for everything. He knew it was illogical - he had no way of knowing that the events of this afternoon were going to happen but all the same - it had all happened because of him.

It was all a weight on his shoulders, the events of the past few days. He wanted to end it all - not in a suicidal way - he just wanted it all to stop, for him to be numb, not feel anything, nothing at all, for someone to help him with the load. Yet he felt guilt at that - he would not wish this burden on anyone.

He got up from his desk, and pushed the Evening Prophet into the waste bin beside his desk where it belonged. The house elves would collect it and use it for kindling. And besides, he had no wish to read the headlines in it again. They had guilt written all over them.

Straightening out his robes, he descended the steps in his office and made for the door. Dinner awaited, after all.

But even through the steak and kidney pie, he could feel the guilt pressing on him. He wondered if it would ever stop.

4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging

The atmosphere was tense in the Dursley household.

Dinner was strange - Vernon fed Dudley as fast as he could before turning to his own meal. Petunia normally fed Dudley, but she was currently occupied with feeding Harry, also as fast as possible, but whilst looking at him as though he was diseased. Petunia was obsessed with cleaning, and she had already washed Harry three times and binned the blankets he'd arrived in. He had, she thought, been left on a doorstep all night, and had arrived from goodness knows where.

Vernon hadn't played with Dudley that evening - he'd put him straight to bed. He'd argued with Petunia over where the boy was to go. In the end they'd cleared out the cupboard under the stairs and made a bundle of blankets for him to sleep in.

Petunia made them both a cup of tea and took it in to the front room. Vernon put on the ten o'clock news. It had just started.

"But first to our main story this evening," the newsreader was saying. "A gas explosion in Camden kills eleven people, a twelfth victim is critically ill in hospital."

Vernon turned the volume up a little.

"The explosion happened at half past one this afternoon, on Thompson Street in Camden, London. Eyewitnesses have dim recollections of the events of today. We can go live to our London correspondent, Pamela Birch, who is reporting live from the scene."

The screen cut to a dark-haired woman in a pink coat, standing with a mike in front of a large hole in the street, cordoned off with police tape. She looked distinctly ruffled, her hair kept blowing in front of her face.

"Thanks Jackie. I'm standing in Thompson Street, a dead end of a long road in Camden. The well-known Camden Market was still going on, just a few streets from here when the explosion happened at 1.32 earlier this afternoon, shoppers and stall-holders report a large blast and screaming coming from the close where we are now. Many people ran to see what was going on - they were reportedly kept there by police that were in the area - before trickling out in ones and twos. Eleven people have been killed, and another is critically injured and is in hospital as we speak. The close family of the victims have been informed and a full list of the dead is expected to be released tomorrow. As for right now, the police have cordoned off the entire street, houses and businesses have been evacuated, and experts have been called in to investigate what really happened here. Police have released a statement saying there is no indication of foul play. Back to you, Jackie."

Petunia Dursley was in shock. Could there have been a magical explanation for this? Or was it just a conclusion formed by her jumpy mind? Still, the whole business with the police was strange … but it was probably was as they said - an unfortunate gas explosion …

She thought of the crater that night in bed, after Vernon had fallen asleep. The images began to blur together in an unsettling way …

She was watching the news report again, but this time she was watching the reporter talk rather than the screen - she was at the scene.

The crater loomed behind her like death, a black being in a world that had suddenly turned white. She was standing in an endless space, everything was white, but death loomed ever closer. He crept up behind her until snap - he had grabbed her and pulled her into his clutches and she begged to be let go, to live just a little longer, for help, for anyone to help her. And someone did.

It was the reporter. She struggled to free Petunia from death's crutches, but he struggle was to no avail.

"To save her you must sacrifice yourself," Death told the reporter in a matter-of-fact way. Petunia silently begged that she would be released, but she knew that was wrong so she cried, "No! Save yourself!"

But it was too late. The reporter jumped into Death's waiting arms, and Petunia felt the arms around her loosen. She collapsed to the ground, her hair flying over her face. When she cleared it, Death was smiling at the reporter, and she was smiling back, but with tear tracks on her face.

She turned to smile at Petunia, and suddenly it wasn't the reporter anymore. It was Lily.

"No! Lily!" Petunia screamed, jumping to her feet and running towards her. But it was too late. Death held Lily Evans in his arms, like a bird holding prey in his talons, and she smiled one last time to Petunia, before he flew away with her, Petunia running after them until they were miles ahead of her. Away they flew until Petunia could no longer see them, and she wobbled where she stood. Suddenly she was conscious of a voice in her head - Lily's. "I love you, Tuney," she said.

Tears dripped down Petunia's cheeks, as she realised Lily had passed on from this world. "I love you too, Lily." And then her legs were too weak, and they buckled, and she was falling and-

Petunia sat straight up in bed, dripping with a cold sweat. Her cheeks were wet - salty. She checked her clock - it was 1.30 AM. She took a gulp of the water in the glass beside her. Taking a few, large, deep, breaths, she lay back down under the covers, and closed her eyes, trying to empty her mind. But it was hard work, and as a result, it was a long time until she fell asleep again.

