Watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy, and Christina really reminded me of Santana at some point, so I just had to write this. Hope you like.

Glee(/Grey's Anatomy)



Your first day at the hospital, you don't even register that Dr. Blonde Bombshell works there. Okay, maybe that's a lie. You know that Dr. Blonde Bombshell, you've been trying to avoid her since you first saw her.

Not only does she seem to be that kind of person that everyone likes- Dr. Blonde Bombshell is your boss. She's that kind of person that gets under your skin and invades your soul, and that person that you'll never forget.

Dr. Blonde Bombshell actually gets under your skin without even trying, which is why you've been avoiding her at any cost, ever since Quinn told you about what an amazing doctor she is. Ever since your best friend bragged about how she gets to scrub in with Dr. Blonde Bombshell and how she helped their boss to save kids.

Dr. Blonde Bombshell is a Pediatric surgeon. The best there is.

You're all into ortopedics, and Dr. Smythe has taken you under his wing, telling you that you got that special thing that will make you a kick-ass surgeon one day.

Today is the first time, in six months, that you can't avoid Dr. Blonde Bombshell anymore, considering that your attending, Tina, has given her the pleasure to work with Dr. Blonde Bombshell this whole week.

"You must be Dr. Lopez, am I right?" Dr. Blonde Bombshell asks you as she walks up to you at the nurse station. "I'm Dr. Pierce."

You only nod in confirmation, hating yourself the whole time for checking out your boss in the corner of your eye.

"Sebastian says you're an excellent learner, I hope he's right."

You spend the day together, you try to keep everything as professional as possible, not wanting Dr. Blonde Bombshell to get under your skin like she has done with everyone else. It's your boss for Gods sake, and you're just an intern. Who doesn't do friendship or emotions; you just want to become the best ortopedic surgeon in the country one day, all kinds of relationships or actually caring won't take you there.

Blonde Bombshell brings you coffee. She even brings you a muffin, saying that you were looking a little down. She is observant, and kind, and she cares like hell about her patients. She is intelligent, a great teacher and she tries so hard all the time to make the families and patients as happy as possible.

You can only watch how your teacher for the week is great with the kids, how she calms them before the big surgery, how she scrunches her nose together when she's excited about something, how she needs to check up on every patient to see how they're doing after.

You really try to not like her. And you think that you're quite successful at the end of the day. You're on your way home for the day, proud to actually not be thinking about Dr. Blonde Bombshell when she appears out of nowhere.

"You're not really much of a talker, are you?" the blonde asks you, quirking an eyebrow at you with a smirk ghosting across her lips.

"Not really." you answer; finishing the chart you were writing and hands it to the nurse, avoiding eye contact.

It's Thanksgiving today, and you promised your friends you'd be there as soon as you got off work. Actually, they're all in the same program as you, with the same attending, but none of them wanted to come to work, considering that this is kind of your only day off.

"So…" Dr. Blonde Bombshell trails off, and you finally look up (yeah, she's taller than you) and meet her eyes, waiting for her to continue. "what are you doing tonight?"

To be honest, you're a little shocked that she even asked. But you're also a little excited. What if she wants to meet up for a drink? You quickly decide to politely decline if that's the case.

Not any kind of relationship that can distract you from your goal, you will avoid. She's just trouble for you.

"I'm going home to have dinner with my roommates'," you tell her, watching her face fall a little. Or maybe that's just in your head.

"Oh," she breathes, and smiles big at you. "Hope you have a great time then."


You don't bother to ask her what her plan for the night is; instead you just nod your head in a goodbye and quickly turn around on your heel towards the elevators. As you're waiting, you turn your head hesitantly to the nurse station, where she's still watching you.

You quickly snap your eye back to the elevator as it opens just a second later, and just was quick you disappear inside of it.

When you arrive next day, Dr. Blonde Bombshell is waiting for you with a coffee in her hand at the entrance.

At first, you consider not accepting it. What's up with this coffee cups she keeps giving you? Maybe she does that to everyone.

"I have great news." She tells you on your way up. "We have a heart surgery today. That should be fun."

"Oh, okay." You say, not really sure what to tell her. She just smiles big at you and says that she'll be waiting on the Pediatric floor when you're done changing into your blue scrubs.

Tina is in the locker room, bossing around your friends and telling them to hurry up for rounds.

You open your locker, which is next to Quinn's. Your best friend is sitting on the bench behind you.

"How is Pierce treating you?" the blonde asks, and you just shrug in response.

"She's okay."

"Just okay?" Quinn scoffs and stands up and walks up to you just as you unbuckle your jeans and puts on the scrub pants. "She's fucking amazing. You're lucky."

