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You wake up the next morning by the blaring of your alarm clock next to you. You start to roll over to the other side of the bed, but it just halfway when you bump into something and everything comes back to you.

Brittany went home with you last night.

The body beside you groans tiredly and turns around to face you. But Brittany continues to sleep, even through the sound of your annoying alarm. You reach over her, the blankets that covers your body fall down to expose your chest.

You hit the alarm a little harder than you need, but it stops ringing and you're grateful.

You sigh deeply, leaning back to your side of the bed and relaxes for a minute before you realize that you need to get up and go to work.

Your gaze travels to Brittany, and you watch her peaceful face and how her mouth is slightly open. The covers have probably slipped down her body sometime during the night, because it's only covering half of her body, resting just above her ass.

You admire her strong-looking back and how her breasts look like in the morning light. She's the picture of perfection, and she's in your bed this morning. You're not sure when she starts working, but probably later than you, so you climb out of bed (not that you want to, but you don't want to meet the devil side of Tina Cohen-Chang just because you were stuck watching Brittany sleep like some kind of creeper) and set the alarm so it will wake Brittany up in twenty minutes.

You slip on a t-shirt and some sweatpants and as quietly as possible, you gaze at her with a longing look, (your bed looks so fucking irresistible right now) you open your bedroom door and close it just as carefully, not wanting to wake her.

You walk down the stairs and into the kitchen, where your roommates are already up and drinking their coffee.

They all look super tired, and Quinn tells you there's coffee in the pot for you as well.

As you take a sip, Sugar and Mike eyes you carefully and you scowl at them.

"I'm scarred for life." Sugar tells you, and Mike just looks down at the coffee in his hands muttering under his breath.

"Why?" you ask, confused.

Quinn smirks as she takes a sip of her own coffee, putting down the fork next to her plate with eggs.

"You weren't exactly quiet last night," Sugar hisses, and you notice that there are huge bags under her eyes. "You can at least give us a heads up before something like that happens again."

You don't get it at first. But then you feel your eyes widen and you blush furiously as Mike mutters under his breath again tiredly and rests his head on the kitchen island with a small bang.

You and Brittany had really loud sex last night and it kept your roommates awake all night long. Not only do they know with whom, but they also heard the two of you getting it on.

"Err," you manage, and Quinn chuckles. She doesn't look tired at all, and she gives you smug look. "I'm sorry?"

Sugar pinches her nose and shakes her head slowly, while Mike looks like he's asleep.

"I didn't know that you were that loud." Quinn says and grins and you just want to slap that expression off her face. Hard.

"How come you're not tired?" you mumble embarrassedly. You hope that Quinn can't see your blush, but after all, she's Quinn and she know your inside and out.

"I have earplugs," she tells you, "but it barely cut off the sound of your moaning and the bed hitting the wall, so I slept on the couch."

"Oh." You let out dumbly, still crazy embarrassed about it all.

You step into the hospital twenty minutes later and you quickly change into scrubs before Tina comes to fetch all of you to do rounds.

You're not really lucky today, because you're sent to the pit all day and you're not happy at all about that. There is always just stitching up and other minor patients down there and you're used to get picked by all the best surgeons in this hospital.

You wonder if Brittany got up from your bed this morning and didn't sleep through the alarm. You also wonder if she found your note on the refrigerator, were you wrote that she could eat whatever she wanted in there.

You sigh as another patient is assigned to you and complains about not keeping her food down. Turns out that she has some kind of flu and you send her home to rest, and tell her to drink a lot of water.

When lunch comes around you're relived that you can spend at least an hour away from this hell hole and you quickly find Quinn and Sugar in the cafeteria, already eating.

"So, about Mike's birthday," Sugar begins, and starts rambling about all the stuff you guys can do to have a great party. You feel like a bad person, because you totally forgot about that.

Quinn seems to have forgotten it too, but Sugar doesn't seem to pick up on that and you're grateful that you don't have to listen to her complaining about how you need to buy a calendar. (She has been complaining about that for a while.)

This Saturday, you're going to host a party (Sugar is going to host a party, because no way in hell you're responsible for that party. You want to get wasted. ) and Sugar starts writing down all the things you'll need to buy.

"Hey you," a soft voice says, and you turn around to face Brittany. You're in the pit again, waiting for something fun to do. It seems like no one is hurt today, which makes this day kind of boring.

"Hi," you greet her, not aware of the silly smile on your face.

"You just left me in your bed this morning." She states with a smile, making sure that you shouldn't be worried about it.

"Did you wake up by the alarm?" you ask hopefully. You would feel bad if she was late for work.

