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It had been three years since Hermione disappeared, so naturally Harry Potter thought that he was seeing things when he looked up from his paperwork to see her standing in his doorway. He straightened in surprise unable to speak. She took a slow step forward and he noticed a sleeping child in her arms. She looked tired and stressed and Harry was frozen in place.

"Hermione?" His voice came out as nothing more than a whisper. She stepped forward again fearful of his reaction. "Hermione what's going on? Where have you been?"

Before he finished his sentence he was wrapping his arms around her in a hug. She started sobbing as she wrapped her arms around her best friend finally feeling safe again. He helped Hermione into a chair and sat down on his desk.

"Hermione I don't know what to say. We thought that you were dead. Ron went completely mental when you left, what happened?" They sat in an uncomfortable silence while Hermione fumbled around with what to say.

"Well Harry I don't know where to start…" she stopped as the little girl in her arms started to move. She rocked back and forth as Harry motioned to the couch. Hermione walked over and gently placed the sleeping child on the couch, casting a silencing charm, and walking back to Harry who had taken a seat behind his desk.

"So why don't we start with why you left?" Harry started gently trying to hold back the overwhelming emotions threatening to consume him.

"Well I'm sure that you've noticed by now that I didn't come back alone."

"I can see that… who is she Hermione?"

"That's quite the long story and I don't really want to discuss this in your office." She admitted looking down at her hands.

"Of course not." He looked as though he was wrestling with something before finally making a decision, "I just need to know Hermione where have you been? It's been three years and we didn't get so much as an owl from you. We had no choice but to think that you died."

"I didn't mean to scare anyone Harry but things were really bad for me. Things with Ron went way south and then my parents have chosen to be angry with me for sending them to Australia and no longer speak to me and I felt like I didn't have anyone. I ran away to the muggle world to live with my grandmother on my mum's side." She looked at the ground feeling a little ashamed.

"So I almost hate to ask this question but why did you come back now?"

"I couldn't take it anymore I missed you and Ginny and the rest of the Weasley's and I needed my family. My grandmother was not my biggest fan and she made that clear so we left the first chance I got. I started dating this guy and things didn't go well at all so I came back." She glanced over at the little girl, causing Harry to look too, taking her in for the first time. He noticed the way that her little brown curls hung over her face and could see so much of Hermione in the girl. After a few minutes of silence Hermione decided to get to her reason for coming.

"So Harry I really hate to do this but do you think that we could maybe stay with you for a couple of days?" Her cheeks again flushing with her embarrassment.

"Of course you can! There's plenty of room at my flat and Ginny would love to see you."

"How is Ginny?" Hermione asked thankful to have somewhere to stay. She could see his eyes light up at the question.

"Oh Hermione she's just wonderful. Things have never been better with us. We got married a year after you left." Hermione's heart sank as she heard the pain in his voice. He glanced down at his desk before getting up and leading Hermione and her sleeping child to his flat.


It had been a week since Hermione moved in with Harry, and she still hadn't talked about why she left. She learned that Ron had married Lavender shortly after Harry's wedding to Ginny and was thankful that he hadn't been around yet. Just as her thoughts started to wander she felt Leodra move next to her. She smiled down at her beautiful two-year old as the little girl returned her gaze. Hermione could still feel her heart stop every time the little girl looked at her with her father's eyes.

Breakfast that morning went smoothly and Hermione was preparing to drop Leodra at daycare. Hermione wasn't due to start training as a healer at St. Mungo's for another week but she thought that it would be a good idea to get Leodra used to it as soon as possible. Dropping her off had been easier for the child than it had Hermione, but now she was on her way back to the flat to spend the day relaxing.

It only took twenty minutes for Hermione to find a good book to sink her teeth into, and she planned to spend the rest of her day reading on the couch. Three hours into her book however she heard the fireplace roar, and looked up to see Ginny smiling at her.

"Hey 'Mione"

"Hey you're home early." Hermione smiled, placing a marker in her book and closing the pages.

"Yeah mum didn't need me any more so I figured that we could catch up. We haven't really had a chance to talk since you got here and I thought that you could use a venting session."

Hermione smiled at her friend. It amazed her how well Ginny knew her. Keeping her secrets was proving to be extremely difficult but this was the kind of story that Hermione only wanted to tell once, so she knew that she would have to wait for Harry. Only 10 minutes after explaining this to Ginny she looked up to see Harry stepping through the fireplace. 20 minutes later they were all sitting on the couches holding mugs of butterbeer.

"So I know that I have a lot of explaining to do but you have to understand that there are things that I am not ready to talk about. Ask any question that you have but please respect my right to not answer." Looking at each other warily they nodded in agreement, and she took that as her cue to begin explaining.

"I guess I should start with the beginning." Hermione sighed taking a deep breath to fight the sea of rushing emotions within her. "The summer before 6th year I believe that you guys will remember that I was almost never around. There was a boy, someone that I never would have thought that I would run into let alone form any kind of relationship with. I spent most of my time with my grandmother in America who was less than happy to have me. My mothers' mum knows that I'm a witch, and believe me when I tell you that she believes me to be the spawn of the devil. She made it clear that she didn't want me in her house touching anything so I spent all of my time wandering the neighborhood. One morning I was sitting by the lake when someone walked up behind me. After a bunch of arguments and a whole month of trying to avoid each other we finally realized that we had no one but each other so we started to get along. The next month was the best month of my life. We continued to owl each other and even maintained a secret friendship during the school year. I fell in love with him and to this day he is the only man that I can truly say that I have ever been IN love with."

Pausing to take a deep breath she wrung her fingers together, trying to muster enough strength to complete her tale.

"It killed me to not be able to tell you guys but Harry you were always so busy trying to stop Voldemort and Ron… well that is a totally different story. I needed someone and he was there for me in a way that I didn't even know I needed. I stayed behind on Christmas break so that we would have a chance to be together without everyone being there, and that was when our relationship started getting serious. It wasn't until April that I finally decided that I was ready to give him everything that I had. We knew that we couldn't be together because no one would understand, so we agreed that once we graduated that things would come to an end. I found out that I was pregnant a week after we graduated and I had no idea what to think. Ron stepped in and said that he wanted to be with me, but things didn't go the way that they were supposed to so I reached out to my parents. Once I had explained everything they just threw me out, and said they never wanted anything to do with me again. I owled the father to tell him that I was pregnant, and received a message immediately saying that he wanted nothing to do with me or my 'dirty halfblood thing', so I left to my grandmothers that night."

She wiped her face that was now soaked with tears, and didn't look up as she felt both Ginny and Harry wrap their arms around her. She cried for what felt like hours before finally feeling like everything was going to be okay. Harry volunteered to get Leodra from daycare while Ginny went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, leaving Hermione to return to her book. Harry knew that Hermione was still hiding something, but he decided that he would just leave her alone until she was ready to talk about it. Feeling thankful that he finally had his best friend back in his life, even if she had made him promise to keep her return a secret, Harry smiled to himself hopeful that things would start to fit into place.

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