Chapter 15. I hope you like this chapter.


Before I even opened my eyes I could feel someone holding my hand. I open my eyes to Finn's lovely sea green eyes staring down at me I smiled because I was happy he was here. It took me a minute to remember why I was here but once I remembered I wished I didn't. I looked up at Finn again and said " Finn!" He smiled and said "hey" he looked worried and like he had no sleep in few days. How longs was I out I started wondering. "Finn how long have I been pasted out for?" He looked at me unhappy with my question then answered with " you were at for 2 days." I could see tears forming in his eyes I could feel them in mine too. I thought I was out for a few hours. "I have been out for two and the first thing you say is hey!" I tried to look serious but I could and end up laughing Finn started laughing with me after a few minutes.

Finn and I were talking for a few hours then my parents and everyone else come. Only two people where allowed in at a time so Finn let go off my hand and said "you need to see other people then me I will be back soon I promise." " But you are all I want to see Finn." He kissed my forehead then walked out of the room. The next person to come in was Brionna and Thomas we talked for a few minutes and then Johanna and Gale kicked them out and come in and talked for about a minute then walked out and next was Tris and Annie. They stayed in the room for about 30 minutes Then My parents came in the sneak Toby in with them. My mom was crying a little and Toby looked a little scared. "Emma you ok" was what toby said before he jumped on me and hugged me. I smiled at him but then felt a sharp pain go up my leg I yelped then Toby get off me. He run out of the room crying I felt bad for him but I couldn't run after him I wasn't allowed out of the bed.

My mom then looked at me and said "Emma you are grounded don't ever run away like that again we don't want to find you the way we find you again." I looked at my mom like she was crazy I'm getting grounded because I didn't mean for this to happen and she is acting like I did. I just nodded not wanting drama I looked at my dad and I could tell he didn't agree with mom here but he didn't say anything. My parents left and the doctor came in he told me that I can go tomorrow and that the only thing wrong with me is a few stitches and some bruises. He also run some test on me he told me I had a broken rib to. Which explains why I feel a little pain in my chest sometime.

Right when the doctor was done Finn come back in and he made me smile. When then talked for awhile but we were talk about random stuff when a nurse come in with food for me and a menu for Finn to order food from. My food was gross hospital food and Finn order some kind of fish lucky him. I was so hungry the hospital food didn't bother me as I though it would. It was getting late and I was getting tired. So I decide to go to sleep. I woke up to my Mom and Dad in the room and Finn nowhere to be found. My mom had some of my clothes in her hand. "hey Emma the doctor says you can leave now and go home." my dad said. I was happy to leave but why did they have to come I don't want them here, but I nodded my hand and get up anyway. It hurt to get up at first but I managed. I took the clothes from my mom and went in the mother room. I was wearing jean shorts, a black tank top, and my hunting boots. I brushed my hair and left it down.

I went outside to find Finn on my bike and holding my helmet. I hoped on behind him and we rode off before my parents were even outside. Finn took me home which was the last place I wanted to be right now but what I find at home surprised me the best.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. What do you think is going to happen in the next chapter?