"Yes, thanks for that by the way."

She sits down in the chair next to you and you turn your body towards her, letting her know that she has your attention.

"Did you eat?"



It's not really an awkward silence that follows, just a comforting one that makes you feel safe around her. It also makes you feel like a fourteen-year-old girl who has a huge crush on one of the older boys or something like that. She makes your stomach feel funny and your heart beat faster in your chest.

The two of you just smile at each other shyly, and Brittany leans into you and you think that she's going to kiss you for a moment, but she just runs her hand through your bangs and puts it behind your ear.

You think that your heart stopped beating for a moment.

"Y'know…" Brittany begins, and licks her lips. You follow the motion, and your eyes flicker across her face. You're actually having trouble breathing because you think that she's so damn beautiful. "Sam came on to me before…"

Your face turns into a scowl and you gaze into her eyes again.

"What?" you hiss, and Brittany laughs breathlessly by your reaction- or maybe by the thought of him trying to hit on her.


At this point you don't even try to hide the fact that you're extremely bothered or that you're insanely jealous. Who does he think he is? It's not like the whole hospital doesn't know about the two of you, because this is after all a place where everyone knows each other's business.

"What did you say to him?" you ask, not so casually. Maybe, if you show your real emotions then she'll get the hint that you're into her for real.

"Take it easy, Santana," she chuckles, maybe a little shocked by your reaction and how you're not pretending it doesn't affect you, "I told him that I was kind of taken."


You don't know what to say. Because you don't want to make a fool out of yourself by getting all worked up and protective of what's not even yours to claim. But you want to claim her.

She just smiles at you, and just as you're about to open your mouth and really talk to her about all these things you just want to tell her, her pager goes off and she quickly looks at it and she smiles apologizing smile.

"I have to go, see you later?"

You just nod as a response, and she stands up and walks away from you.

It's the worst feeling in the world.

Thursday night you, Quinn and Sugar is in the living room helping each other study while making small talk during.

"Santana, I realized something…" Sugar trails off, biting her lip. You know that she only does that when she's about to ask or say anything that you won't approve of. You raise your eyebrow, silently giving her permission to continue. "I was kind of hoping that, y'know… since you're not working tomorrow and me and Quinn needs to be at the hospital… maybe you can go and buy all the things we need for the party?"

One thing you truly hate in this world, is shopping. She knows it, Quinn knows it.

"So take the day off," you shrug, ignoring her question.

"You know we can't do that." Quinn speaks up, she's giving you a challenging expression and you know that you don't really have a say in this anymore.

You let out a loud whine. "c'mon, you guys know I hate shopping."

"Yeah, speaking of… you promised you'd do my laundry and clean my room when I went shopping last week when it was your turn to go. But I haven't noticed that you've done any of that." Sugar beings quietly and her voice grows a little stronger with every word.

There's a silence where Sugar looks like you like you're going shoot her head off with a shotgun and Quinn giving you a pointed look.


When you're lying in your bed later that night, you can't help but notice that your bed feels empty.

As you're leaving the hospital the next day, on your way to go shopping for tomorrow, you see Brittany talking to Dr. Berry by the entrance. It seems to be all professional, because when you come closer you hear them talk about some surgery they did together.

Brittany's eyes flicker over Dr. Berry's shoulder, and settles on you. You smile at her, standing a few feet away to wait until they're finished with their conversation.

But Brittany seems to have other plans, and you hear her tell Rachel that she'll be with her in a second.

"Hey," you greet her, and her smile grows bigger as she walks up to you. But her smile drops quickly, and she gives you a pleading look.

"Please, tell me that we can go back to your place or something, I need to get her off my back."

You laugh at her, thinking that she's kidding, because you've never seen her this desperate. (Well, at least outside of a private room.)

But she's not laughing with you, and she gives you the super-serious-look and you finally shut up.

"Wait," you begin, "you're serious."

"Of course I am, I can't stand her." She hisses, and turns around briefly towards Dr. Berry to smile at her. She drops the smile when she turns to you. "I'm begging you."

"Well… I was kind of on my way to do some grocery shopping…" you swallow when you see her desperate face again "and other kinds of shopping."

She scowls confusedly at you, and you chuckle nervously. Smooth.

"Can I come with you?"

Five minutes later, you're sitting behind the steering wheel and off to shopping. With Brittany.

"Wow, this list doesn't even get to be called 'list,'" Brittany mutters under her breath, and you let out a breathless laugh. "More likely a pocket bible."

You smile goofily as you put some plastic cups and plates in your cart and then continue to walk through the store as Brittany reads off the list.

"Quinn made it."

