Chapter 28: Cold Cut

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I woke up the next morning and felt a familiar chill on my body. I opened my eyes and saw my icy girlfriend, Mizore, snuggled against my chest. What made the chill stronger however was the fact that she was naked. And I was as well. The events that occurred last night flowed back into my head, do I smiled and pulled Mizore closer.

Mizore moaned slightly before opening her heavy eyelids and I could tell that she recalled last nights events as well, seeing as how she was blushing. I laughed slightly at her reaction. "Morning, sweetheart." I said.

"Good morning." She said before giving me a quick peck on the lips.

"How are ya feeling?" I asked, rubbing her back.

"I feel fine. BETTER than fine even. You were great last night." She complimented. I blushed a little since I wasn't used to hearing anything like that.

"W-Well I can't take all the credit." I stuttered like an idiot.

"Ah. You're finally awake." A familiar voice said. We were both shocked, as well as embarrassed, to see Mizore's mom, Tsurara, standing at the entrance to our room and saw us naked in the bed.

"T-T-Tsurara!? What the hell!?" I panicked as my face became redder.

"Well, my daughter, it seems as though you've become a real woman." She told her daughter, COMPLETELY ignoring my question. She actually sounded happy that Mizoand had lost her virginity. You'd think that parents would wanna kill the person who slept with their-

Oh god Mizore's dad is gonna skin me alive.

"Um Tsurara? Do you mind stepping out so we can get dressed?" I requested. She obliged with a nod and left the room. "*sigh* That was awkward." I said bluntly.

"You've been through worse." Mizore said playfully. We got out of bed and picked up our clothes on the floor and proceeded to shower and get dressed. After which we went downstairs to join the others for breakfast. I don't know how but Alex, Wolf, Gin, and I wound up having an eating contest. I thought I had the advantage but I soon realized that nothing beats a wolf's appetite. In the end Gin and Wolf tied for first.

"So what should we all do today?" Moka asked in her usual cheery tone.

"Why don't we take one last look around the village and hit the slopes after?" Tsukune suggested.

"Sounds like as good a plan as any. I'm in." Gin announced. We all agreed with Gin and left for the village once we were done eating.

The villagers seem to have lightened up a bit on Alex's group. They still got a few glares from people, but at least they weren't trying to kill them. As we were walking around the village we passed by two women gossiping about something. I asked everyone to stop cause it sounded interesting.

"Have you heard?" One woman asked.

"About the ghost haunting that abandoned house? Yeah I've heard about it. I was actually passing by it this morning and saw a figure in one of the windows." The other said.

"Sure sounds scary." The first woman said, trembling a little. I stopped listening and turned to the others.

"A ghost, huh? Sounds a little more interesting than skiing." I said.

"M-Mike, don't tell me you're suggesting we..." Sabrina started with a shaky voice.

"No. Sabrina are you scared of ghosts?" I teased a little. She slapped the back of my head, and dammit it hurt.

"Why wouldn't I!? I mean vampires and all that apparently exist! Why wouldn't ghosts!?" Oh this is too perfect. I'm gonna milk this for all it's worth.

"Hey what's that behind you?"I said pointing behind her. Before she turned around I used some of my energy to make a red "spirit" appear behind her.

"EEEEEEK!" Sabrina screamed. She moved away from the spirit and buried her head in my chest. Once she heard me laughing she kneed me in the nuts, causing me to fall to the ground and said "YOU JERK!"

"Worth it." I said slowly getting up and grasping my, possibly, shattered nuts.

"Gotta say though, I'm curious about this whole ghost thing." Alex said putting his hand to his chin.

"WHAT!? Alex, you too!?" Sabrina screamed.

"Then it looks like we're spending our last day here ghost hunting." Gin summarized.


We came across the abandoned house that those women were talking about. We knew where it was thanks to Mizore, who seemed a bit saddened when we got there. She said it was the only abandoned house in the village.

"So, does anyone see anything?" Leon asked. We all saw nothing at first, but then Dax pointed something out.

