To the East...

They have taken you,

Your past is yet unknown

From the Imperial City

By order of the Throne

First by carriage

Now by sea

To far off lands

Not known to thee

Fear not my champion

You will see

For there awaits your


I am watchful of your path

Much hardship lies before the end

Go forth beneath the moon and star

To the east, to Morrowind

Prove yourself

Defeat the blight

To Dagoth Ur

Bring on the fight

Redeem the false gods

Bring us peace

Unmourned Sixth House,

Thus release

When all of this

You finally do

Your true role

Will be known to you

Know this, mortal (Wake up.)

This I'll tell. (What's wrong?)

You will succeed (Why are you shaking...?)

For now, farewell...

(Wake up!)