You're putting some limes into a bag when Brittany speaks up from watching the watermelons.

"This sounds awfully much a like a party-list."

"You mean party-bible." You point out with a raise of your eyebrow and a teasing smile on your lips.

"Well, it's the same thing. According to Quinn, she doesn't seem to notice the difference." Brittany says, and smirks back at you. "How come I'm not invited?"

"I didn't think you would want to party with all the interns from the hospital." You shrug, because you know that you never would have wanted that if you were an attending. It's not that you don't want her to be there, it's just that you know that Brittany would never turn down your invitation because she's too nice sometimes. You drop the limes in your cart and the two of you starts walking again.

"Well, what if I told you that I want to be there because… you're going to be there?"

You look across her face for a moment and you realize that she's serious. You're actually shocked.

"Really?" you ask her, and you hate that you sound so unsure.

"Yeah, really, really." She says sincerely and your heart swells.

You can't help the bright smile that blooms on your face, and she gives you one of her brightest smiles.

After Brittany and you put loads of beer and whiskey in the cart (among other things), and put it all in Quinn's car, Brittany insist on helping you carry it all inside your house before she makes her way home. Not that you're complaining, you love spending time with her and you're happy that she really seems to help you.

None of your roommates are home yet when you unlock the door and yell out that you're home. You shrug, and check your phone. It seems like shopping didn't take as long as you thought, which makes it possible for you to pick them up when they get off from work. While Brittany takes two of the bags of things inside, you text Quinn to tell her that you'll pick them up later.

Once everything is in its place, you take a deep breath and turn to Brittany.

"Thanks for helping out… with everything. I hate doing this, usually I make Sugar do it but she's still working."

"It's nothing," she says and takes a step closer to you. You feel your heart starts beating faster and your breath turn a little heavy as she invades your personal space. You don't mind that either. "You can make it up to me."

Your heart jumps a little, and your eyes flicker down to her lips as she backs you up to the counter next to the refrigerator. She puts her hands on either side of you, and you're trapped between her and the counter.

"What did you have in mind?" you whisper against her lips, and she smirks predatorily at you before capturing your lips with her in a heated kiss.

She presses her whole body into yours, your hips snuggly against hers and you feel her hand running up and down your hips as you invite her tongue inside your mouth to play lazily with yours. Your left hand moves to the counter behind you to keep you steady and the other one wraps around her shoulder as she sucks at your bottom lip.

You can't help the hum that leaves your mouth as her hands moves to run over your hips and thighs. Suddenly she takes a hold of the back of your thighs and lifts you up so you can take a seat on the counter. You squeal into her mouth and you feel her smile against your lips. She stands between your spread legs. You suck at her top lip when one of her hands disappears under your black and white-striped dress to touch the inside of your thigh as her other hand travels to your hip to keep you steady.

Your own hands is playing with the hairs at the back of her neck as her tongue slowly dips into your mouth to meet yours again after sucking at your top lip. Your body starts to really respond to her touch now, and your breath turns labored. She seems to notice that you're struggling to kiss her, and she release the kiss with a wet pop and starts trailing kisses up and down your neck and collarbone.

Her fingertips runs over your wet lace panties and your breath hitch as she puts more pressure into her touch. It feels like your whole body is on fire and you arch your neck and press into her touch. She nips at your neck, just below your ear and you moan quietly into the empty room.

She pulls away from you, but not too far. You whimper at the loss of contact. You're so incredibly ready for her, and you steady yourself on her shoulder as she grabs your panties and drags them down your legs. She drops them carelessly to the floor.

You're happy that she doesn't seem to be in a teasing mood. As soon as she's as pressed up to you as she can, two fingers runs up and down your wet slit and you moan loudly as her fingers starts circling your clit in tight motions.

Your lips meet again and your groan gets buried in her mouth. You start bucking into her hand lazily, not wanting to come just yet. You want to do this for as long as possible, but you know that you have to pick up Quinn and the others in a while, and it makes you a little sad.

"Fuck, Santana," she pants into your mouth as her fingers stops the motions your clit and travels down to circle your opening. "You're so fucking wet."

She slowly enters you, and you whine into her mouth at her slow pace. She pulls out almost all the way, only to push back in. When she's as long as she can go inside of you, she curls her fingers before thrusting into you again.

You moan into the kiss that follows, but she seems to get that it's meaningless to be kissing you when you can't really respond to it. She rests her forehead against yours instead, watching every emotion that reflects on your face. You can barely keep your eyes open as she continues to pump in and out of you with a steady pace. She curls her fingers with every thrust and you can swear that you can see white dots clouding your vision.

