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(The Next Day)

Iroh was at Zuko's door shortly after sunrise, knowing that he would be up. The old fire bender shifted the tray of tea, pastries and a cold compress to one hand and tapped lightly on the door before letting himself in. "Nephew, I've brought you something to make that eye feel better and some tea to take care of your head, its a bit bitter, but-" he stopped short when he finally looked up and saw Zuko laying on his side, still sleeping, with his arm draped across Suki's back. They were both totally naked, save a sheet pulled up to their waists.

Iroh tried to sit the tray down quietly and back away, but as soon as the tray touched the table Zuko opened his eyes. "Un-uncle?" he said groggily as he glanced at the figure in the doorway. It was then he realized that Suki was still in his bed with him, her naked back exposed. The Fire Lord pulled the sheet farther up on Suki's body and started to try and explain "Uncle we-"

The general just held a hand up and smiled softly "Have a good morning my nephew," He said quietly before he backed out of the door and closing it behind him.

Zuko frowned awkwardly, looking at the door that his uncle had just walked out of. Almost on cue there was a soft giggle from next to him. He looked down to find her face towards him, her large lips curled into a smile, "So, you find that funny?" The tall fire bender laid back down next to her, his free hand traveling up and down her bare back.

"Absolutely hilarious." she sighed, her arm moving from under the pillow and to his right eye, "Your eye looks horrible." She mumbled with a frown, her fingertips touching the dark bruise that not covered the eye.

"It feels worse." He sighed, "My head too."

"I will get you that tea." She slid on the bed, pulling herself to her knees and grabbing the sheet that had been over them. She wrapped it around herself, pulling it tight to herself as she walked to the table in the room. He was left naked on the bed, watching her as she walked over to the desk, picking up the tray and navigating it back to the bed.

She sat it on the bed, offering the tea to him. He took it with a smile, a blush on his cheeks. Suki's attention then went to the cold compress, picking it up and pressing it to his eye. Her movements were so gentle, so loving. It made his stomach flutter with pleasure. He took the compress into his hand, letting her settle back down on the bed.

Suki picked up the pasty, taking a bite out of it. "I think that was for me." He said playfully.

"I know." She took another bite.

He shook his head, "So bossy."

"You think it's sexy." She purred.

"Of course." sipped his tea, "It's very Fire Lady like of you."

This made Suki laugh, "I kinda like the sound of it, you know." She smirked, "Fire Lady Suki." She said just above a whisper.

Zuko just smiled at her, letting the cold compress fall from his eye and as he looked her over, "I love the sound of it."

Azula slipped into her door quietly and looked around. Sokka wasn't in the living room, so she went to where she'd left him a few hours earlier, her bedroom.

She stood at the door and looked at the already made bed. She wouldn't of pegged Sokka for the neat type, but he had actually done a good job. She was just about to call out to see if he was still there when the bathroom door opened and he walked out buttoning his shirt.

"Are you leaving?" she asked leveling him a confused look.

"Yeah. I guess they'll start looking for me soon. And besides, I'm hungry. I worked very hard last night." he said leveling her a sly smile.

The princess looked at him with a smirk and pulled a rather large bag from behind her back "So I guess I got all this for nothing."

A huge smile crossed his face "Has anyone ever told you you're perfect."

"I seem to recall hearing that a few times last night, but it's always good to hear." she handed him the bag and watched him open it and inhale deeply as he walked over to the table "I got it from a shop on the way here. If I got that much food from Uncle they would've wondered who I had over here."

The warrior looked up from the bag he was unpacking with a slight frown on his face "Were they there?"

"Yes," she said glancing away "They told me about them being together." She would never admit it to him, but she was happy that Zuko had found someone. He seemed happier than he never had, certainly more so than he ever was with Mai, and she was glad for it. She was still not really sure about it being Suki, but she figured that she would get used to that. She paused then she looked at Sokka "I thought you said you only hit Zuko once?"

"It was only once. Aang's go to me before I could hit him again." He answered before he took a bite out of the huge pastry he had chosen. "And knowing Katara, she probably put her healing hands on him."

She raised an eyebrow "I'm impressed. Zuzu looks like he was in a fight. I knew you were powerful, but I never imagined." She purred. Sokka laughed as he sat down and motioned for her to join him. She sat down with him, but waved away the bag the he'd pushed toward her "I ate at the Jasmine Dragon, that's all for you. I heard you've got quite the appetite." she said looking at him with longing in her eyes.

Sokka swallowed his mouthful, "Why do I feel like I'm your after breakfast snack?" he asked .

"You just may be."

A sly smile crossed his lips "Is that an invitation to stay longer?"

"I would say so."

"Well, in that case, I need all the energy I can get." he said as he reached into the bag and pulled out another roll. He paused and looked at her, seriousness crossing his face "Thank you."

