He hoped it wasn't true. Connor was an idiot, and a bit of a sap, but he had no reason to lie. Especially about his wife's best friend, his sister. The pair didn't get on, but he wouldn't make something up like that… would he?

"Kevin's gonna ask you for a gun. And you can't give it to him."

"You'd better start explaining."

Barry didn't listen to most of the Scottish boy's ramblings about Kevin and what his plan was. His ears pricked up when he heard the words "Steve-O raped Dynasty" however. "You what?" he spoke in a low, dangerous voice.

Connor knew he didn't need to repeat it, he just simply shrugged and said "Kevin wants to make him pay."

"Oh he'll pay alright. You go to that little weasel and you tell 'im I'm doin' nothin' for him. Now run along, I need to speak to my sister."

Connor didn't need telling twice before legging it from the room.

Barry walked from the room, but not before taking a few calming, collecting breaths. Steve-O better hope on his damn life that Connor Mulgrew is lying. Because if he's not, then an angry Kevin Chalk is going to be the least of his worries. He made his way down the corridor, pushing past anyone that got in his way, including a very obviously worried Imogen and he walked through the double doors, seeing his sister sitting on the steps outside.

"You alright?" he asked, looking down at her. How the hell was he gonna ask her about this one…?

"Yeah course…" Dynasty didn't even look at him.

Barry sighed and sat down beside her. Reluctantly he asked; "Have you got anythin' you wanna tell me?"

Dynasty turned her head to look at her brother.

Barry watched her closely. If she even thought about lying, then that would swing his plan into action without question. "It's just that… Connor said Steve-O did somethin' to you."

Dynasty kept her cool. Kevin couldn't possibly have gone running to Connor could he…? Course he would… she'd have gone running to Imogen. If she had the guts to. "Like what?"

"Well… he said… urm…" He shouldn't be having this conversation with his sister! This should not have happened to her! And if he has… "He said he raped you." That sentence made Barry feel sick to his stomach. Fully expecting an explosion and Dynasty to get up and start ranting about how she was going to smack Mulgrew one right in the face, he was worried when that wasn't the reaction he got.

"What?" Dynasty looked at him, wanting to tell him in hat second that what Connor said was true. Her own selfish pride, feeling sick and ashamed of herself that she must have lead him on, stopped her. "That's sick."

Barry knew then she was lying. "So it's not true." He hoped she'd tell him. Knowing damn well she wouldn't. Knowing damn well she was scared of him just like he was…

"No." Dynasty rolled her eyes.

'For god's sake just tell me! I'm here to protect you!' he thought, but he forced a smile. "I just wanted to hear it from you." He spoke, and watched how uncomfortable she seemed, and watched her walk away.

Barry stood up and walked back into the school, the only person he was looking for was Kevin Chalk. When he found him he grabbed him by the collar and dragged him across the corridor and through into an empty room.

"Get off me Barry!" Kevin snapped.

"Speak to me like that again, and I won't get you what you want." Barry told him.

"Connor told me you wouldn't get it…" Kevin told him, his eyes wide.

Family loyalty never strayed from Barry's mind. Even if he had somebody else to do his work for him in order to keep his sisters safe. With their dad locked up and mother god knows where, it had to be up to him to keep them out of harm's way. "Yeah well that was before I spoke to me sister." He spoke, not really knowing what else to say. "Look, go into the old warehouse on the river, there's a lift shaft at the back, I'll leave it in a box there for you."

After making sure that Kevin understood, Barry left the room and made his way down the corridor, trying to act as though everything was okay. Of course nothing was okay, his sister was the victim of something horrific. He couldn't even begin to think of the word let alone say it anymore.

"Barry! Barry!"

Barry turned to see Kacey running toward him, wad of papers in her hand.

"Is it important, Kace, cause I'm busy?" Barry shrugged, the slightest twinge of guilt when his youngest sister looked hurt. Whatever it was, it was important to her evidently.

"Well I just needed your help with the animal rights thing."

"Kace, it's great you've got somethin' to do, but I can't help right now. I've got stuff to do."

Another flash of hurt crossed her face.

"When we get home, I'll sit and look through it okay?"

"Thank you." Kacey looked and smiled, then hugged him.

"Yeah alright bugger off." Barry smiled and lightly shoved her away.

Kacey laughed and just walked away.

Barry shook his head a little and snuck out of the school to start putting his plan into action.

Once he had got hold of the gun, with gloved hands he took the bullets out and shoved the pack into his pocket. He shoved the empty gun in the box and made his way to the river and placed the box where he said he was going to and took out his phone, calling Steve-O. "Listen mate, there's somethin' you should know."

"What?" Steve-O questioned.

"Kevin's decided to grow a pair. Someone's told him somethin' sick about you and Dynasty and he's come to me askin' for a gun."

"Why? What's been said?"

"I dunno he wouldn't say. But he wants to kill ya. I've told him I'm gonna get 'im a gun, but you need to get here before he does to get it, it's in the warehouse by the river, in the lift shaft."

"Alright mate. Cheers for lettin' me know. Clearly this wimp ain't getting the message that Dynasty's mine. You know I'd never hurt her."

Barry bit back the words he wanted to say. "No worries mate… I know you wouldn't." he forced himself to say and hung up. The next phone call he made was to the police. "I…urm… I need to report something…" he said, walking from the warehouse and back toward the school.

"Okay what's your name and what would you like to report?" Questioned the woman on the other end in a soft, reassuring voice.

Barry ran his hand through his hair and sighed heavily. "I don't wanna give me name. But somethin's happened to me sister. And I heard one of the lads in school sayin' they were gonna kill whoever it was to hurt her."

"What's happened to your sister? And do you have the boy's name?"

"She got attacked by her ex, and I didn't get the lad's name. I didn't wanna get meself into trouble by doing anything."

"What's the name of her ex? And this boy, what school does he go to?"

Barry took a deep breath before he spoke. "Her ex is called Steve-O… Steve-O Malone… and he's on parole. And the lad will be in a Waterloo Road school uniform."

He quickly cut off the phone as soon as he walked through the gates, and Nikki Boston walked toward him.

"Have a nice walk Barry? Don't you have a lesson you should have been in 5 minutes ago?" She asked, looking at him.

"Yeah… sorry Miss… Left me course work at home."

"Right, well hurry up then, and I won't mention this to Mr Byrne. Tell your teacher you were with me."

Barry smiled and nodded. If there was any teacher he had any respect for it was her. She spoke to him like an adult, and treated him like an adult, not like that silly cow Mrs Diamond, or Ms Mcfall who seemed to swan about the place stuck in her own naïve world.

"Go on then." Nikki told him.

Barry nodded again and walked back into school, making his way toward Maths, only to be stopped by Dynasty.

"Where were you? Was lookin' everywhere for you for our Kace."

"I was sorting something. Why?"

"Sorting what?" Dynasty's eyes were wide for a moment before she quickly composed herself.

"Nothing for you to worry about." Barry shrugged. "And if it's about that stupid animal rights thing Kace was bangin' on about earlier, I said I'd help her later."

"Okay…" Dynasty forced a small smile and walks back in the direction she came.