After several examinations and tests of the formerly blood-gushing girl it all was fine, except she was bleeding for a long time so Tori lost a lot of blood. She needed some donor-blood which wasn't much of a problem, but still it was a close one; she lost about 7 to 8 pints in total. She had cut-wounds on her left arm, all around the middle of her lower arm. The experts told me that she had a minor cut, or more like a deep scratch, in her wrist and if that would have been bleeding any minute longer, she wouldn't be breathing now. Well, now just heal, allright?

Tori still had to regain strength the next couple of days as I visited her every day after school. The hardest part of his whole thing was leaving at the day she arrived in there. I didn't want to leave Tori.
The fourth day she was sounding the same as always, though quite more silent than usual. "Hey Jade." she said with a sweet smile. I couldn't smile seeing her like this. "You feeling okay?" we both asked in unison followed by laughter. Well I guess no one but Tori can make me laugh at times like this. "Well I am almost free to go, so..." Tori said comforting me. "And I am not on a hospital bed staring at a wicked being that caused all this, so I'm good." I said, trying to tell her at the same time that she had to blame me. "Me neither! Except the hospital bed." Tori said audaciously. I smiled, but I struck myself inside. She just could not see it. "Tori, don't change because of me. Please don't." Tori traded her smile into a more earnest expression. "I am not changing, am I?" she asked. I looked away trying not to give the answer she didn't want to hear, though she probably did get it from my behavior. "Just come with me, you can go home today." The atmosphere changes instantly. "Oh right, I forgot." Tori and I ended our blood-drenched adventure by walking out of the gates of the hospital walking with a relaxed pace to my car. "Once we get home," I suggested. "I will make you a tosti!" Tori laughed with her signature giggle as we drove away.

All the way we listened to 'Afterlife' by Avenged Sevenfold which I love a quite lot. Still Tori looked like she was about to throw up during my music. Still with JUST this song it seemed to fade. "You like this song?" I asked referring to her changing expression. "I guess. It sounds like something I would make up." I heard the violin-solo (rare in this genre of music) and 'air-violined' along also noticing the smiling girl next to me. I never looked at Tori like I looked at myself, a partially mentally disturbed chick, but maybe I shouldn't try: it might make me dislike her.

We arrived at her place where her parents were awaiting Tori's return, not even bothering me. Their faces were filled with panic, sadness, happiness and a few other emotions and expressions. I just bent over towards her door, bungling over her, opening the car for her. "Well, thanks." she said quite seriously. I didn't even bother explaining her that I was mad at her parents not seeing me. I mean, if they already ignore me… I just ignored that fact. As long as I can see her, I don't care about anyone else.

"Oh yeah, we should hang out at the Broken Bar again. Sure miss that place!" Tori stated sweetly, making me feel bad for my 'passive-aggressive' behavior. "Yeah…" I sighed as a result of hearing her idyllic voice. After smiling back I turned the car around and drove away. I quickly glanced at the mirror finding her parents hugging her. I turned; I don't want to get reminded to what I missed in my childhood. I drove as quiet as a shadow on the street away from the scene just go into eternal waiting again, waiting for her again.

"So, how are we gonna spruce this mess up then?" I asked full of disbelief. "I mean, we don't have to and I don't suppose you have any idea where to start?" Tori's eyes showed a little glistening, as if she had an ace up her short sleeves. "How about clearing the floor of any broken glass and putting the chair on four legs again?" Tori already nodded to herself and started, probably assuming I'd follow.
"Can we call this a date? I'm just saying… We're not doing anything much fun…" I stated. Tori immediately turned her head after reviving a cardboard box by pressing out the dents. "Well, it's for something we both love and when we're done, it will only get better every time we get here, don't you think? So just shut your whining!" Tori said laughing all way through. "I guess it's for the best then." I said nearly suppressed. "There ya go!" Tori said expressing her opinion. The funny thing is: she has the only opinion I care about of all people I know (and probably a lot in future).

We finished the embellishment later that day and celebrated with some earned beer. I never would've guessed she'd drink it and to be honest with her: she didn't seem to like it THAT much. She probably didn't want to drink something other than me or something. I couldn't care less on the moment though. "How's your drink?" I asked holding back my laugh. Tori coughed a little. "It's pretty good." she said nervously. I laughed. "Let me have it. Of course, if you are not gonna…" Tori only glared at me with a smile she clearly failed to hold back. "You're such a… Fuck me, I can't think of anything." Tori's head became all red. "Then call me a Jade, 'cuz that's just what I am, right?"
I felt two cold lips on mine, throwing me off guard. "Damn, you and your magic!" I threw at her. Tori's head lifted itself. "By the way, aren't you wondering about this place itself? How I got it?" I nodded as answer. "Well…" she started promising. "I found it!" I laughed way too loud, but I didn't care. Just the way she said it, the words themselves… I found it genius, or maybe it was the beer. Whichever it was, you gotta have a laugh sometimes, right? Even when you just have been through the things Tori went through: almost bleeding to death and getting hurt by someone close. We'll make it through. She'll be the raft getting us past the river. I sipped on my can giving a smile thinking about it.

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