This is my first fan fiction I hope you like it

The beginning

My name is Emma Primrose Mellark. I am 15 almost 16. I know what you are thing omg the daughter of the star-crossed loves. While some days I wish I wasn't. There are days when we have interviews at our house. They are mainly about how the star-crossed lovers life is after the rebellion. I know about the Hunger Games and everything I found out when I was 13. It was only so I now why dad has attacks and why mom screams in her sleep and wakes me and my brother up. I have a little brother named Tobias Cinna Mellark. He is about has my dads blond hair and my moms grey eyes. I have my moms black hair and my dads blue eyes. I can paint and am I great baker but I am not a girly girl but I can sing. My weapon is a knife and I am an ok at archery. My brother he can shoot perfectly and is amazing with frosting he is the most hunter in the family after mom. It is almost my 16 birthday and my parents want to throw a party I said no but they went and throw one anyway. The only people going are there victor friends and some of my friends not to many of my friends through. So I have to share my room with two girls name Brionna and Tris for a month. I don't even know them all I know is that Brionna is my Age and Tris is Toby's ages. Tobias has to share to with Two guys named Finn and Thomas. The 3 guest rooms are for adults only. The week before everyone is coming to the last week of school. I was at my locker talking to My best friend Bella telling her everything and who was going and she freaked out when I told her Finn was going. Bella is a girly girl but when I am around she acts like she is like me when she isn't I know that for sure. After I told her about Finn she looked like she was going to faint her red hair looked like string she was that white. "Finnick Odair Junior is going to your house for a month you are so lucky!" I looked at her like she was crazy. "you thing having a jerk boy at my house is lucky while you are so wrong." Bella turned red like her hair." The most popular guy in the world and hottest is going to your house and you don't feel lucky." I shut my locker and was about to walk away when I said "Yeah I feel so lucky Not." The rest of the school day went in a blurry when Toby and I were walking home I saw I package at our house it was huge. Toby run up to read who it was for and Said it was for me. I looked shocked no one would ever send me anything. Toby helped me open it and inside was ...

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of the unforgettable year thank you for reading - 64