"Here I am." Tori said as happy as ever. It turned my stomach thinking about it. She had nothing to be happy about; it was her turn to show the class her version of a scene she would act out. The assignment was to re-do the scene with another emotion, just one.

"Well, I am so glad you asked me to come here Mister Bob!" she told Sikowitz who was playing the decoy-role. "I am going to kill you in seconds..." 'Mister Bob' told the overjoyed Tori. "Beats eating at my aunt's! Haha!" she said joyfully. If I wouldn't have a reputation to keep up, I would close her mouth FOR her.

The scene was over before I knew it (thank god). Class was over and I took my leave. "Jade!" I heard from behind me. I didn't care to turn as I recognized Tori's girly voice. "Jade, how about going to the bar: just us?" I glared at her. Ever since I confessed I didn't see her as an enemy any more and more as a great friend, she holds onto me like a stray dog which you just gave a bone. "If I go, would you stop following me around all the time?" I asked probably too offensive. "Deal! Pick me up at 7, okay?" she sped away to her next class as I followed her with my own pace. We actually have almost every class together, so I guess I made her a promise she can't keep. "Oh well, at least I have something to do tonight, right?" I said to myself.

I started the car to pick up Tori at her home. During the drive I couldn't stop thinking about that face. The sickening face of Tori smiling at me. As I approached the house I noticed I didn't mind about her face haunting my thoughts anymore. This was actually more irritating. I honked in front of her residence as the door opened in 2.5 seconds. She must have been waiting in front of the door. She really has been looking forward to this then...

She ran towards my car as I humbly opened it for her. "Thanks Jade!" She smiled again and sat down in the passenger-seat quickly. Her smile pissed me off at first, but every time I checked on her it became less aggravating.

We arrived at the bar. It was more silent than the usual bars I occasionally go out to. I opened the car which was supposed to be followed by stepping out of the car; Tori grabbed my arm preventing me to. "Wait. Before we enter the bar, I want you to stay close to me." I didn't quite understand what she meant or planned. I just listened, just to be sure. I followed the calm smiling brunette while she was actually pulling me forwards. She opened the door of the bar. I couldn't believe what I saw: an old dump, smelling like old used tea-bags. Everywhere were broken lamps or glasses. It was abandoned like a school in July. "Wha- Why are we here? I asked facing Tori. "I brought you here, because I wanted to ask you something. And it's important, so don't laugh about it or think I am crazy!" she said leading to shouting. "Fine, but if it's of no interest to me, I will leave." I stated. Tori looked down and mumbled something. "What?" I asked. "I... I think I like you..." she said silently. "But- You had boyfriends, right? Are you fooling around or something?" Tori lifted her head "I am serious." the smile disappeared and a frowned mouth formed on her once happy face. "Well, I don't know what to do with this. I mean I know I am a lesbian myself for about three weeks, maybe a month now. I don't want to... Well... Uhm..." I didn't know any excuses left. "If you don't want to... Then I'll see you Monday..." she walked towards the door when my arm lifted and grasped her arm. Like a reflex I pulled her close to me and hugged her, something I never do. I can't even remember the last time I hugged a person. "I never said 'no', right? I guess I want to try it." her smile rose again and she hugged me back. "Just why would you bring us here first?" I asked. "This could be our hangout. Just clean up a little bit and ta-daa!" she said pumped up. It is just a bit of work, right?