Hey guys, I'm back with my Rosario Vampire story. For those of you who liked this story before and wondered what happened to it, well... it got reported. Yeah. Apparently I swore too much and someone reported it. Which is why this story is going to be rated M now so that doesn't happen again. Now this time, guys NO FUCKING FLAMES. All of the reviews were flames last time. Now if you guys are gonna hate this story don't tell me it's because it's OC centric cause I can't fix that. If you're gonna grill my ass at least give me something to work with so I can fix it. I want to be able to fix it so you guys DO like this story. So I say again, NO FUCKING FLAMES!

Okay now that that's done, just like last time this first chapter takes place from the narrators POV every chapter after this is my OC's POV.

On with the show!

A vampire, a werewolf, a snow woman, a succubus, two witches, and a human. These seven students of Yokai Academy faced off against Kuyou, a fox demon, on the roof of the school. The human, Tsukune Aono, laid dead with many burn marks. His friends fight to avenge him but to no avail. The fox demon just retorts every attack thrown at him.

But let's change perspectives shall we? We shall change perspectives to the hero of this story, Michael Williams. He wore dark blue jeans with a few tears and a chain attached, a black t-shirt under a black leather hoodie, and black running shoes. He was wearing his hood up today as he looked around the grounds of the school he would be attending next year. 'Place looks okay so far. Just hope I can find out where he is.' Michael thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard an explosion at the top of the school. "That can't be good. Let's get a closer look." He said to himself. In one jump he jumped up to the clock tower next to the battlefield below. He got down on one knee and saw what was occurring. A vampire, a werewolf, a snow woman, a succubus, and two witches were fighting a fox demon. And losing by the look of things. Upon closer inspection a human laid dead in the middle of left side of the battlefield. This struck Michael as odd because humans aren't allowed at Yokai Academy. And if a human did get in they'd be killed immediately. When Michael got a closer look at the snow woman he thought to himself 'She's pretty cute.' Not much longer after thinking that the snow woman was caught in the fox demons grasp, seeing as how he could control fire things looked grim for the snow woman. "Think it's about time I joined the party." He divebombed off the clock tower and made a crater as he landed. This caught the fox demon's eye.

"What is this? Who dare's to interfere?" He asked. When the smoke around the crater cleared there was no one there. This made everyone curious. "Nothing? Very well then. Now where were we?" He asked looking back at the snow woman. "Ah yes, I was about to burn you to an icy crisp." He said as he conjured a spear made of fire in his free hand.

"Actually we were at the part where you get your ass kicked." A voice said. As soon as the fox demon turned he was greeted by a gloved fist. He was sent flying back into the clock tower. The owner of that fist was Michael Williams himself. He caught the snow woman and asked "You okay?" She nodded yes and he set her down. "Leave this fight to me, you guys are way out of your league here." He said turning back towards the fox demon. "Besides I could use the exercise." He said walking towards his enemy.

"How dare you lay a hand on the great Kuyou!" The fox demon known as Kuyou shouted. Kuyou charged at this mysterious boy with all his speed. Michael just kept walking. As he walked he summoned a sword in his hand. It was a giant black blade with a red edge, with a white cloth coverd hilt. Engraved on the sword was "Raging Savior." Once Kuyou was close enough Michael repelled his attack and sent him flying into the clock tower once again. This time leaving a hole.

"Is that all? Guess the great Kuyou wasn't so great after all." Michael said. He turned around walking towards the other monsters. After four steps he felt something pierce his chest. The other monsters had a look of horror on their faces. When Michael looked down he saw that he had been impaled by a spear made a fire made from the fox demon. He was then set ablaze. He screamed out in pain and fell to the ground.

"Looks like you were wrong." Kuyou said emerging from the clock tower. "Now to finish the rest of you pricks!" He said readying more flaming spears. As he approached the others, he felt something grab his leg. He looked down to see it was Michael, who was breathing in a horrifying way. Michael stood up and dangled Kuyou upside down. "What!?" Kuyou shouted in shock. It was at that point Michael transformed. His black leather hoodie became a full trench coat, his black shirt turned blood-red as well as his eyes, and his hoodie blew back and revealed his average length black hair, which turned pure white. The world around everyone became horrific. Everything was black and white. All that could be heard were their voices and the sound off Michael breathing. With each breath he exhaled black smoke came out of his mouth. Michael released Kuyou and he started to float in mid-air. As he flipped right side up Michael floated to his position. He just stood there and breathed as he brought his sword to Kuyou's neck. "Wait! WAIT! Don't do this! Don't kill me! PLEASE!" The fox demon begged. Michael moved his sword away from Kuyou's neck. A few short seconds after he pierced Kuyou's chest just barely missing his heart so he wouldn't kill him.

"Never come back." He whispered into the fox demon's ear. Once the blade was removed everything returned to normal, including Michael. He walked towards the dead human. The other monsters took a defensive stance ready to fight him. "I won't hurt him. I'm going to revive him." He explained.

"And why should we trust you?" The vampire asked.

"Because you owe me." Michael said pointing to Kuyou's body. They eventually let him pass. Michael summoned his sword and cut his arm. Not enough to sever it but enough to make him bleed enough so he could perform the revival ceremony. He traced his blood into a circle with an odd symbol in the center. The symbol was the demonic symbol for "life". He lifted the human's body and placed it in the center of the circle. After whispering an odd language a light emitted from the circle and when it faded the human started to breathe. He was no longer dead, just unconscious. Everyone had covered their eyes from the bright light and they didn't see that Michael had left. They only noticed their human friend's body breathing.

As the monsters celebrated on the roof Michael was just below them and said to himself "I think I'm gonna like it here."

NO FLAMES I cannot stress that enough. And if you do give me something other than this story sucks cause it's OC centric. And as you can see I'm changing the pairing to OCxMizore cause I feel like she relates more to Michael. Anyway review and tell me what you thought. In the next chapter Michael starts his life at Yokai Academy.

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