Bright lights; that's all Kaitlyn could see. A bright light blinding her as she lies on the cold hard ground of a long abandoned pharmacy. She had gone out in search for food and water—oh how much she wanted water –But, she had found nothing but knocked over shelves and decaying bodies.

The cold sweat had come so sudden. She had been checking out the pain killers when she started to feel her body temperature drop. She felt weak; she felt sick. She had decided to lie on the ground; knowing the risks but hoping that all she needed was to rest her body for a few seconds. Walking around all day was bound to catch up to her after all. Though, a few seconds rest didn't show to be enough as she felt herself start to get worse.

The blonde's body started to shake furiously as she felt herself start to sweat. A shaky hand went through her hair, pushing it back. "Oh dear god, is this it?" She mumbled to herself, pain shooting down her dry throat. Was this how she would die? On the floor of a random pharmacy in a random town she didn't even know the name of. At least it isn't in the hands of Zombies. She thought to herself. This was a much better way to die; still intact and relatively healthy.

Kaitlyn tried to lick her lips, but she barely had any saliva. Her throat felt as dry as a desert. If only she had stopped by that river to refill her canteen. She was so sure she would run into another before reaching…whatever town she was lying on. But, she never did run into another and this was the consequence for it. Maybe the two toned girl wasn't cut out for this world. Though, was anyone really cut out for a world like this? Kaitlyn wasn't too sure. If there is, she'd love to meet the person. That is, if she gets to see tomorrow.

She weakly looked up at the window, the bright lights blinding her. Was this the famous "white light" people always warned others about? Why did they do that? This light wasn't scary. No, this light was inviting. It made Kaitlyn feel warm; maybe she'd go to it. Maybe this was God coming to save her.

As soon as Kaitlyn was starting to get used to it a bulky figure emerged from it. Maybe that was God? She was ready for him. She was ready to leave this horrid place and be up there with her possibly dead friends and family. "Please take me…" She whispered out, reaching a weak hand out to the figure.

The figure didn't speak but slowly reached something out towards her. She blinked her eyes, trying to focus. Her pupils slowly focused to reveal that the figure had a gun pointed right at her forehead.

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