She waved her hand, "I couldn't very well have you here starving."

"I'm not talking about that. I appreciate you letting me in and listening to me complain last night. Offering to let me hide out. You could have slammed the door in my face and not thought twice about it, but you didn't. I appreciate that."

Then Sokka saw something he never thought he would, a blush cross Azula's face "It's okay." she said "I would hope that if I was in the same situation,you would have let me in."

"Honestly, I'm not so sure." he answered "Before last night I didn't know that you were"


"Um, I guess you can say it like that." they sat in an awkward silence as he finished his second pastry. "So, um, what about everything else. What exactly is all that about."

She furrowed her brow at him "Do you question everything?"

"Yeah, I do. That's what makes me me."

Azula thought for a second "Well, I suppose its about a man and a woman comforting each other by making each other feel good, and when it's over, it's over and that's what it needs to be."

"So what you're saying its no strings attached?" he said to clarify.


"And it's not over yet?"

"I'm not nearly done, but if you're not up to it I understand." she said sitting back and crossing her arms casually.

Sokka laced his fingers in front of his chin "So, lets just say that I'm not done. How much time would I have before you go back?"

"Two more days, maybe three. It depends on how ZuZu's little meeting goes today."

He stroked his beard "So If I were to , say, hide out here for those two or three days, that would be fine with you?"

"Actually it would be preferred." the princess answered with a smirk.

"Well then," he said standing up and reaching his hand out to her "I suppose that I'll accept your invitation. I'd be a fool not to."

She took his hand and stood up, turning into his body "Hmm, strong, virile and intelligent. Not a mixture you find too often. I may have to keep an eye on you."

"Just an eye?" he queried as he pressed his pelvis against her.

She chuckled "An eye, a hand, all sorts of various body parts."

"That sounds much better."

Katara stood by the window and looked out over the garden behind their new home. The sun shone beautifully on all the different types of brightly colored flowers, and the water in the small fountain shimmered in the morning light. She brushed a tendril of hair out of her face right as a tattooed hand reached around to give her a hot cup of tea.

"Thanks." she said as she took the cup and sipped from it. She looked back at Aang "You keep this up and you'll be good enough to work for Iroh."

He smiled before dropping a kiss on the shoulder revealed by her gown slipping.

"Practice makes prefect." he said as an arm snaked around her waist.

"Why do I get the feeling you're not talking about the tea." she chuckled as she took another sip. Katara turned around in his arms and tipped up to give him a peck on the lips "I'll be glad when this is our life everyday."

"Yeah," he sighed, "but Sokka will be back later on and it'll be back to sneaking around until we have the wedding."

She looked down into her tea "Yeah. The return of Captain Cock-Block. " she looked up at him "I wonder where he went."

Aang pulled her closer to his bare chest "Like Toph said, he probably went to the apartment. I'm sure he's hanging off his bed snoring like he does every morning."

She chuckled a little "I hope so. Yesterday was kind of rough on him."

"I know...I mean Zuko and Suki, who would've guessed."

Katara stretched her eyes and smiled "I know. How crazy is that? I guess it makes sense though."

"When you see them together it does." Aang took the teacup from her hand and set it on the windowsill "But enough about them. Lets talk about us."

She put her hand his cheek and looked into his shimmering gray eyes "Yeah, we have a wedding to plan."

He put his hand on hers and pressed his face gently into her palm with a smile "We could do that, or we could go back to bed." she giggled as he dropped a kiss on her neck "Practice does make perfect, and we didn't get nearly as much practice last night as we did the night before."

She laughed "Because we were too tired from the night before."

"So are you rested?"

"I am." she blushed, "but Sokka and Toph could come back at any time."

"Well, you know, neither Toph nor Sokka are morning people. I'd bet it would be a few hours before they even wake up, so we have time to go back to the bedroom, and the kitchen, and the bathroom," she giggled as Aang deftly scooped her up into his arms "and the garden."

"Not in broad daylight." she laughed.

"Okay, maybe not the garden, but we can still make the best of the morning."

Toph sat by the window and felt the morning breeze on her skin. The apartment was entirely too quiet. Where is Sokka? she thought He should've been back last night. I hope he's alright.

She got up and made her way through the maze of boxes she had packed as she stayed up the entire night before, thinking about him, worrying about him. He'd been out all night, possibly in the rain. Why hadn't he just come back home. Why hadn't he just come to her. She would've taken care of him. If only he'd known that he could come to her. But then again there had never been a time when he couldn't.

She chastised herself inwardly for allowing him to go so easily. She should of followed him. She should of stopped him and told him that none of that mattered because she loved him and she would always be there for him.

As she grabbed a papaya from the table she made up her mind to go tell Katara and Aang that he hadn't come back and it was time to go looking for the warrior.

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