She picks up the pace, and you whimper and moan when you start to reach the edge of your orgasm. You tug at her shoulders and she meets you halfway in a searing kiss. The moan that you release is muffled against her mouth and you tremble against her as you come. She keeps thrusting into you, making your orgasm last until you stop shaking in her arms.

"That was nice," you chuckle into her mouth and you feel her smile as you kiss her gently.

"Just nice?" she teases, and you slap her arm playfully.

"It was great. Amazing, even." You tell her sincerely and she smiles bashfully at you before she kisses you again.

After you pulled your panties up your legs, you need to go pick up Sugar, Quinn and Mike. You let Brittany guide you to her place, where you drop her off after exchanging a chaste kiss.

Sugar cooks you a very late dinner, and then you're off to bed; wishing Brittany was there to spoon you.

The party is at full blast. It has been going on for about an hour and a half and there's still no sight of Brittany. You're kind of mad at yourself for getting your hopes up, or whatever. Maybe Brittany just decided that she wasn't up for a party where there is just a bunch of interns, and found something else to do.

Not that you can blame her.

But just because you were expecting her, you feel like you've missing something. Damn Brittany and her wicked ways of getting you totally whipped.

After a couple of shots and three beers, you can relax though. You and Quinn is yelling/singing to Britney Spears' "Toxic". Mike is almost too drunk to function, while Sugar is a hundred percent sober, talking to some guy in the corner. (You thinks he's an 'almost' nurse and you roll your eyes at them.)

You grind up playfully against Quinn and she laughs drunkenly into your ear. You're happy about the fact that she's having a good time. She's been really tense lately but she hasn't talked to you about it. You have been waking up with her in your bed at least four times since you found her there the first time.

The song change, this time into "My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas. It's kind of a classic, and you and Quinn sway your hips at each other suggestively (but playfully) while you're singing along with Fergie's voice and Quinn sings the rest of the verses.

You're laughing and trying to catch your breath as the ending comes, and Quinn tells you that she needs a break and that she'll go get the two of you a beer in the kitchen. You wait in the middle of the living room, when Shakira and Pitbull's "Rabiosa" starts playing. You love this song.

Just as you're about to follow Quinn into the kitchen though, someone press up against your side. Brittany's scent invades you nostrils and you take a deep breath- trying to get as much of her scent as possible. Her arms wrap around your hips and you raise your hands to rest gently against her collarbone.

"I didn't get a chance to dance with you at Puck's that night." Brittany whispers hotly in your ear, and you shiver.

Her smell seems to make you a little bit sober, but it doesn't stop your hips from start swaying. You turn around quickly, pushing your ass into her front and lifting your arms to wrap tightly around her neck- to make sure she stays there.

You hear her groan faintly as she grabs a hold of your hips possessively, pushing you into her. Even though the song has a fast beat, you move your hips lazily into her and you feel her move into you from behind.

You grind your ass into her core, and she whimpers against the side of your neck before she starts kissing up and down the side of you neck.

Oye papi
If you like it mocha
Come get a little closer
And bite me en la boca

You sing along to the song quietly, biting your lip as Brittany's hands starts to wander down to the front of your thighs and high. As you grind into her, she grinds back and you run your hand through her hair as she kisses your exposed shoulder blade, her tongue teasing your skin.

Oye mami
Let me get that mocha
Come get a little closer
And bite me en la boca

You smirk as Brittany whisper/sings into your ear, but your smirk is wiped off your face as she licks at the shell of your ear. It makes you shiver again and goosebumps break out all over your skin. Her hands find the inside of your shirt, and you know that the two of you need to stop before you fuck her right here in front of everyone.

You untangle yourself, and you take her hand and make your way outside to the porch where you sit down in the comfy sofa you have there.

It's just the two of you out here. The faint pumping of the bass is vibrating a little from inside, and you faintly hear some girl singing in there.

Brittany sits down next to you with a smirk.

"Did you need a breather?"

You smile shyly at her. You're not really sober, because you can still feel the small buzzing feeling in your fingertips. Your head spins slightly, but it's nothing mayor. You know what you're doing.

"So… you're kind of taken?"

Word-vomit. You thought about the conversation you had about Sam the other day, and you couldn't help that you blurted that out. You're ruining it.

"I guess," Brittany tells you, trying to catch your gaze. Your eyes flicker between hers and the bushes next to the fence. "Do you want me to be 'kind of taken'?"

Your mind doesn't seem to catch up right away, but when you realize what she's saying you shake your head from side to side and her face drops.


"I-I mean… I don't want you to be 'kind of taken' by anyone," you take a deep breath and look into her eyes, "but me."


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