Me:Hi! I know I said this was going to be a poem but I decided to change it to a short fluff…I might just make it a story if I get enough reviews!

Shadow:YES!Review muthafuckers!

ME:Da Fuq you come from?!

Shadow:Shut you mouth!

Me:just for that!just for that!im going to make you do the disclaimer!

Shadow:Fuck!she owns nothing unless she put some muthafuckin' OC's in here!

Me:thank you!on with the fluff!


"C'mon! Shadow! PLEASE!" sonic begs out.

"Sonic, for the last time, I said NO!" shadow yelled.

Sonic started to do his pouty face in front of the tv shadow was watching.

"GET-OUT-OF-THE-WAY!"shadow said with the most anger he could muster out at his blue lover.

"Shadow!I promise it won't hurt you if you're on top! I'm ready!I swear!"sonic began to cry louder and louder,taking a toll on the poor ebony hedgehog.

"….No sonic, you have patient…have patience child…"shadow looked dazed as he watched 'Too Cute'.

Sonic stopped crying and stood up straight.

"Alright,Shadow," he said "If you want to wait, than I'll because I love you so much.."he said with the most sincerest voice he could muster.

'Good 'cause you were about to get a chaos spear to your face' shadow thought with relief.

Me:thank you!I want you to R&R folks!

Sonic: I'm ready to get it on! *jumps on shadow's lap*

Shadow:WTF?!….I kinda like this…

Me:EWWWWWWWWWWWW….!AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!please r&r folks!or my eyes will have to be scooped out!