You take the coffee that you got from Blonde Bombshell and offer it to Quinn. (You don't want it anyway.)

"Take this. I've already had coffee today."

"George Davidson, 7, admitted today for a heart transplant, necessitated here by viral cardiomyopathy."

Dr. Blonde Bombshell smiles at you from across George's bed, nodding her approval.

"And, how do you say that in english, Dr. Lopez?" Brittany asks, while winking at George, who blushes furiously.

"His is unable to heart fill and pump blood normally." You explain, and turn your head to watch the little boy, and his mother who is standing next to Dr. Blonde Bombshell.

"Great." Your boss tells you. "George, Mrs. Davidson, this is Dr. Lopez, she will be assisting me on the surgery today."

The boy just nods along with his mother.

"You never bond with your patients."

You look up from the book you're reading, to find Dr. Blonde Bombshell hovering over you.

"What a great observation of you." You tell her with a blank face, and then look down at your book again.

"Why is that?" she asks, ignoring the fact that you obviously is busy.

"I don't know." You answer, not looking up from your book.

She pulls out the chair next to you and you can feel her studying you.

"Don't you have anything more interesting to do than staring at me, Dr. Pierce?" you quirk an eyebrow as you look up at her.

"Everyone tells me you're like this working machine. That you're always here at the hospital."

"Why are you asking everyone about me?"

She opens her mouth, but nothing comes out. You smirk at her and lower the book into your lap.

"I can't figure you out." She admits and leans back in her chair, still studying you.

You don't know what to answer, so just keep looking at her straight in the eye. Her eyes are so blue. There is an unfamiliar fluttering in your stomach that you've grown to hate. As soon as you see her, your body just goes wild.

She pokes her tongue out to wet her lips, and you follow it with rapt attention. Then she stands up, and starts walking away. Just as the fluttering stops, she turns around.

"Surgery in an hour."

"Great work today, Dr. Lopez."

You turn your head towards that sweet voice, and lock eyes with Dr. Blonde Bombshell.


You're quiet for a while, just looking at each other.

"You should really try to bond more with your patients." She tells you, and you just huff in annoyance. Who does she think she is? Sure, she's your boss. But she can't force you to bond with patients. You're the best intern in this place, and everyone knows this.

"I have no interest in getting too attached." You answer her with a little irritation in your voice.

She raises an eyebrow at you, and you can't decide if you think it's crazy sexy or just irritating.

She's probably one of those people that has an insane clean apartment and always eats breakfast because she thinks that it's the most important meal of the whole day.

"I have to go." You tell her, and picks up your bag that is next to you as you see Quinn coming out from the elevator.

She just nods and follows your gaze to your best friend, who politely greets Dr. Blonde Bombshell and you just scowl at Quinn, and she raises her eyebrow at you as well.

"Come on, I'm starving." You whine and Quinn says goodbye to Dr. Blonde Bombshell and walk out of the entrance.

You don't say goodbye, and you don't look back.

Tomorrow is Christmas. You hate Christmas.

Your other roommate, Sugar, is running around your house and is putting up decorations all over the fucking place. It's like a freaking disco in there.

Quinn sit down next to you on the couch with a loud exhale and looks just as bored as you do, the both of you following Sugar with your gaze as she's running around and talking about that we should go buy a Christmas tree and maybe invite some of the other interns over to our place tomorrow.

Neither you, nor Quinn even replies, because Sugar doesn't even seem to notice that none of you care.

"You wanna go out for a drink? 'Cuase I really fucking need one when our place looks like my mother has thrown up in here."

The two of you grab your jackets and steps out in the snow, shivering as you get inside a cab.

The pub you head to is just across the hospital, and it's called "Puck's". The owner, Puck, is a really nice guy.

"So," he begins as he pours the two of you four shots of tequila, "what are you guys doing tomorrow?"

"Working." Both Quinn and you answer at the same time as you gulp down the first glass of the tequila.

"What? Really? But it's Christmas, I thought the hospital would give you some time off because of the holidays."

"They did." Quinn and you answer at the same time again, and down the second glass of tequila, motioning him to fill another.

"But don't you want to be with your families?" he asks with a scowl, pouring tequila into your shot glasses.

"My mom is a freaking maniac at Christmas." Quinn huffs and rolls her eyes. "Running around cleaning the whole house for days. It's like every year, at the Christmas holidays, she gets schizophrenia and starts crying if she burns some of the food and bossing everyone around. My sister started crying last year when my mother yelled at her because of the Christmas tree was just 'wrong'".

He turns to you.

"What's your excuse?"

"My dad died in a heart attack."