{Twelve hours earlier}

Thompson Street, Camden, London

Remus apparated into an alley and joined the crowds trying to see what was going on. He pushed past, and reached the front, where undercover ministry workers were restraining the crowds.

"I'm sorry, Sir, you can't get past, please just go back and get on with your day."

"But, please, I need to know what's going on. I'm- I was a friend of the Potters, I know Sirius Black, please, I need to see for myself …"

Realising he was a wizard, the man yelled at a colleague to come over.

"You'll need to be escorted, I'm afraid. We're not taking any chances that Black may escape, he may have planned for you to come. I'm not saying that he has," the wizard added hastily at the look on Remus's face. "It's just a precaution. And also, if you'll please give your wand to Shafiq, here, once you're around the corner, Mr- eh?"

"Lupin. Remus Lupin."

The wizard raised an eyebrow. "You Lyall's boy?"

"That's correct."

The wizard chewed his lip and Remus knew he was thinking one of two things - either that he was a werewolf, and so could not be trusted, or that he was Lyall Lupin's son, the son of a senior member of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and so clearly could be trusted, and had the connections to get out of trouble if he was allowed inside.

"On you go," he said, letting the young man go past the barriers. "You won't see much, he's about to go," the wizard added.

"Thank you," Remus said, nodding his head to the guard. To the man walking away beside him, Shafiq, an auror, he said, "Here, take this."

He handed - reluctantly - his wand over.

"Look after it," he added. "I want to be quick - I don't want to miss him."

The man, Shafiq, nodded.

Remus turned the corner and nearly gagged. It was if someone had taken a spoon and scooped out half the street. There were body bags - full body bags - laid out at the side of the street. Remus almost choked on the stench. Blood stains ran down into the crater - many were still wet. A group of hysterical muggles, many with tears fresh on their cheeks, were cordoned off in a small area. They were being taken away in groups of one and twos, questioned by ministry officials, then obliviated. A fake memory was implanted in them, and then they were free to go.

And at the other side of the street was a large group of ministry hit-wizards and aurors. They were surrounding one man, performing restraining spells on him. And then, as a few people moved, Remus finally saw him.


He was laughing his head off.

Why? Was he pleased at what he'd done? Pleased at the killing of ten, eleven people? Was it all in a days work? Or had he finally lost it?

In that split second, Remus finally believed it. His friend had done that. But in years to come, he'd think back on it, and realise he still didn't quite believe it, he couldn't picture his friend, Sirius Black, doing that.

Sirius was lead away, attached to about five ministry workers. He looked back and caught Remus's eye. Suddenly, all the laughter drained from his face. He began to struggle towards Remus, but Remus stayed still. He didn't even need Shafiq's cautionary hand on his arm. His face was set in stone.

Sirius was shaking his head. "No," he mouthed. He mouthed a few other words, but Remus only caught "Wormtail", "traitor" and "Prongs". His blank look alerted Sirius to the fact that he didn't understand. "I'll explain at the trial!" he yelled, and this time Remus understood.

The hit-wizards turned round and saw Remus.

Remus saw one of them ask, "Who's that?"

He caught Sirius's reply this time. "My friend Mo- Remus Lupin! Please, let me speak to him! I need to tell him something!"

But Remus thought he would be next. First, James, then Peter, then him. "You're no friend of mine!" he yelled. "We were the Marauders, Sirius! And you broke that! You broke that!"

Remus was on the verge of losing it, over James and Lily, and now Peter, so he started to turn away. But he caught Sirius's face. It broke, his resolve broke, and his eyes darkened as he realised he had lost everything.

And then with a loud CRACK he was gone.

Remus's flat, thirteen hours later

He'd lost them all, he reflected. Every single one. First James, then Lily, then Peter, all killed by - or at least brought about by - Sirius.

Remus still didn't completely believe that it was Sirius's doing. He still held a shred - a very fine shred - of hope that it was all a big mistake. He clung to the promise of a trial, where he would find out what Sirius was trying to say to him, he'd find out the truth.

He felt a stab of regret at not picking up an Evening Prophet, as it could have put his mind at rest, at least a little bit. But he'd skipped it as usual, as the Evening Prophet didn't usually tell much of a different story to the Daily Prophet, and he already got that delivered. But now he realised it would have the full story in it - but he certainly wasn't going out to get it now.

Remus had been tossing and turning all evening. When he eventually fell asleep, it was with the picture of Sirius in his mind, and the promise that the trial, which would undoubtedly be soon, would sort out the whole business. Or at least part of it - nothing could bring all the marauders back together.

But there would be no trial. And for twelve years, Remus Lupin would not know the full truth. For now, all he knew was that he had lost almost every friend he'd ever had - certainly the most important ones - and that was enough for him to withdraw from the world, as he was about to do.


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