A Male Human gets lost in the Far north of the region. Finding shelter in a cave, he meets a not so friendly Female Weavile. M for Pokephilia

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Have I got a story to tell you. This has been passed down from traveler to traveler slowly becoming a rumor of a rumor. No one can attest to the validity of this story and every time it is told, the facts get stretched more and more. In fact, the only thing we know for certain was that there was a human sized carving in the wall of a cave that was scratched out and replaced with a trainer in the act of sex with a Weavile. I have told it to you to the best of my recollection and I encourage you to imagine whatever details you may like.

It was starting to get late and I had no idea where I was. For the last few days I and a group of friends have been wandering the far north reaches of our known world, in the search of rare and mysterious Pokémon. My target? Weavile.

Sought after by trainers everywhere, Weavile was definitely one of the top Pokémon I could find for profit, or for myself. Secretly, I only had accompanied my group of friends so I could acquire one myself. They were magnificent! Recently researchers had discovered that they are able to communicate with each other, almost as well as humans.

That was another reason I wanted one also. I was an artist, and the way they communicated was with elaborate drawings, using each of their claws as an accurate chisel.

But right now that didn't matter. Early this morning a large storm came upon my group, and each of us running for shelter separated us. I had been looking all day but I have not seen any evidence of life anywhere.

I sighed and reached into my bag, grabbing one of the few remaining protein bars. The good news was that I was responsible for carrying my own food. The bad news is that I was almost out. The way I was eating through these means that it would most likely be gone by morning.

I squinted at the sunset, flashing dark red and orange lights across the sand in a blinding manner. I blocked out the sun with my hand and turned my head looking for anything I could use for shelter tonight. I had a small waterproof bag that should keep me warm as long as I was not buried in the morning by snow.

Seeing nothing I began to wander north. There was no point in going back tonight as it would take to long and there was nothing usable of shelter that I had seen before.

After almost giving up, my eyes caught a small bump in the horizon and I ran towards it.

Stumbling my way through the snow I finally reached the outcropping of rocks and my heart leapt with joy when I discovered it was a small cavern, just large enough to cover me from the storm. I took a lantern out of my bag, and placed it on a small boulder towards the back of the cave, lighting it with the few remaining matches that I had.

I looked about the cave and was shocked. All around me were designs in the wall ranging from a small flower in front and towards the back, a trainer seeming to be in a hugging embrace with an Espeon. The carving was so elaborate, I was able to make out the fur on the Pokémon, and the hair of the trainer.

Upon closer examination, I saw that the trainer was not only holding the Pokémon, but kissing it!

I stared in amazement, a million thoughts rushing through my mind. I loved my Pokémon dearly, we were the best of friends and perhaps even more but I had never considered anything sexual about her. I stared at the Espeon closely, and her facial expression seemed to portray she was enjoying it as much as the trainer.

I stepped back to take in the whole thing one more time and I heard a rock roll behind me. When I turned the cave and the carvings all made sense. Not really able to make out the colors of the body, I already knew I had found what I was looking for. Before me stood a Weavile. I stuttered a nervous laugh and slowly backed up to my bag, looking for a net in which to capture this creature.

It stared me down and rushed towards me pouncing on my chest and bringing me down to the ground. It's body was cold and I shivered. I stared up into its eyes, hoping to plea with it but rather than bargain, the Weavile pressed her face against mine and penetrated my mouth with her tongue. Rather than it being an ice cold which I was expecting, it was a pleasant warmth and a very welcoming sensation. A few seconds in I began to massage her tongue with mine, giving into my lust. It had been ages since I had been with a girl, and this Pokémon, whether male or female was doing the job and I was not complaining.