"There! In the bottom right window!" We all saw it. A figure with a black hood covering it's face. Sabrina screamed again and hid behind me.

"Aren't you an angel? Don't you deal with this shit all the time?" Wolf asked, fed up with Sabrina's phobia.

"That's different! Wild spirits like that are unpredictable!" She defended. We all, minus Sabrina, agreed to enter the house to investigate.

We were welcomed by a kunai made of ice. I quickly pulled out my gun and shot it before it hit any of us. "Since when do ghosts throw ice kunais?" I asked, putting my gun away.

"I'm not a ghost." A voice said, within the house.

The guy had a black hoodie on with the hood covering his face and blue faded jeans. With his hood up I couldn't see anything but his mouth and his snow white skin, showing he was a snow boy.

"What are you doing here? This place I supposed to be abandoned, ya know, as in no one is ever here." I asked.

"This is, or rather WAS, my house." He revealed. I heard Mizore gasp from behind me.


"What?" I asked in surprise. Mizore knew this guy?

"Do I know you?" He asked. Mizore stepped forward and explained.

"Luca, it's me, Mizore Shirayuki." I could tell Luca's eyes widened under his hood, judging by how he seemed to tense up.

"Miz?" He asked in shock.

"Take off your hood. Let me see you." Mizore requested. Luca did as she requested. When his hood was gone it revealed blue hair with white streaks on it and blue eyes with a glare so cold it could freeze Hell. "It is you."

"Hold up! Mizore how do you know him?" I asked.

"Luca... Luca was my best friend as a child." She revealed with tears in her eyes. "He was like the brother I never had. But him and his father disappeared one day and I never saw him until now."

"What are doing with these kind of people? A Succubus, who whores herself on men, a vampire, who thinks they're better than everyone else, an angel, who allows people into heaven only cause they "begged" for "forgiveness"." Dax, Tsukune, and I moved quickly around Luca ready to kill him. He hardly noticed us move because Dax quickly turned his Speed World on, and turned it off just as quick. I had my sword pointed at his head, Dax had his swords in front of and behind his neck, and Tsukune had a small fire in his hand close to Luca's face.

"We don't take kindly to people insulting our friends." Dax said.

"And I'll have you know that I've met many rogue snow boys who think they're just as strong as a vampire. Most snow boys get way to overconfident and cocky cause they have abominable snowman strength, which always leads to there downfall." I said.

"..." Luca was quiet for a moment and his hair covered his eyes. "You're right." We all gasped at what he said.

"What?" I asked in shock.

"But you left out the part on how ALL snow people depend on what the Snow Priestess says and are ready and willing to kill an innocent man, woman, and/or child just cause she told them too."

'What's with this guy? He's putting down his own race?'

"It's because of that I despise all snow people."

"Huh?" We all gasped in unison, even Wolf who's hardly ever phased by anything.

BGM: Struggle of Sadness from Yu Yu Hakushi

"I hate the village and everyone in it. It's because of them my father is dead. All cause I wouldn't take any of the women here as my mate. My dad took me from the village and we were hunted, soon enough my father was killed." Luca revealed.

"That's why you disappeared? Because you didn't want any of the girls as your mate?" Mizore asked in disbelief.

"You wouldn't understand!" Luca snapped. I inched my blade closer.

"Careful. I don't like people yelling at my girlfriend." I warned.

"You're dating this clown?" Luca asked Mizore, who nodded. "Point proven." He muttered. "You coulda picked someone smarter though."

"I'll show you how smart I am when I invent entirely new ways to kick your ass."

"That a threat?"

"No, it's a promise. And I don't break promises, only bones."

BGM: Strong and Strike from Naruto

Luca turned into an icy mist and disappeared. He reappeared behind me, grabbed my coat, and chucked me out the window. He turned into mist again and met me outside. As I tried to get up he grabbed my coat again and slammed me back into the ground.

The others came out ready to attack but I said from the ground "Stay back. Leave him to me."

