13. the happily ever after

Peeta Mellark bakes to feed his district and paints to keep away the nightmares and hijacked thoughts, having already shelved his beloved memories. He also likes to garden. He plants dull seeds and, with care, grows color.

Sweat has dampened his flour-colored hair, and his blue eyes smart a little from the pollen. Dirt covers the burn scars on his forearms (some, he can't tell whether they're from the bombs or the oven, and he loves that).

He's absently smiling down at his plants and the dandelions around them, the latter growing despite inattention. Katniss never picks them so neither does he.

Where Katniss kissed him on his cheek before heading for the forest with her bow feels puckered and hot (sunburned), tingling.


He thinks it's a good look for him.

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