Author's Note: So. Here we have a series of little snippets of Fili and Kili growing up under the watchful eye of uncle Thorin. The first and last chapters are set during the Hobbit with everything in between going back in time. I have set no ages to the dwarfs through the story but the chapters are in chronological order. I know that dwarves age slower than men in Middle Earth but I am uncertain about how they age mentally in relation to their physical aging. For my convenience though a five year old dwarf can talk. Also, for the record I do believe the Hobbit describes Fili as being the younger of he and Kili but I am going by the family tree at the back of Return of the King which lists him as older. I have also been "corrected" in reviews before about how Thorin is not the oldest of he and his cousins but again, according to that family tree in Return of the King, he is older than Balin so this is what I am using.

Some of the chapters are ridiculously short but hey – they have Durin cuteness so forgive me? I was gonna post them one at a time but then was scared I'd start changing them or adding so here they all are!

Disclaimer: Not mine. If it were there would be a happier ending for uncle Oakenshield and his beloved sister-sons.

More Than He Bargained For

"Fili! Kili!"

The two dwarfs in question flinched slightly at Thorin's tone but never-the-less the two made their way obediently over to the company leader. A faint frown pulled on Bilbo's brow as he watched Thorin apparently chastise the two brothers although over what the hobbit had no idea. He could not recall them doing anything wrong.

"What's troubling you laddie?"

Bilbo looked up to find Balin standing beside him, Gloin in turn next to him. Bilbo shook his head.

"Oh nothing's troubling me. I just..." he gestured loosely toward where Thorin stood with the two younger dwarfs. "I just notice that Thorin is somewhat harsh on Fili and Kili is he not?"

To Bilbo's surprise Balin smirked and Gloin outright chuckled.

"When it suits him," Balin replied with an arched eyebrow, gazing over at their leader and the two brothers standing in front of him, heads bowed sheepishly. Gloin scoffed.

"When they let him be," he commented, smiling fondly. "They could still wrap uncle Thorin around their little fingers if they chose to."

Bilbo's eyes widened comically.

"Uncle Thorin?" he sputtered, looking over at the three dwarves in question again.

"Aye, Fili and Kili were born to Thorin's younger sister, Dis," Balin tilted his head to the side slightly. "You did not know?"

"No," Bilbo admitted. "I knew them to be brothers and I knew Thorin is a cousin to both of you but..." the Hobbit studied Thorin and his nephews. Of course now the family traits were easy to see. And the finer clothing and weaponry the two young brothers bore made more sense. "No one said anything about them being related so closely. And they haven't acted like they are closely related."

Gloin gave a nod.

"Thorin will be keen to avoid showing favouritism."

Balin nodded in agreement.

"And the young lads will be keen to prove they are here on their own merits and not just as the King's sister-sons and heirs of Durin."

Gloin let out another gruff chuckle.

"Do you remember when Thorin found out Dis was with child?" he asked his cousin. Balin too let out a laugh.

"Oh he was not terribly impressed was he?"

Gloin put on his best stormy expression, mirroring the one Thorin currently wore, furrowing his brows deeply.

"Pray it be a boy, our kingdom needs an heir," he said in a low voice. Bilbo looked from one dwarf to the other.

"He was not excited?" the hobbit asked. Balin shook his head.

"Not at first no."

Gloin's eyebrow arched.

"That quickly changed when wee Fili was born mind," he pointed out, a somewhat affectionate smile pulling on his lips. Balin too smiled.

"Ah yes, that it did."