My first Charlie Brown fanfic. This is my version of It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown. Rating for now is K+. The only violence is the violence in a rugby game. Hope you enjoy it. Disclaimer: I don't own the Peanuts gang. The only person I own is my invented character. One-shot.

Charlie Brown makes a fool out of himself. He goes for the kick and Lucy pulls the ball away. They need a Charlie to make the extra field goal. He misses. Surprisingly though, a person with a team comes over.

Charlie's POV: I blew it. Heather will never want me to be her escort. I thought. When a strange person came over to me and Linus and said, "Your Charlie Brown right?" Pointing to me, I nodded. "And your Linus right?" Pointing to Linus, he nodded. "I'm John, I need you two for our rugby team. Now Charlie, I know you are bad at football. You have a chance to impress everyone." Then Linus told me,
"This is a chance you have to impress Heather." That encouraged me. Then John spoke,
"Do either of you know the positions?" I studied the rugby positions before for a school project. I knew them very well. I bet Linus has watched rugby games before because he nodded his head. I nodded my head too. He gave us our shirts. I was Wing. Linus was another number. John introduced us to all the players. He even played. Most of the football people left already. Heather, her attendants, and many rugby fans.

However, despite Charlie's thoughts, Heather knew that Charlie would have kicked that football if Lucy wouldn't pull the ball away.

Heather's POV: I watched Charlie Brown as he missed the ball. If only Lucy wasn't so cruel. I found one of my close friends who was slightly older than me. I asked her, "What are you doing here, Madison?" She answered,
"I wanted to see you. And my crush is playing out here. He's the coach for the Virgil County Bears. We are going against the county that you are rivals with." I see Charlie among the Bears.

Charlie's POV: We go into starting position. Then John get the ball, makes a backward pass to Linus. He makes a pass to me. I take it and run pass it to John. We are going faster that the opposite team so we pass back and forth. Finally I have the ball. I sprint 10 yards and then I set the ball down and score. Then the game continues. We have to go into lock. The end score is 25 to 5. We won.

I go to the ballroom. There Peppermint Patty along with Lucy and Fredia. They nagged at me. Then the ball time continues.

After a few dances with Heather: I see John with this other girl. Heather takes me over to meet her friend. "Charlie, this is Madison, my friend that live a ways away."
"How do you do?" I asked. She said,
"Fine." Then I decided I better thank John for the chance to play a game of rugby.
"Thanks for the chance to play, John."
"No problem. Would you like to become a permanent player/ sub coach of the Pinetree Corners Eagles?" I was so surprised that I hesitated before saying, "Yes. But who will be the main coach." He answered that,
"I will be moving here before long. My parents are divorcing, so my grandma that lives here asked if I would come here to live. I said yes." Then Madison added,
"My family is moving over here so we can get away from the city."

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