Klaus had mixed feelings of being back in New Orleans. He was anxious to get what is rightfully his back, anger as Marcel, reminiscence and he missed his sweet Caroline. It was getting dark as he strolled through the streets eager to find the hotspot for the nightlife. Fair enough there were many vampires fighting and feeding in the open, but where were the clubs and parties? He remembered the bars that he and his siblings went to in the 20's. He laughed to himself, when he controlled this place he ordered fun and good times. Unlike Marcel who had many living in fear; but Klaus wanted that fear.

When he finally came across where the partying was buzzing, he entered. To his relief not many recognised him, which would give him a better entrance. The music was deafening and the whole room smelt of intoxicated blood. This was the vampire hotspot. He heard the familiar snarling, hissing and growling that young vampires loved to do. The drips and puddles of blood were highlighted by the neon lights that were flashing through the crazy vampires and compelled humans. He smirked as he took a few bites of the willing human girls who were throwing themselves at him. It was then he realized this wasn't Marcel's part of town. A sudden urge filled him, and he recognised it all too well.

Looking towards the bar he saw her, and his body tensed up. She grinded on top of the bar and let the music control her body. Her long jet black curls bounced as she swayed her hips. She wore tight blue jeans that emphasised her hips and had paired them with matte black heels. Many of the vampires and humans admired her balance as she weaved through the glasses and bottles. Klaus bit into his lips in order to control himself as she jumped down from the surface, her sweet addictive laugh making his body shudder with pleasure.

The way you're dancing Makes me come alive Makes me shiver and perspire Your surreptitious glancin' The way you crack a smile Nearly start a fire

So move closer Want to feel your touch So come over come on

The way you're moving hips from side to side Makes you all that I desire Bathsheba than my choosing I'm so unsatisfied You've got what I require

So move closer I gotta feel your touch So come over so come on

He felt his body heat up as he admired her from the corner, her glossed lips smirking as she watched the bloodshed that occurred before her. Klaus knew she was in control of the part of town, he could sense it in the room as she walked through the dancers. His body tingled as she fed from various victims and sharing passionate kisses with many of the party goers. He followed her closely but kept his distance, he was determined not to fall into her trap again. The strobe lights reflected in her eyes as she drank wine from the bottle, he could sense something had changed in her. She knew he was there, but she didn't know where, but she continued to party away late into the night.

It was 4am by the time the party calmed. Klaus escaped whilst he could, taking a young girl with him to release the build-up. He lay in the bed in deep thought whilst the girl from the party stripped for him. He couldn't believe what'd happened, he couldn't believe she was alive and living it large in New Orleans. She left him alone and to think that she was dead. He grew angry at the thought of her continuing with her life, keeping him under her spell, he was a part of her despite him thinking it was the other way round. He couldn't get over her and he was under her control.

After disposing of the corpse he returned to him room and closed his eyes. Hopefully his dreams would let him retreat from her grasp.


He opened his eyes to see her standing over him, her curled hair dangling over her bare shoulders. Her blue eyes widened as he sat up in the bed. His body began to overheat as she sat on top of him, her eyes looking deep into his soul. He felt helpless and confused; he hated how she had this control over him. Trying to wriggle free from her palms but he couldn't move, he was frozen and staring into her delicate face. Her flame red lips moved closer to his ear, smirking at the power she had over him.

"Niklaus…You shouldn't have found me"

His body shivered at her voice, she was right. He began to resent that he'd returned to New Orleans, he was back in her grasp, helpless like a lost puppy. His trail of thoughts was distracted by her lips that were travelling down his body.

Violently shaking his head he broke free from his dream, his body and clothes damp from sweat. He immediately jumped out of bed, he had to distract himself. He was an Original who was weakened by the pretty face of a 500 year old vampire; he felt pathetic.

A/N~ The song in bold is 'Kitty Litter' by Placebo.