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It combines the stories I mentioned before part of chapter 17 and chapter 37 of "The Last" with a whole lot of added detail. If you've read any or all of them consider this the unrated directors cut with extra footage and deleted scenes. If you haven't, don't worry, it's all here.

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Two Days In Ba Sing Se


(One Week Earlier)

Zuko eased into Suki's room where she was packing for their trip to Ba Sing Se. He watched her silently, noting the way that her hands handled delicate fabric, smoothing them as she placed them in her big green bag.

"Are you going to stand there all day or are you going to come in?" Suki said with a smile as she placed the shirt she'd been folding into her suitcase. She didn't even have to look up to know he was there, she could feel the heat from him filling the room.

Zuko chuckled, walking over to the bed she was working off of. "Do you think you have enough? We won't be gone that long."

"We'll be gone a little over a week. You never know what you might need." she looked to him with a smile, "It's all about being prepared." She danced in place a little bit, "And I got a few things for Katara." She said eagerly.

He looked into her big green bag, laying a finger on the stack of blue, white, orange and yellow. "Is this what you're taking to her?" Suki nodded with a smile. He looked part of the way through the pile of silk and lace, his single eye brow raised, "This looks like it's more for Aang than Katara."

She laughed lightly and bumped him with her hip, "I guess you can look at it like that. I think every girl should have at least a few nice underthings."

He raised an eyebrow, looking at her with a blank face, "Do you have things like this?"

The Kyoshi Warrior smiled at him, her bottom lip caught in her teeth as she looked him over, "I do."

"Oh really?" His eyes went to her strong body, picturing how she would look in lace, or in nothing at all. Suki could not help but laugh, knowing exactly what he was doing with that look on his face. Her hand went to the back of his neck, pulling him towards her in a kiss.

He just smiled into the kiss, letting her tongue slip into his mouth as his arms went around her waist. Suki couldn't help but laugh as they kissed, Zuko's hand exploring down past her waistline and cupping her firm buttocks.

Just as Suki was getting excited there was a double hand clap from behind them. "Okay you two, enough of that." Lady Ursa said with a smile, "The balloon is ready to go. You'll have to do that on your own time."

Suki laughed out of embarrassment, pulling away from the kiss and burying her face in her boyfriend's robes. Zuko put his hand back to her waist, looking at his mother with a frown and a blush on his face, "Mother, really."

Lady Ursa giggled as she shook her head, "Kids these days." She mumbled happily as she walked away.

Suki lifted her head back up, looking at the gold eyes of her Fire Lord, "This week is going to be hard." She leaned in and spoke into his lips. "I don't know if I can keep my distance from you all that time."

"I know." Zuko sighed, giving her a quick squeeze from around her waist. "But after the party we'll tell them and everything will be out in the open."

"I know." She smiled as she looked into his eyes, "This little secret thing has been fun though."

He couldn't help but laugh a little bit, "It has, but it's been almost a year. We can't go on like this." One of his hands went to the side of her face, cupping her cheek lovingly, "I want to be with you. I don't want to hide us anymore."

"I don't either. It's just more complicated than that…" she sighed, pulling away from him. She was trying not to worry about it, but it was apparent that that she was.

"Tell me what's wrong." He cooed to her, his hand going to her upper arm.

"I'm just worried about how Sokka's going to react. It's been two years since we broke up and he still won't even speak to me."

He looked at her sadly as she went back to packing. She always kept herself busy when she was upset, a trait they both shared. He held the same concern though. He knew that the news they would share could sever ties that had been hard fought to achieve. He knew that it was going to be necessary though, it's not like Sokka was going to make it easy on them. "He won't admit it, but I think he still loves you."

Suki shook her head, a tear falling from her eye. "That's what Katara says." She looked up at Zuko, "I don't want to hurt him more than I already have."

Zuko reached out wiped the tear from her cheek with his thumb, "I don't want to hurt him either, but we have to stop this hiding." he pulled her back into his arms and looked into her eyes, those lovely violet eyes that he saw so many things in, including his future. "I love you Suki and I want us to be together for a very long time."

She looked at him with wide eyes, "You really mean that?"

He gave her a small smile. "Every word of it." This drew a giggle from Suki, her lips reaching for his again. As they kissed she knew that as long as Zuko was there everything would be ok.

Party at the Jasmine Dragon

It was a beautiful spring evening in Ba Sing Se. Aang and Katara were celebrating their engagement at the Jasmine Dragon. Iroh had closed down for the night so that they could have a private party. Most of their family and friends would be in attendance.