"You really are stupid, thinking you can beat me on your own." Once again, Luca grabbed my coat. Only this time he spin me around until it came off and I hit the house. Luca charged me and formed a sword made of ice. Before he could swing forward I summoned my own sword and swing without looking.

I realized that I just cut Luca's right arm clean off.

"That all?" He asked. Mist formed around Luca's Rm and when it dispersed a new arm took the place of the severed one.

"Not bad. Let's see if you can do that with your head." I swung my sword again but he ducked and sweep kicked my feet and I fell again. I pulled out my gun and put it next to his ear and shot it. Luca stumbled back and held his ear. I lept up and ran towards him. I put the barrel of my gun to his left shoulder, but he pushed my arm aside before I could pull the trigger do I shot at the air.

Luca formed another sword and I ducked before he could cut my head off, so I only lost a few strands of hair. He thrust his sword downwards but I moved back and caught his sword with my hand. I threw my sword into the air and broke his sword with my now free hand. Then I punched Luca in the face, caught my sword, stabbed it into the ground, spun around on it, and kicked Luca in the face.

Luca tried to hit me as I came back around but I shot myself up and landed on the hilt of my hilt. He forged a hammer of ice and swung at my legs, but I jumped. Instead of hitting me, Luca hit my sword out of the ground and into the house.

Before I could run for my sword, Luca grabbed my arm and his hammer became a sword again. I was immobilized and he cut my arm off.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. I dropped to one knee and I clenched my stubbed arm. A lot of blood was turning the snow around me red and I was breathing quite heavily and rapidly.

"To think, Mizore went for a guy as weak as you." Luca said.

I looked towards the others and actually saw Mizore crying a little. That's the thing that sent me over the edge. "RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" I screamed not in pain but anger.

"W-What the hell!?"

Red energy swirled around my missing arm and a new one appeared. My eyes turned red and my hair spiked up as I transformed into my true form. I slammed my fists onto the ground and lunged at Luca. "RAAAAH!" I screamed. I grabbed Luca's face and dragged him across the snow as I lost momentum from my previous lunge. I proceeded to flip him face up and punch him in the face. I then threw him back into the house.

Luca's POV

I crashed back into the house and broke the dresser on impact. I was heavily wounded just from being dragged on the snow for merely three seconds. I began healing my wounds but it would take a little longer, cause unlike my arm these injuries were on great quantities. But I couldn't understand what jut happened. I was kicking his ass a second ago, where did he get all this power? And that armor, was that his true form? What ki of monster has something like that as his true form?

'Wait! He can't be!' I thought to myself as the armored monster came back into the house.

Michael's POV

I lunged back into the house with my two physical sword in my hands. I landed and saw that Luca was struggling to stand up from the broken dresser he crashed into. He looked a little shocked, as of realizing something.

"You're, ugh, you're a Nephilim aren't you? An X class monster?" He asked. I chuckled a bit.

"What's wrong, Frosty? I thought you were stronger than me with that abominable snowman strength of yours?"

"Answer me!" He demanded.

"Yes. I'm a Nephilim. As well as my brother and best friend."

"Hmph. No matter. You'll still fall by my hand." I then realized that he had been stalling so his wounds could heal. He held three ice kunais in between each finger of each hand. He threw them all around my feet.

"Kid, you got some shitty aim." I insulted. Suddenly his kunais evaporated and turned into most and I couldn't see. Luca suddenly emerged from within the mist and stabbed my chest with two swords. Luckily he missed any vital organs. "Point proven." I broke his swords with my own, grabbed his head and threw him into the wall. I pulled out the rest of his swords from my chest and my wounds instantly healed.

I reverted to normal, thinking I had won, and walked towards Luca. I grabbed his torn up hoodie and looked him in the eye and he started mumbling. "I can't lose. Not to someone like you." His face got serious and he grabbed my face, turned into most and entered my mouth.

It got very hard to breathe and I was starting to feel light headed. I started dropping to the ground, in hopes that that'd help me breathe. I tried to tell him to get out of my throat but I couldn't utter a sound other than a raspy gasp.

