When Harvey awoke the smell of vervain hit his senses, he growled with pain as his wrists burnt. Lifting up his head he saw Evelyn in the distance her head tilted as she twirled a dagger between her fingers.

"Ah! Queen Harvey has awoken!" She taunted the first words he said to her when she was in his position.

"Where's Klaus!" He spat back, making her narrow her eyes. She threw one of the daggers towards him, it penetrated through his shoulder. He grumbled, without a witch by his side he was powerless, she was stronger.

"I'd recommend you shut up, or I'll bring him in here. He's very eager to get his hands on you" She smirked and picked up another dagger. "Now what curse did you place on me and how do I remove it?" He began to chuckle and looked towards her, shaking his head.

"Only the warlock who placed it on you can remove it…I killed him"

She growled through her bared teeth before launching another dagger at him. It missing his heart by a millimetre, he sighed with relief. She strolled towards him and yanked his head to the side.

"Have fun" She pushed the dagger deeper into his body and giggled "I love that what goes round comes round"

His eyes followed her until she left the room, oh how he loved her, but how he hated her.

Klaus was waiting for her when she left the room, she smiled and leaned in towards him, lightly kissing his cheek she whispered.

"He's all yours"

Evelyn was growing more and more frustrated with the lack of information about her curse, it felt as if nothing was happening. Every now and then she'd hear one of Harvey's screams as Klaus continued to torture him. She knew that Klaus was becoming desperate, it didn't really surprise her, and she knew that her mind was on the edge of a knife. One more episode of her death and she could be gone, and this time forever.

It was a race for time and so far they were losing. All they knew was that the warlock who cast this spell on her was dead, and he didn't even document it in any of his grimoires.

She was lonely now and even missed her old life with Marcel. It was easier than this, ever since Klaus returned everything just went wrong. She'd barely seen much of Emma, she was busy with Warren. Klaus was busy with Harvey, Elijah was looking for a solution to her problem, Caroline had gone back to Mystic Falls and for Rebekah and Kol, she had no idea where they were.

As she stared out of the window thinking about Marcel an idea hit her…Davina. She'd never even thought of it before, and she'd never tell Klaus about her.

She was there when they saved the young witch from her supposed family and the elders. The harvest was a sickening ritual, and she enjoyed killing those involved. Like with Emma, Evelyn took the young petrified girl under her wing and showed her not to let it ruin her future.

But how would she get to Davina without causing problems? And she had no idea whether or not Marcel would've moved her; she'd need to go through him. But how? She pulled out her phone and called Emma.

"When is fight night?" She asked with a smile

"Tonight why?" Emma sounded confused

"Want to join me?"

"Of course" She loved Emma's enthusiasm, how fun this would be.

Marcel strolled to the balcony and looked down at all the hopeful vampires, ready to please him and gain entry to the inner circle. He loved Fight Night, the hope in their eyes, the determination.

"Ladies and gentlemen…" He gathered their attention "Welcome to fight night!" The crowd roared with cheers and clapping.

"And the first rule of fight night…The vampire left standing at the end of the night is one step closer to the inner circle…"

"And a daylight ring" Evelyn's voiced travelled smoothly as she strolled beside him, a devilish smirk as always. She knew how to get to him.

"Evelyn" He growled quietly

"Let's make things interesting this year" She called out and leaned into the railing "Those who beat those in the inner circle, get even closer to this" She showed off her daylight ring. The crowd grew silent, few smirked. Marcel even broke into a smile; he knew few of the inner circle would accept. "Make your way through the circle and you face me. Beat me…and you earn my place" She glanced towards him for agreement, he nodded slightly.

"So Evelyn who's up?" He replied quietly

"The first contenders are…Alisha and…." She smirked as the young vampire looked up in anticipation "Emma" Emma appeared beside the girl.

They watched as the Alisha tried to pull Emma to the floor. The young vampires cheering on Alisha as Emma pulled her arms behind her and pinned her to the ground.

"What do you want?" Marcel finally broke the silence

"He finally asks!" She chuckled "I want to see Davina"

"Why?" He replied bitterly

"If you're thinking that I'm blankly hand her over to Klaus, you can think again. I care about her as much as you do"

"I don't trust you Evelyn" He looked away from her

"I know you don't but I trust you, and Klaus mustn't know about this"

"Why not? Is he so protective?"

"He's worried about me, thinking I'll crack at any time, who knows maybe I will"

"Evelyn what's going on? I can't help you if I don't know what's wrong" Evelyn sighed and looked away towards the crowd before looking back at him.

"Not here"