Punk's eyes scanned the setting around him. All he could see was blood and death. So many bodies around; even of his group members. A quick jolt of worry flickered in him as his eyes looked for AJ. He instantly felt relief when he noticed her with Kaitlyn. Then fury flared in him as he realized how much deaths came with this meeting.

A swift punch made Punk stagger back and instantly shocked him. He looked up to see Dean standing over him. "Look at what you've done, Punk!" Dean spoke as he motioned towards the fights. "Look at all the lives you've messed up!"

"I did none of this!" Punk yelled as he stood up. "It's your entire fault! It's your fault for wanting to be a leader." Punk let a smirk fall on his face. "I don't know why, you're clearly shit at it. I mean, it's your group who's all gone."

Dean clearly became upset by this as his nose flared. "I'm no bad leader! I'm the BEST leader! Better than you'll ever be!" He spat out, closing in on Punk.

"Whatever, I'm not here to be the best leader…though, I am the best!" Punk said. "I'm here to protect these people. You want power because you're fucking crazy."

Dean smiled wickedly. "Fucking crazy…" he muttered with a chuckle. "I am fucking crazy!" He said much louder, reaching his arms out besides him. "And you wanna know what crazy people do, Punk?" He said as he stood back slightly. "We kill."

Dean swiftly revealed a knife in his hand, plunging it towards Punk. Punk tried to dodge it but Dean's knife sunk into his arm. "Shit!" He hissed as he brought a hand up to his arm where the knife stayed.

Dean lounged at Punk, knocking him over and landing on top of him. "You can't get out of this now, Punk!" Dean said as he pulled the knife out of Punk's arm; causing Punk to cry out in pain. Dean flung his arm forward; aiming for Punk's chest when Punk's hand stopped his.

"Watch me!" Punk winced out. He pushed Dean off him; using most of his strength and causing the pain on his arm to intensify. The only thing keeping Punk moving was adrenaline, the will to keep his group and AJ alive and his hatred for the man.

Dean looked up at Punk as he scrambled to get to his feet quick. The two stood defensively; waiting for the other to attack when Dean realized that his knife was all but missing. Punk had also notice this and was all but one step ahead of the man; he had already took hold of the knife and was hiding it behind his back.

Dean seemed to have quickly decided on forgetting the knife as he lounged his body but abruptly stop when he felt a sharp pain rise through his abdominal area. His mouth was wide open as he slowly looked down, seeing the very knife stuck in his stomach. Punk dug the knife deeper; causing Dean to cry out as blood poured profusely out of the man.

Dean slowly slid down to the ground; his body sagging down to the ground. Taking quick short breaths he let his signature smile appear on his face. "Yo-you got me, Punk." He winced out as Punk stood over him.

"I knew I would." Punk said, gripping the knife and quickly pulling it out of Dean. "Now go to hell where you belong!" He spat out.

Dean had merely laughed before coughing out blood. His eyes glassed over as his heart beat for the last time. Punk couldn't believe he had done it. He had finally killed the man that had threatened him, the love of his life and his group.

He slowly turned to face his group, or what was left of it. The remaining members looked at him with mixed expressions of relief and sadness. The very few remaining members of Dean's group merely looked at their dead leader; seemingly shocked from it all.

"How fucking dare you?!" A tan woman shrieked out as she held AJ at gun point. Punk's eyes widen as AJ started to breathe deeply, begging the girl to let her go. "You killed the love of my life! I'll kill yours!"

Punk went to run over to the pair but stopped when the woman was hit with something; instantly knocking her out. Looking up he noticed Layla with a butt of a gun in her hand. "That's what you get!" She hissed out. Punk didn't know the history between those two but didn't care as AJ ran into his arms.

He stroked her hair as he whispered in her ear. "I killed him, AJ. We don't have to worry anymore." It was all done…it was finally over.

He looked up at the group; opening his mouth to speak of the fallen when moans were heard around them. Soon, Zombies started to slowly stagger into their clearing.

"In the cars! Now!" He ordered out. Grabbing AJ's hand; he ran to the nearest truck and slid into the driver's side. He waited as more members squeezed in before quickly pulling out of the forest; running over a few Zombie's himself.

He looked back and sighed in relief as he noticed the other truck following him.

Next Day~

Kaitlyn laid on her bed as the memories of the prior day played in her head. It was almost like a dream; a horrible horrible dream. She couldn't believe that all of that happen. Hell, the only reason she knew it happen was from the bruises and cuts she had all over her face and arms from the brutal beating from Dean.

Also, Sheamus constant worrying had a great deal in reminding her that she really was kidnapped, she really was beaten and she had really survived it. Kaitlyn knew she had gone through some tough shit but she didn't know she had this much strength in her. The only thing that really bothered her about this was that fact that the things that caused this much damage was living people. Not the undead but living breathing people. In a world like this it was apparent that one had to fear not the dead but the living. That scared Kaitlyn more than anything.

She sat up on her bed as she shook her head, not wanting to think about yesterday anymore. A soft knock was heard at the door. Kaitlyn stood up before walking to the door, her bare feet padding the ground softly. She opened the door and was met with a friendly smile.

"Hey Sheamus." She greeted, opening the door wider for the man to enter.

"Hey, lass." He greeted back, stepping in. "How're you feeling?"

