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Nineteen year old Lauren Branning woke up and rubbed her hands over her face. She opened he eyes and sat up in her bed, looking around. She noticed that Abi's bed was empty and sighed, running a hand through her hair. She checked her phone and sighed. It was ten thirty on a Friday morning and the house was empty. She yawned and swung her legs out of the bed, standing up. She headed to the bathroom and got a shower, washing her hair in the process. She got out, half an hour, and headed back to her bedroom to blow dry it. After drying it, she picked out her outfit for the day. After slipping her white, long sleeved top over her head and smoothing down her black skinny jeans, she headed downstairs to make herself some breakfast. She made herself some toast and headed for the living room, groaning when her mobile rang. She pulled it out of her jean pocket and sighed as it was unknown number.

'Hello?' she spoke, placing a hand on her hip. There was no answer, but she could hear breathing on the other end of the line. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

'Look, I know someone is there, I can hear breathing...' the other line hung up a few seconds afterwards and Lauren scoffed slightly.

'How rude!' she said to herself. She looked at her toast and grimaced, deciding to go to the cafe instead. She headed for the hallway and slipped on her hi top trainers and grabbed a lilac cardigan, grabbing her keys in the process. She stepped outside remembering to lock the door behind her and headed down the steps, not noticing a black car parked outside her house. She headed through the gardens, trying to shake off the feeling of someone watching her. She looked both ways before she stepped out into the road, only just managing to throw herself backwards keep her balance as the black car skidded round the corner and almost hit her, before driving off.

'IDIOT!' Lauren screamed, before straightening out her jacket, before heading for the cafe...

'WHAT? Did you get his number plate?' asked Jack Branning later that day, as himself, Max, Tanya and Lauren met in the Queen Vic for lunch. Lauren sighed and rolled her eyes.

'No.. It screeched off before I could' said Lauren. Jack sighed.

'Next time you see the car, you call me' he stated, Lauren nodded, before digging into her pocket for her mobile. She frowned as she saw it was the same unknown number that had called her this morning.

'Hello?' she said, hoping they would answer this time. All she heard was breathing and then the person hung up, making Lauren sigh.

'You okay?' asked Tanya, sipping her drink while she watched her daughter. Lauren planted a smile on her face and looked at her mum.

'Yeah I'm fine' she smiled, getting to her feet and grabbing her bag.

'Where you going?' asked Max

'I just remembered I said I'd meet Abi in town' Lauren lied. Max and Tanya nodded, before Lauren smiled and left...

Two days later, Lauren stumbled into her house after a night out with Whitney, Peter and Tyler. She glanced at the clock and saw it was twelve sixteen in the morning. She groaned and frowned when she realised she could hear shouting from the living room. She heard her parents voices and swung the living room open, stopping at the sight before her, as the room fell silent.

'Ah! Here she finally is! Looking at you, haven't you grown?' said Uncle Derek in a fake, sickly sweet voice, as he leant against the fireplace. Lauren stood in the doorway, her mouth slack. Her brain snapped back to reality after a moment and she shook her head.

'What the hell are you doing here?' she said, her voice laced with anger.

'Just wanting to see how my little brother and his family are doing' said Derek. Lauren glowered at him

'After seven years? You uproot your kids and cut all contact with us... and you just turn up out of the blue after seven years?' she said, clenching her fists.

'Lauren-' started Max

'Shut up, Dad! Why's he here?' said Lauren turning her attention to her parent who were stood near the drinks cabinet

'Lauren, where have you been? I've been calling you and texting you for two hours!' said Tanya.

'Out! With Peter and Whit... Oh and Tyler' she added, as an afterthought. Tanya sighed and looked at her daughter. Tanya opened her mouth to say something, but a different voice spoke.

'Well, you haven't changed have you?' said a voice what made Lauren's anger boil to the surface. She spun round, her curly hair resting past her shoulders, as the bobble came away from holding it up.

'Well, you have! I can by looking at you that you turned into a player!' Lauren shot at the person. Joey Branning smiled cockily.

'Well done. That's correct. You should know that I don't do relationships, thought you knew that when I broke your best mates heart?' Joey said. Lauren's eyes lit up and Joey knew that if Lauren could shoot fire from her eyes, he'd most likely be burned alive on the spot.

'And do you know what happened to her? Ended up in hospital been treated for-'

'LAUREN! thats enough!' Max said firmly. Lauren spun round to face her Dad and scoffed.

'What? You know what he did to Lucy! WHy are you on his side?' Lauren shouted loudly, pointing at Joey, who rolled his eyes and fold his arms.

'Lauren, I'm not on his side! What's gotten into you? I thought you'd be pleased to see him!' said Max

'PLEASED? PLEASED? You thought wrong, Daddy dearest!' Lauren shouted at Max, who was clearly confused at his daughters attitude. Max and Tanya were so caught up in stopping a row escalting between Joey and Lauren, they failed to notice footsteps approaching the living room doorway.

'Mummy? What's going on?'. The room fell silent, as Lauren's attention snapped from Joey to Leylan Branning. She closed her eyes and cursed herself in her head. Uncle Derek seemed none the wiser and greeting the little boy.

'Hello, little fella. How are you?' he asked Leylan. Lauren rushed over to him and put an arm round him, as Leylan round his arms round her waist.

'His name is Leylan and he's my son!' said Lauren introducing him to Derek and Joey, as Max pinched the bridge of his nose with his his thumb and forefinger...

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