He gives you a concerned look, and pours you another shot of tequila.

"This is on the house."


Why is she talking to you? You're not on her service anymore.

"Hi." You mutter, trying to not let your nose pick up her scent of vanilla perfume.

"You're here. On Christmas."

You turn to her.


Dr. Blonde Bombshell smiles weakly at you as your eyes meet.

"Why aren't you home with your family?"

Because your father died on this day, two years ago, and your family doesn't celebrate Christmas because it's too painful.

"Why aren't you?" you ask instead, not wanting her to know that.

"My parents are in Germany with the rest of our family. I guess I just wanted to stay home this year."

You nod, turning back to the chart you were writing in.

"On whose service are you on?"

"Dr. Chang."

"I have a heart transplant today. You want in?"

Why is she so damn nice? She knows that you're fascinated of it.

"Of course."

You think you just smiled at her for the first time.

You follow her to the patient's room. It's a boy, he's maybe 10 years old, probably African-American.

"Justin. Marion." Dr. Bombshell greets the mother and his boy. "I have some good news for you. Great, even."

"You mean that…" the woman, the boy's mother called Marion, begins with a smile as she stands up from her chair in excitement.

"UNOS called. They have a heart." Your attending smiles, and Marion starts laughing, looking down at Justin, kissing him on his cheek. The boy doesn't look very excited though.

"We can operate in an hour."

"Did you hear that, Justin?" the mother asks, laughing. "Santa is giving you a heart for Christmas!"

She seems like a fucking annoying person, and Justin seems to think so as well.

The boy is quiet for a few seconds. "Tell that fatass to give it to someone else, I don't want it."

Marion's smile fades a little, looking up at Dr. Blonde Bombshell, who looks very surprised. You are too. But for some reason you find is amusing. Dr. Blonde Bombshell clears her throat as Justin looks up at her with an annoyed expression.

After the mother tries to save the situation with telling Dr. Blonde Bombshell that he's just tired and apologizing, and Justin saying that he's always tired and that he hates Christmas every day. Then saying that he doesn't want another operation, and Dr. Blonde Bombshell trying to tell him that he needs one because he has grown out of his other heart, that doesn't keep up with him like it should.

"I don't care. I don't want it."

"Can you tell me why?" Dr. Blonde Bombshell asks, but Justin just turns his head away.

The next time you see him, is in the O.R.

He's lying on the table, being prepped for operation. He looks up at you with an irritated face.

"I told you, I don't want it!" he swats the nurse away as she tries to put him to sleep. "Why are you going this?"

Dr. Blonde Bombshell isn't here yet.

"Because you need it, and since your mother makes all the decisions about you 'til you're 18, you have to do as she says."

"My mom is a liar. You heard her, she said that the heart is from Santa. She doesn't get to decide anything!"

"You can try to make a run for it. But that heart you got won't take you very far; you'll probably have a heart attack and die." You tell him in a bored tone, as you put on your operating gloves, getting a glare from the nurse.

Just as he's about to reply, Dr. Blonde Bombshell walks in as you throw a glare in the nurses direction, daring her to tell the person that just walked in.

"Are you ready, buddy?" The blonde asks, putting on her scrub ducks on it.

"If I die on the operation table, will you give the heart to another kid?" he asks as a reply, ignoring Dr. Blonde Bombshell.

"Not gonna happen on my watch, Justin."

She's so freaking sexy right now, wearing scrubs. Fuck. You really like how she handles patients.

The nurse puts him to sleep.

"Done." Dr. Blonde Bombshell breathes out, and hands the equipment to the nurse next to her. "Now we need to figure out why he's so angry all the time."

"I would be angry too if I had that kind of mother."

Dr. Blonde Bombshell looks over at you.

"I don't think his mother is the problem. She loves him, she never leaves."

"She also never listens to him." You argue with her as you walk out of the O.R to wash your hands. "She doesn't know him."

"I think he's depressed." The blonde replies, her eyes studying you behind her mask, before she takes it off and throws it in the bin, on top of yours. The both of you starts washing your hands. "You heard him. He doesn't want to live. I hope he changes his mind before it's too late."

You turn your head to her, not understanding.

"Too late?" you ask, as the both of you grabs some towels.

"I believe that soul and body is connected. If he doesn't want the heart, his body will reject it."

You just look at her with a scowl.

"I believe in medicine. There is no such thing as what you just told me. The operation was successful, and he will live."

You step out of the wash room, and she turns to you with a 'I-can't-believe-you-right-now' look.

"You are very arrogant." She tells you, with an offended voice.

"And you are such a hippie."