In one fluid motion she removed her mouth from mine, and sliced up my pants and underwear around my crotch area. It took me a second to realize what was happening and as soon as I did I struggled to escape. She used her claws and paws to pin my chest down and began to lick my already hardening member. Her tongue started at the bottom of my shaft, slowly making its way up till eventually reaching the top it swirled in a circular motion. She then began to slowly bring her head down until her entire mouth was consumed. I could feel the end of her neck on the tip of me member, until she positioned her head to shove it farther down the chasms of her throat. She then slowly pulled her head off and again repeated the process.

Shivers of pleasure and ecstasy ran through my body as she did her best to cause me immense pleasure. I could feel pre-cum leaking from me and I was able to hear her moans of pleasure at the taste. Soon rather than wanting to escape, I was enjoying the sensation. After all what was the harm?

I began humping my hips into her head and she looked at me cock still in mouth to show her approval. She then reclosed her eyes and continued her work moving my cock as deep into her throat as she could manage, causing me to cum. She paused for a second letting my member drain and slowly releasing it from the confines of her mouth licking it clean along the way. Not a single drop had escaped.

I sat back panting from the exercise as she once again embraced me into a kiss, holding down my shoulders so I would not be able to object, even if I wanted to. A few minutes into the kiss I began to feel my member get hard from her constant grinding at my crotch and at her pull away from my mouth I could tell she knew too. Thinking she would just go back to what she was doing before I braced myself for impact. That was when I felt the cold folds of her ass, slowly rubbing against my member.

I uttered my complaint on how this wasn't right but I could not tell it was because she didn't understand me or rather she just didn't care as she began to put the head of my cock into her vagina. It was an odd experience, feeling the difference of warmth and cold as my member was about half way through. She slowly began gliding down moving her hips in a sway like manner to accommodate my appendage. I then felt resistance and she paused, as if unsure she wanted to continue. I could not believe it. This creature was a virgin even after showing all the confidence in what we had done before. I tried to move out and away but it was settled. She rammed down her vagina accepting the last two inches of my cock and she froze atop my body taking in the pain/pleasure. After about ten seconds she started sliding up and down my shaft, moans of pleasure escaping us both.

I did not care anymore about morals or right or wrong. All that mattered was right here and right now. I began to push her to the side hoping to gain the higher ground but she would have none of that. She shoved down my elbows, penetrating my mouth with her tong while continuing to rise up and down on my penis. Slowly there was less and less resistance, as the flow of my pre-cum and her moistness worked together to cause a smooth gliding sensation. All around us were the sounds of the slap slap slap of skin on fur, and our moans muffled with sudden gasps when new location was reached.

Soon she moved faster and faster, using her obscene strength and stamina to her advantage. Once I could contain it my member began to throb as I was about to cum. She slammed her vagina onto my member supprising me and squeezed every muscle in her vagina not letting my move an inch. A few seconds later the sensation of orgasm became more out of reach and noticing my discomfort she began sliding up and down again. She then did this several more times, refusing me the right to cum.

Her body then began to shudder and I felt the walls of her vagina began to spasm, juices covering me and what was left of my clothes. She then slammed down hard several more times, and the sensation that I had been craving had finally reached me. I pushed my hips as far into her as I could and I cummed like I had never before. Several spasms of my penis told me that I had never cummed this hard before and soon the white goo was falling out of her vagina onto my lap. She got off of me and began to clean me, starting with my chest, moving slowly to my crotch which she gave special attention to, and ending with my legs and ass. She then stood up and carved a heart into the rock beside me and moved to the front of the cave.

I stared in horror as she began to move a large boulder in front of the entrance trapping me in with her. She then moved another rock showing a small hole in the wall, with several berries and other assorted human food. She clumsily grabbed them with her claws and walked them over to me. She then moved over to the image of the trainer and Pokémon, and used her claws to rub out any trace of that carving. It then took her several moments and scratching until she backed up and motioned me to come see.

When I looked at the place where the trainer was before, I saw myself, in a hugging embrace with the Weavile my crotch area pressed tight against hers, with my hands gripping her back holding her up and both of us in a kissing embrace.