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Enjoy 3

I groan as he pushes me up against the wall.

The pain of the bumpy brick wall attacking my back is delicious. Welcoming. The pain pushes me farther into him, and farther away from reality. He trails his fingers down the slope of my neck, and goosebumps litter my skin. He pulls away slightly and nips at my swollen lips, and I tangle my hands in his golden curls. His hand is still traveling down the length of my body until it finally finds its way under my shirt.

His fingers gently brush against my newly torn flesh, and he pulls back suddenly. His blue eyes narrow, and he lifts up my shirt to assess the damage my trusty safety-pin left behind. "Kat..." he whispers painfully.

"No. Don't even start. Not now. You can yell at me later, now you have something else to take care of," my voice is raspy. I don't even recognize it. I don't recognize myself, not since he and I have begun this sick and strange game of making one another feel pleasure so beautiful, we loathe returning to reality. He takes one more look at my ruined flesh, and then his lips and hands continue their slow, tortuous journey.

I moan when his lips reach my neck. He presses light kisses and bites against my skin, and I feel my knees begin to weaken. I think he can tell it's happening too, because he pushes me up against the wall harder, and my shoulder blades dig into the sharp bumps on the wall. The loud music that comes from the party inside make the walls vibrate, and it spurs him on. His hands pull off my shirt, and our lips break apart long enough for both of our shirts to come off.

I blush at the sight of his chiseled chest. This is not the first time I've seen him shirtless, and God willing, it's not the last time either. His hands lightly trail up my sides, avoiding the fresh wounds, but brushing over the scars. His calloused finger tips brush over my ribs and I shudder at the feeling of his feather like touch.

"I can count your ribs. When's the last time you ate?" I groan at the sound of his voice. I know that if he stops now, I will explode, and I also know if I do not answer him truthfully, he'll stop.

"Three days. I haven't been hungry. Like I said before, you can yell at me later -oh!- just please don't stop," I moan as his fingers massage me. His hands trail to my back and he unhooks my bra. His lips are still pressed against my neck, but they make a beeline back to my lips as soon as my bra hits the concrete.

His hardened hands are soft on my breasts. He knows how hard to press and how soft to squeeze, and it's not long until his blue eyes are looking into my grey orbs. They ask me for permission, and I grant it with a nod of my head. He presses his soft lips against my naked flesh. I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling.

Our relationship is a complicated one. Ex-lovers who come together more often than they probably should, to escape the harsh realities of life. For him, this is a quick release of pent-up frustration, but for me, it is everything. The feeling of his arms wrapped around me, his lips pressed to mine, is a heavenly gift I cherish. For this man is my everything, yet to him I am nothing, or so he says.

His body tells me differently.

"Katnisss," he hisses, and I grin at the sound. I feel pride in the fact that I can still do this to him, that I can still make him feel something for me. "Peeta," I moan in response.

He groans and presses his head into my shoulder. His labored breathing tickles my skin. "Are you trying to kill me?" He whispers, looking up in to my eyes. I pull my bottom lip between my teeth and grin wickedly, "That's the point, didn't you know?" His icy blue orbs are lust-filled and dark, and the same delicious shiver runs up my spine. His lips are once again on mine, and his hands begin to make the slow, familiar trek down to my pants. I begin to fumble with his belt buckle and my hand lightly brushes the bulge in his jeans. I hear the loud party music, and it fills me with energy I didn't even know I needed.

His gasp is sharp when the backs of my knuckles brush against his knuckles again. It frightens me at first, but a glimpse at his face tells me he is enjoying it. Both of our pants hit the ground, and before we know it, our moment of passion is over. My naked legs wrapped around his torso, and our breathing is heavy and deep, but neither of us move, for fear of ending this moment. I feel the tears prickle behind my eyelids, and a sickening tightness invades my throat. I know once this moment is over we will once again become strangers, lovers destined not to stay together. He does not share the same feelings I have, and so the pain I create for myself is a welcomed distraction. I cannot stop the sob that breaks loose from my throat, and he looks up at me in fear, his blue eyes sad. I feel the hot tears slip out of my eyes as his attention drawn back to my newest injuries.

"Please don't hate me," I cry, tightening my hold on him, and burying my head into his neck.

"No baby, don't cry, you're okay, please don't cry. I don't hate you, no baby, shh," he croons softly. His sleepy voice is smooth like caramel, and sweet like sugar. He then does what he knows what will calm me down, he tells me a story. Our story. Of how he first laid eyes on me, on the feeling that he felt then, but no longer has for me. I can no longer hold in my words, and they come out quickly.

"I love you."

I whisper it into his neck. His body stiffens, and I know how this situation is going to end. Or not. He lifts my chin up with his finger, and he stares right into my soul. His finger softly trails against my cheek, and he cups my face in both of his hands, and gives me a slow and gentle kiss, probing my tongue with his own. He pulls away just as quickly as he began, and speaks.

"Let's go to bed."

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