Kaitlyn closed the door before walking back over to her bed and plopping down. "I don't know…weird, I guess." She answered truthfully. "This whole thing is still just a blur to me. The only thing I really feel now is just pain."

Sheamus sat next to her, taking her face in his hands and examining the cuts and bruises. "These are gonna take a while to heal up." He spoke; stroking a thumb over it. Kaitlyn winced at his touch. "Sorry…" He muttered.

"It's okay." She said; her eyes watching Sheamus' eyes scan over the bruises. He had been nothing but worried for her since she's been back; even more worried than AJ. Though, she knew AJ had a more important person to tend to. Sheamus had walked her to her room, he had brought up their last ice pack in their first aid kit, and he had even brought up her dinner that night. She really appreciated it a lot. He was always so great to her and she really didn't know why. Ask him again. Her mind yelled at her, making her grow a blush instantly. Did she really want to know the answer?

"Yes…" She whispered out.


"Nothing." She said quickly as Sheamus pulled his hands back.

Sheamus simply nodded before getting up. "I'll leave you here to rest." He said. He made it halfway to the door when Kaitlyn called out his name, "Sheamus!"

He turned around with his eyebrows cocked up. Kaitlyn slowly got up from her bed, taking a step closer to the man. "Why are you taking such good care of me?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Because you're hurt." He answered.

Kaitlyn quickly shook her head. "No. Even before this you'd always make sure that I was okay. That I was up to speed. You'd go on runs with me and you'd eat next to me and…and you almost beat up Dolph for me. You've never done that when Dolph flirted with AJ or Layla…why me?" She asked; her cheeks slightly flushed.

Sheamus looked down at her for a few seconds, making Kaitlyn feel nervous inside. He ran a hand through his red tuffs before putting them on Kaitlyn's shoulders. "Because lass…I…I love you." He confessed.

"You love me?" She asked incredulously.

Sheamus nodded. "Yeah…" He let his arms drop to his sides. "I sort of fell for you the first time I went on a run with you...when we went to get your bag. That's why it hurt me so much when you were such a bi- uh, ungrateful…about me rescuing you." Sheamus let out a soft chuckle. "I didn't plan on liking you, lass. And, for a while I thought I was starting to fall out of it but then you told me about your past and…and I fell harder. Kaitlyn, you're strong and beautiful and perfect."

Kaitlyn looked up at him; complete disbelief in her eyes. Her mind slowly processed his words. Beautiful? Perfect? Those were really strong words. "Why…why didn't you tell me?" She finally squeaked out.

Sheamus shook his head. "Because you said you didn't want a relationship in this world. I can't blame you…I wouldn't want one either but you happened."

Kaitlyn shook her head as she put a hand up to silence Sheamus. Her mind grew fuzzy as this confession started to whirl around her head. She had only just started accepting friends…now lovers? Truthfully, Kaitlyn had sometimes caught herself swooning over the Irishman but she had been able to push those feelings down. But, now they were pouring back in quickly and it all but made her heart race and her stomach fill with butterflies.

Sheamus let out a sigh as he ran a hand behind his neck. "I shouldn't have told you. I'm sorry." He muttered, turning to leave. Kaitlyn's hand swung around and grabbed his arm causing him to look down at her hand in question.

Kaitlyn's eyes widen as she stared at her own arm. What was it doing? Her eyes slowly looked up at Sheamus questioning ones. AJ's word from the time the friends were talking about Punk rushed into her mind:

"He gave me a reason to keep going when everything I loved was gone."

With that Kaitlyn had an epiphany of sorts. Sheamus had long ago become Kaitlyn's reason for living. All those times they spent together; Kaitlyn had cherished even going as far as thinking some nights that she wished the day had never ended. Yes, of course AJ and Layla and the group had become part of her family and she wanted to live for them as well but in the grand scheme of things the first thing Kaitlyn thought about in the morning and the last thing she thought about at night was Sheamus. That's why she had been so scared of him. She cared about him too much. She could finally see what AJ was talking about those few months back.

Kaitlyn's eyes soften as she stepped closer to Sheamus. She moved in front of him. "I'm glad you told me because…because I love you too." She breathed out before getting on her tippy toes and placing a sweet kiss on the Irishman's lips.

Sheamus' arms wrapped around Kaitlyn's waist as her arms wrapped around his neck. The kiss felt electrifying. She could actually feel all those cheesy lovey dovey crap everyone talked about. The fireworks, the bells…she could hear them. This kiss was long overdue and it felt amazing.

She slowly pulled back, her eyes opening slowly and locking with the man's green-blue ones. A smile grew on her face as a soft giggle left her lips.

"I've been waiting so long to do that." Sheamus spoke softly, causing a chuckle to leave her lips.

"Same" She agreed.

Sheamus smile soften before his face grew serious. "Kaitie, I know you said you're scared of a relationship during this but we're gonna get through this. I'm going to protect you and I'm going to be strong and make sure nothing happens to you because you're what I want to live for. You're what makes this god awful world seem like a beautiful one." He said.

"You're what I live for too, Sheamus." Kaitlyn spoke, stroking his cheek with the thumbs of her hands. "Together well win this. We'll kill the blood thirsty and we'll do it all while making out."

Sheamus let out a booming laugh. "Sounds like a plan!"

"I love you." She said; her smile crinkling her eyes.

"I love you too."


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