I heard footsteps come near me and turned to see Mizore crying even more. She picked my upper body up and held me in her arms and begged "Luca! Please stop! Please don't kill him I'm begging you!"

BGM end

Just as I was about to lose conciseness, Luca flew out of my mouth and I took a giant breath of air. "*gasp* *pant* Mizore?" Mizore quickly wrapped her arms around me and spoke words of relief. "W-Where's Luca?" I asked. I saw that he was just standing there wide eyed. I tried to stand up but Mizore pulled me down.

"Please, stop! Stop fighting!" She begged with tears in her eyes.

"But-" I stopped myself to look at Luca. He just sat there like HE was the one who almost suffocated. I thought about it for a moment and I think it finally hit me why he was acting out so suddenly. I continued moving towards him, only less intimidating. "You loved Mizore when you were little, didn't you?" I asked kneeling down to look him in the eyes.

"I did. Seeing her with you... I just... Snapped. It wasn't til I saw her cry that I realized what I was doing, was wrong." He explained. Sabrina now walked to us.

"I know how it feels to know the person you love is with someone else. I loved Michael for the longest time, in fact I still do, but whether or not he was with me, I wanted him to be happy." She told Luca.

"Hm. I get what you're saying. I should just be happy that Mizore is happy, not try to kill the one she does love." Sabrina nodded. "Then I suppose I owe you an apology, Michael. I shouldn't have attacked you for making Mizore happy."

I shook my head, smiling, and said "Don't worry about it. We're cool, no pun intended." I stood up and offered my hand to help him up. He looked over my shoulder at Mizore.

"I'm must also apologize to you, Mizore. I hope you can forgive me." He said with a bow. Mizore pulled him into a hug.

"Of course I forgive you. Just because I'm with Michael, doesn't mean I don't love you, though I love you like a brother."

"I can accept that." Luca said returning the hug. He looked at the rest of te group and apologized to them as well.

"Needless to say, Luca... You're one hell of a fighter. The strongest snow boy I've faced, bar none. I'd love to fight you again sometime." I complimented.

"I'd like that, but I won't lose next time." He said smugly.

At that we bid farewell to Luca. And after Sabrina healed our injuries, using her angelic magic, we all gathered our things and left on the next bus out of the village. All except for Mizore who decided to stay in her village for the remainder of summer. She, and her family, offered me to stay with them as well.

"Sorry, snowflake, but I'll have to decline that offer for now. Alex found a place to stay, so Dax and I will be moving in with him. But I'll see ya when school's back in session." I said caressing Mizore's cheek.

"I expect you to stay in touch." Mizore said, wrapping her arms around my neck. I nodded and kissed her goodbye. I gave Tsurara a hug goodbye as well. I was gonna give Ryu a simple handshake but he nearly snapped my back with a bear hug.

I joined the others on the bus and as we left I caught a glimpse of Luca outside the bus. He had a small smirk on his face as he saw us drive by.

As we drove back to the city I think back to our endeavor that was hardly a month ago now and the events that lead to it: Alex betraying me, my three year hunt for him, meeting Tsukune, Mizore, and the others, Mizore becoming my girlfriend, Dax, battling Alex's minions one by one leading up to our match, achieving my true form, reuniting with Sabrina, infiltrating Alex's base, and our all out battle against each other.

After thinking of the past, I began thinking about what the future had in store for us all.

Not the best way to end this arc but fuck it I wanna get the next part of this story started. I've been putting this off for FAR to long. Now that I'm on break I should be able to update a bit more, fingers crossed.

As you can see the new OC is Luca Kyokan, and he belongs to Lucarai. Check out his story it's called Empathy and Hesitation and it's really good in my opinion! Lucarai, I hope I got Luca, right it was hard to make him emotionless like you wanted but i tried my best. If I fucked up, just let me know and I'll punish myself and fix whatever problems you may have. But thank you for allowing me to use him. And I hope I got the BGM for the fight between Michael and Luca right, the Naruto OST has a lot of songs with a loud flute so I went with the loudest flute I could find.

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