Hakoda and Bato were there early because they could not stay long. They already been in Ba Sing Se for two weeks for a series of conferences and meetings and they had to get back to the South Pole. Zuko, Suki, Azula and Ty Lee arrived at the tea shop not long after, Zuko dressed in the head waiter's uniform his Uncle Iroh had given him for the night.

The guest started arriving in groups. Xing Ying and a group of Air Acolytes from Yu Dao, a few former Freedom Fighters, Chang and the Nomads, Teo, Haru, King Kuei, Hope and her family and about a dozen more people were there to congratulate the Avatar and the water bender on their engagement.

Aang and Sokka got dressed in their formal outfits and walked down the street toward the Jasmine Dragon. "Hey Guys." Suki chirped happily to them as she walked toward their apartment, "You guys clean up well."

Aang smiled and walked into Suki's hug as Sokka scowled and walked past her stopping a few feet away.

They stepped apart and Suki said: "Well if you two look this good Katara must look amazing."

"I hope so. she's been getting ready for hours." Aang said, "She called Toph in a little while ago to help her."

Suki looked at him confused "You mean Katara is helping Toph get dressed?"

"No. Toph was ready before us."

"Oh wow. I'll go and help out." she said as she hurried down to the apartment.

Aang walked up to Sokka and they started back toward the teashop. "Suki looked nice." he said cutting a glance at his future brother-in-law.

"If you say so." the warrior said with a shrug.

"How long are you going to give her the silent treatment? Its been years."

"Till I feel like stopping." he answered.

Aang had been waiting outside the tea shop for fifteen minutes before a cloaked Katara came up followed by Suki and Toph. "Well its about time." he said throwing his hands up "I thought you stood me up...What's with the cloak and dagger look?"

"Believe me, it'll be worth it." Suki said as she pulled the cape and cowl off of Katara and Aang's jaw almost hit the ground. She was wrapped in shimmering blue silk with gold detailing, a high split at her right leg and a fit like a second skin.

The air bender stuttered "You look... you look... damn." he finally breathed out, his eyes feasting on his betrothed.

Katara just laughed "You look very nice too." she said as she looked at him bathed in oranges and reds and wearing the new mala Katara had made for him. She stepped forward and took the pendant in her hand "It looks at nice on you."

He stepped closer and cradled the charm on Katara's new betrothal necklace on his finger as he brushed his thumb across it "And this looks good on you."

Suki and Toph sighed as Aang slid his free hand to the curve of Katara's waist. he surprised when his fingertips landed on bare skin. Suki giggled at the reaction on his face and Toph laughed at the racing of his heart and the two of them went inside. Aang pulled Katara to him and looked at how the back of the dress dipped all the way down to the small of her back. He held her so that he could see her face. Her cheeks were a deep red. "Do you like it?" she asked "It's not too much, is it?"

Aang pressed a small kiss on Katara's lips "This is the best thing I've ever seen you wear."

Iroh hadn't seen some of the young people who'd come to Aang and Katara's engagement party in years. He was happy to see Longshot and The Duke, but he wondered where Smellerbee was. He approached The Duke, Longshot and his date. She had her back to him Longshot's hands rested on the curve of her hips as she talked to The Duke. She was dressed in a fine dress in shades of green.

"Hello" Iroh greeted happily "It's good to see you again."

Longshot nodded his head and Duke said "Hi General. Nice place you have here."

Iroh smiled that old huge smile of his "Why thank you. So Katara said that Miss Smellerbee would be coming with you. Did she decide not to come?"

Longshot ducked his head and smirked as the young woman sighed and looked over her shoulder "What is it with you old man? I'm right here."

Aang could not take his eyes off Katara the entire time. Everyone commented on how lovely the young woman looked, which just made Aang want to get her alone for a second or two.

Katara was feeling the same way when she looked at the young Avatar in his dress robes. He'd always looked handsome to her, but tonight it was just different. She knew that he was going to be her husband. She had decided the day before that she was done waiting to have her way with the young man, she just had to get him alone somehow.

"Katara, I can't get over how many people are here!" Smellerbee told her, a smile on her face.

Katara was pulled off her cloud, smiling down at her friend. "I'm glad that everyone could come. I know that everyone is busy, so it's nice that they could all make it!"

"It's also nice that everyone is helping out with it." Smellerbee shot a look over at the dark figure in a green apron who was walking towards the back of the shop. "I mean hell, you have the Fire Lord serving tea!"