You stare at each other for a few seconds, before you turn around hoping to find Quinn after you've changed clothes. You wonder if this was your first fight with Brittany.

"Sam failed his exam."

You and Quinn is on your lunch break, sitting outside on a bench.


"I just thought, he could just some support, right? We can help him study."

You look up at her like she's grown four heads.

"Ehm… no?"



You really don't understand why you should help that ass licking piece of shit.

"What if it were you?"

"It wouldn't be." You answer with a blank look.

"But what if?"

"Wouldn't happen."

Quinn sighs. "I know that you don't like him, but-"

"No, Quinn, I don't like him. And I won't help him fucking study." You snap at her.

You stand up, ending the conversation. You wonder if you were too harsh on her, she's after all your best friend.

You blame Dr. Blonde Bombshell for your shitty behaviour, but after all… you're kind of a bitch anyway, even if you're not in a bad mood.

You hate that you're in a bad mood for fighting with her.

You decide to check up on Justin.

As you walk into his room, his mother is decorating his room with Santa's everywhere and there is glitter all over the place and even a freaking Christmas tree in there.

"This is the C.C.U, there's no trees allowed in here." You tell her, a little irritated.

Marion, the stupid and annoying mother turns to you with a smile on her face.


"I know. But it has never been unforced, so…"

You just roll your eyes and grow even more irritated. But you decide to not snap.

You walk up to Justin's bed.

"How is he doing?" Marion asks, as she puts up some stars in his window.

"The surgery went smoothly, but it's too soon to tell yet." You tell her with a bored tone, wondering if Justin would want all this Christmas stuff in his room. He seems to hate Christmas just as much as you do.

His mother strokes him over his head with an annoying grin on her face.


You just want to hit her.

"He's a really great boy you know, but this has been hard on him. He's a little down." She tells you.

Oh, really? You don't say?

You take your stethoscope to check is heartbeat and lungs.

"I hope Father Michael will be able to talk to him." She looks at you over her shoulder as she puts on another star on his window. You want to puke. So you take a deep breath to not say anything inappropriate.

"No offence… but your son doesn't seem to be a big fan of the holidays." You say with the nicest tone you can master, standing up and putting away your equipment. "He doesn't believe in Santa."

That fucking smile of hers is still plastered on her face as she turns to you. And you grow more irritated.

"Well yeah.. but a mother's job is to protect her child's innocence."

You really can't believe this woman.

"And this Christmas can be his last one.. so."

You just nod with your eyebrows raised and your top lip sucked into your mouth.

You start checking his chart as his mother moves over to the box filled with Christmas decorations.

"That's what you said last year… and the year before that."

You look down to find Justin awake. He stares back at you with an unreadable expression, before his attention is taken away by his mother cooing at him at smiling her annoying ass smile.

"Honey, you're awake! You look great." She sighs. "My big strong boy. Santa brought you back to me…"

That makes you snap. Because he looks so out of place surrounded by all the Christmas decorations and so annoyed with his mother.

You quickly put down the chart, huffing in irritation as you unplug the Christmas tree and starts to roll out the cart with the tiny tree.

Marion's smile fades as she looks up at you with a 'I-can't-believe-you-right-now' face, that everyone seems to be giving you today.

"What are you doing?" she asks, and you fake smile at her.

"Sorry. It's against the rules."

You're doing paperwork just outside Justin's room later that day. You're exhausted and you just want to go home.

"I didn't want it. I already got a new heart when I was little. I don't deserve another."

"Justin, you don't have to feel guilty about having a new heart." Father Michael is standing by the side of Justin's bed, and his mother is sitting on a chair next to him.

"God wants you to live. So he sent it to you."

"I'm not stupid. God didn't send me the heart!" Justin seems frustrated. She gets that, because no one is listening to him. "And there is no such thing as God."

"Justin!" Marion scolds him.

"Marion, it's okay." Father Michael tells her.

Justin turns his head to Father Michael.

"Mom told me that the heart came from Santa. I thought elves made it in their factory."

You want to hear more, so you walk in there and grab his chart, pretending to write something down.

Dr. Blonde Bombshell told you an hour ago to get a shrink to talk to him, like her little theory about "soul and body is connected" blah blah blah, is true. Dr. Blonde Bombshell thought that he could use someone to talk to, but because of the holiday, you didn't get a hold of one. That's why that Father guy is here.


"But that's not true, is it?"

They're all quiet for a while. You look up from the chart to look at the scene. Justin's annoying mother is crying. (She's a fucking ugly crier.)

"No, it's not true." Father Michael says.

"Yeah. I heard the nurses talking. Where it really comes from is another kid."

Justin looks up at you.

