Eren was just laying on the grass, looking up to the sky and clouds when a hard, heavy object was dropped on his smotach, making him yelp and sit up. He was surprised to see Corporal Rivaille looking down on him- which didn't happen very often considering their height difference.


Rivaille just arched an eyebrow at him, silently waiting for him to continue. He was also looking intensely at him, which Eren usually saw while he was fighting or...

Blood rushed to his cheeks.

"Uhm, Corporal, what is this?"

Rivaille just rolled his eyes at him.

"A book, obviously."

Eren looked down to see that it was indeed, a book. He took it in his hands, it was pretty thick and looked very old. He opened the book and skipped over a few pages to see what it was about, and when he did, his eyes widened.

"This is-"

He started too loudly for Rivaille's liking, so he sushed him.

"A book about the outside world, yes. It's yours now."

Eren looked up back at him. He opened his mouth to protest, but it was all forgetten as his greenish-blue eyes met Rivaille's sharp, steel gray ones. Still, he opened his mouth once more to question the older man.


He was answered with a smirk.

"Can't I buy a present for my lover?"

Eren's face definitely didn't flush and make Rivaille smirk wider. No, of course not.