Katara laughed at her friend awkwardly walking among their friends, a brown tray in his hand. People were pulling things off it as he walked by, some of them joking about having him serve them.

Zuko stepped into the back room, sitting the large tray onto the counter. He sighed heavily, reaching back and pulling at his topknot to tighten it. He was not sure how he got roped into serving tonight, but he was regretting it. It was different when it was just a few casual customers in the teashop, and something different when he was having to serve dozens of people by himself.

He was almost by himself that is. What should have helped him only made things worse though. "Did you get Bumi's fermented tea?"

Zuko's gaze snapped to Suki who was standing in the doorway. She had an apron and tray just like his, a smile on her face. "Does he really need fermented tea?" Zuko asked, looking his girlfriend over.

Suki just laughed lightly, "Do you wanna say no to King Bumi?"

"I can do that." Zuko just smiled at her, leaning his head to the side lightly. He'd had her dress made especially for her, but had not seen it on her until today. The rich green silk stood out against her skin, with tiny veins of gold thread dancing across it's entire surface. "You look pretty tonight." He sighed, his arms crossing over his chest. "I mean you always look pretty but…" He was speaking very softly so that no one could hear.

"I get what you're saying." She laughed, sitting her tray onto the counter next to his, "I want to see you tonight." Her voice was just as soft as his had been, her eyes looking up into his.

"We're seeing one another right now."

"No…" She reached out, the side of her finger grazing his right cheek. He moaned lightly as the contact, moving his mouth towards her hand. Suki gasped as his lips and tongue ran along the skin, his eyes locked on hers.

There was a noise from behind them, making Suki pull her hand away from his mouth quickly. She spun around just in time to see Iroh standing in the doorway, a smile on his face. "I hope I am not interrupting anything."

Zuko shook his head, fighting the blush that he knew was on his cheeks, "Why would you be interrupting?"

Iroh just smiled, bowing his head lightly, "Fair enough. Do we have King Bumi's tea?"

"I'll get it Iroh." Suki told him with a smile, walking to the room in the back where the specialty teas were kept. Zuko could feel his heart skip a beat as she walked by but tried to keep that hidden.

Iroh just smiled at him before walking back into the dining room. Once he was sure that his uncle was gone and went after Suki, quickly going to the room that she had disappeared into. He closed the door behind him, trapping them both in the small space. They crashed into one another with a moan, their lips pressing together. She tried to cry out in protest but his lips muffled her. She knew that they should not be doing this, that they could get caught. Perhaps that was why it felt so good.

His hands went around her waist, holding her in place as they kissed. He felt the danger too, and pulled himself away from her lips. Her hands went to his hair, trying to pull him back to her. "Later." He whispered, pulling away from her.


He nodded, "Meet me in the lower ring after midnight."

"Fire Light Fountain?"

"Of course." He leaned in and pressed another quick kiss on her lips, grabbing the tea for Bumi, "Wait a bit before you come out, ok?"

She nodded, reaching up and fixing his hair, "I will."

"I love you." He whispered lightly, a smile on his face.

"I love you too." With that he left the storage room, leaving his girlfriend swooning in his wake.

Zuko walked back out into the dining room, looking around for Bumi. He was meet with someone quite different. "Have you seen my sister?"

Zuko raised his eyebrow at Sokka, "Seeing as that I'm not her baby sitter, no."

Sokka just rolled his eyes, "I don't need the attitude."

"Why do you care so much anyway?" He delivered the tea to an eager King Bumi with a soft smile. "You're going to have to learn to give them some space there, Captain-Cock-Block."

Sokka rolled his eyes again at Zuko's comment, "Katara is my sister, there is no space between us."

"So are you planning on being there for the wedding night?" Zuko chuckled, picking up some dirty cups from a nearby table.

Sokka rolled his eyes, "I don't even like to think about that."

"Well you are going to have to." Zuko saw Suki walk out of the backroom out of the corner of his eye, trying not to react as he saw her look towards him and Sokka.

"What's your problem?" Sokka asked, pulling Zuko's gaze back to him. "You've been weird even since you got here."


"Yes Zuko, weird. What's going on?"

Zuko's mind raced, trying to come up with a convincing lie to tell his friend, "It's just odd to be back." He said with a smile, "Back with all you guys, it's nice actually."

Sokka grinned widely, reaching out and patting Zuko on the shoulder, "It's nice to have you back too buddy!"

Zuko just laughed a little bit, shaking his head and trying to not show the sinking feeling in his stomach.