"Some other kid had to die so I could live."

You walk out of the room, handing his chart to the nurse.

"So for the last two years, my mother has been praying for some other kid to die. Haven't you, mom?"

Marion doesn't know what to say. You smirk. You really like this kid.

"What does God say about that, Father?"

You look up, just before the machines around him starts calling out that his heart stopped beating, and you run into the room and calls for the nurses. You lower his bed, as quickly as you can. His idiot mother tries to get closer to him.

"Justin! I'm right here, baby. Mommy loves you!"

"Get out of the fucking way." You growl, and it's a good thing that Father Michael takes a hold of her, because otherwise you'd tackle her to the floor.

You grab the defibrillator just as the nurse team comes running in, you tell them to charge to a 100, before a nurse puts on some lotion on the steel part of the handles and you put them to his body.

He wakes up after the first try.

And you really start to consider if the heart he got is bad.

"You need to put him on the donors list again, Dr. Pierce." You say as you step out of Justin's room five minutes later with her next to you. "If this is a bad hea-"

"It's not the heart. I already told you."

"Of course it's the heart, Dr-"

"He needs to decide he wants to live. He's rejecting it, Dr. Lopez."

You send her a bored look.

"I mean, medically speaking, is there anything we haven't done?"

"The way you're feeling right now, it is the reason I believe in something bigger than just 'medically speaking." She looks you straight in the eye. "Because if I didn't, that hopelessness would eat me alive."

Then she walks away from you, leaving you feeling hopeless and powerless.

You drop down in the staircase, actually considering if she's right.

You don't know why you're doing this. You're supposed to not fucking care, but you actually do about this boy. Maybe you just feel connected to him because he reminds you of yourself.

You walk into his room to see that his mother is asleep in a chair in the corner when you sit down next to him.

"You know.. I don't believe in Santa either, Justin." You begin, watching his eyes open as he looks at you with his weak eyes. "Or God."

The two of you just looks at each other for two seconds.

"I believe in medicine." You smirk at him, and lean back into the chair. "And it's a medical miracle that you're still alive." You say as you feel your smile fade, as you look down in your hands that's fiddling in your lap.

"With the heart you had when you were born, you would've died in two weeks. But some surgeon figured out a way to give you someone else's heart. Which is so much cooler than Santa."

His brown eyes flicker a little, not looking you in the eye. And you smile genuinely for the first time today. You take a deep breath, leaning forward.

"So I'm just saying," you start, waiting for him to look you in the eye again. When he does, you continue, "I think you should decide to live. Live so you can become a doctor, and find a way to do heart transplants without someone having to die."

You take a breath again, and swallows before you continue.

"Or.. live. Grown up, have children. And you know what? Raise them to not believe in Santa."

He smiles at this, and you smile back at you speak.

"That would really piss your mother off." you tell him with a pointed look, and you both look over to where his mother is sitting, still asleep. You grow quiet again.

"Just decide to live. Because, in your case… dying isn't the best revenge."

He turns his head towards you again, looking you straight in the eye.

Then you get up and leave.

You're just leaving the hospital when someone grabs your arm just as you step out in the snowy air. You turn around, and are met by striking blue eyes. You can never seem to read her, because she looks really pissed off right now, but also very affectionate.

"Justin took a turn," she looks down to where her hand is holding you elbow, and she let's go quickly and looks into your eyes again. Once again, you're fascinated by them, and how blue they are. "His fever went down and his heart rate picked up."

Your heart skips a beat. That's great news. But you don't smile.

"Great." You tell her instead, and starts turning around to walk to your car. But just as before, she grabs a hold of your elbow, forcing you to stop.

"I heard you, when you were talking to him."

Fuck. Now she knows that you have emotions and actually cares. So you turn around quickly, about to tell her that you don't know what she's talking about, but you're met by soft lips pressed against your own.

You're torn between kissing her and not kissing her. She's your boss. You don't do emotions, it's better that way. She's your boss. Her eyes are the most beautiful thing that you've ever seen. She's your boss, and she's bubbly all the time, and she's optimistic all the time. She's your boss.

When she deepens the kiss and takes a hold at your upper arms with both hands, there is this familiar flutter in your stomach again and your head actually spins at she takes your bottom lip between her own.

So you respond, for once going for what your heart tells you to do, as your own hands finds their place at both sides of her shoulders and pulls her a little closer.

The kiss is warm. Your noses bumping together as you switch side of the kiss and the chilly air making everything cozier.

This must be the best kiss you have ever had, you think before your mind goes completely empty as she runs her tongue across your lips, asking for entrance.

I'll turn this into a full-fic if I get enough response.